Day 255. 110 days and $111 left to go.

So I guess I should have saved my United flight attendant dress from Day 250 to wear today, eh?  Note to self, make sure that the seat back is always in the full and upright position before landing and don’t dare to unbuckle the seat belt before we’re at the gates!

I got a little gussied up today with my dress of choice.  Gold, glam, gorge is where I’m headed!

Day 255 - Before

Day 255 - Before

My favorite part of the dress was the gorgeous beaded and rhinestoned collar. I absolutely loved it.  The only ish was that it wasn’t sitting flat and was flappin’ all over the place.


It's literally doing the Charleston!

After my upside down test, I felt it would be a good idea to keep it close to my bod. (I didn’t want anything loose in the aisles!)

Hand stitchin that collar down!

Hand stitching that collar down!

I grabbed a needle, got some white thread and began to stitch.

After my collar was done, the hiking up process came next!

Hello soon-to-be cocktail dress!

Hello soon-to-be cocktail dress!

A little trim here, a little pinning there…

New hem here we come!

New hem here we come!

…and my dress was almost complete!  I sewed down my raw edges, took in the bust just a smidge…

New hem and tightened bust? Woo hoo!

New hem and tightened bust? Woo hoo!

…and then trimmed off a little piece to wrap around my waist.

Quick trim for a matching belt!

Quick trim for a matching belt!

My gold brocade dress was ready for the public!

Day 255 - After

Day 255 - After

What I loved most was that my puppy was reminiscent of a certain Blair Waldorf ensemble featured in last season’s Gossip Girl premiere.



The only difference, well scratch that, there are two differences.  The first difference…I’m without a Chuck Bass on my arm.  The second difference…my dress is not Burberry and did not cost over $1500!!

Blair's Burberry Belted Brocade

Blair's Burberry Belted Brocade

I mean, I have to say that they’re both super chic, but now I have a little more room on my Amex for some Tuesday night cocktails.



Spotted, M going solo without S and B downtown drinking scotch under the dim lighting of the Varnish. “Prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. It’s human nature to be free. And no matter how long you try to be good, you can’t keep a bad girl down.”

You know you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl


78 responses to “Day 255. 110 days and $111 left to go.

  1. What a gorgeous dress!!! I love the collar!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! What an awesome piece you created. Totally inspirational!

  3. Definately one of my favourite so far – so chic!!!

  4. Love the dress and your blog. I don’t know how you find the time to do this everyday. Judging by when you post, you must not sleep much. Reading your blog was my guilty pleasure this weekend after learning about you in the Time article. Instead of doing chores or hemming my jeans I was a couch potato enjoying your blog. =) Thanks! Keep it up.

  5. One of my favourite so far, its gorgeous, love it! xx

  6. I like yours better. Stunning!!!!

  7. the neck detail is awesome

  8. Brilliant dress you made! Kind regards, a Gossip Girl fan. 🙂

  9. So Cute !!!!
    So Lovely!!!!

  10. Gorgeous! You have such a great eye!

  11. I echo the sentiments of other comments. Probably my favorite so far – so gorgeous!

  12. Beautiful! You don’t need a Chuck Bass on your arm!

  13. That fabric is gorgeous. The dress is super pretty too!

  14. Beautiful job lady!

  15. Love the fabric, and love the dress! Awesome work as always!

  16. Wow, the last few weeks, you have just hit them out of the park! Well done! Also, I’m always impressed with your references to tv and movie. You have a good eye.

  17. Gorgeous! This is one of my favorites.

  18. Gotta luv Gossip Girl references! I got into reading the books, but don’t get the channel on TV. You could have gone out with B and S and all the gang dressed to the nines in your new fab dress!

  19. WOW – beautiful – love the collar!

  20. It really resembles the super-expensive Burberry dress! Stunning!

  21. fantastic!

  22. SO glam!!! Love it (again)!!!!!

  23. Beautiful! I love Blaire, her dress, and your dress!

  24. So I was inspired by you and started hacking away at some old dresses I never wear…and I’m baffled. You take in a lot of dresses. Some of them are huge, and clearly don’t have zippers in them. (All the mumus, for example.) How do you get them over your body without keeping them too big? You never seem to insert zippers. Now, I recognize my difficulty will be more than yours, as I have an exaggerated hourglass figure, but what’s your advice?

  25. How in the world was that georgous dress in the bargin bin?

  26. I wanted to let you know I awarded you the “I heart your blog award”. Congratulations.

  27. So far this one is my fav! you are so talented!

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  29. Totally awesome re-vamp! You have an eye for detail, and great skillz! I am always inspired when I look at your blog! Rock it!

  30. love this dress!

  31. I love Love love this dress.
    what do you do with the dresses after you make them. please tell me you keep them

  32. I absolutely love witnessing your dress transformations but this has to be one of my favourites so far. The end result was so stunning!

  33. I really love this! Great look!!

  34. I know everyone is saying the same thing here but it’s true! This dress is stunning!

  35. No one would ever guess that cost $1!!! Very glam, I like the cut

  36. Fantastic – I love Gossip Girl! This post just made my day. I am so impressed by what you are doing. Glad I learned about your blog today on the Yahoo homepage.

  37. This is a stunner. You ever try out for Project Runway?

  38. Ok missy… I have got to say it! This is the coolest website blog I have ever come across! I think what you are doing is amazing. I wish I had the know how to sew the designs for my “specialtyline”, but between the four kids, my serious mind boggled mess of emotion since my husband passed away, and a very demanding business to run plus the extra job to pay the gas to get to that business…whew!… there is no time to learn to sew and I would likely suck at it anyway. (Fialed home ec BAD!!). If someone doesnt offer you your own line or collection in theirs after this #1 they are nuts, and#2 CALL ME! I guarentee there is nothing else out there to compete with these designs…Ive looked! And I almost always find what I am looking for. It doesnt exist. Should you find yourself with nothing to do after this I would love to hear from you. On another note, THIS IS BY FAR MY FAV! So elegant and sexy! You really know yourself and what will flatter you. CONGRATS!!

  39. Beautiful dress. I saw you on Yahoo and decided to check it out! Awesome!

  40. OMG!! I love this dress!! Looking through your blog I would call you crazy for getting the pieces you got.. Some of them are just horrid.. The way you turn them around though?!? STUNNING!! I love almost all of them!! W0w!!! You are inspirational..

  41. Way better than the burberry one, It’s my favorite so far!! your awesome

  42. hey, look absolutely amazing in this and i’m your biggest fan now…all the way from Penang, Malaysia!!

  43. That is a fabulous piece that I would love to own. It is so inspirational to see you make these treasures that all of us ladies would want to own. So girly, so feminine, so fabulous!

    Thank you!

  44. I love the outcome of this dress.

  45. You inspire me! Truly!! I made your 5 minute mug cake tonight and It did me wonders…

  46. Wow! I just read about your blog on Yahoo. I love, love what you did to this dress! I would love to find, make and/or buy something like this. AMAZING.

  47. WOW!! What you are doing is awesome. I’ve read all about you and have seen pics of a lot of your work, I think you are very talented and unique.
    I am a 22 year old wife and mother of 2. I am currently not working and it gets depressing. You know what I mean, Like when the babies are in bed and you have nothing better to do than clean the house? You have given me a great idea. I am thinking of making homemade jewelery. Something that can take my extra (couch potato) time into something I can share with others. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  48. I found your blog through yahoo! news, and I am so glad. I’ve been doing what you do too but no where near your scale! I am inspired by your outfits and I especially love this dress! looking forward to the rest of your designs!!

  49. Hello!
    I love the fact that you are able to see and appreciate the beauty of a seemly unattractive piece at just a dollar and turn it into something that fits you, really pretty, confident, and charming!
    I wish I could start learning how to stitch/sew properly! I have many fantasies/ideas of how i wish some clothes would be on me but URGH so expensive to tailor them!
    Continue to let your creativie juices flow! 🙂

    Kelly 🙂

  50. I absolutely LOVE THIS DRESS!! I am also on a tight budget as a mother of 6 so u can feel free to donate me this dress! lol! keep up the great work.

  51. Sooooo pretty!!! My Fav!

  52. OHMIGOSH I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS. WHERE DID YOU GET THE ORIGIONAL!!?? I would like to try to work some magic too! By far, my favorite!

  53. You have a real gift. The before/afters are amazing. I did not see where you buy the “befores”… Keep it up!!

  54. wow this is so beautiful! You’re so talented!

  55. I love all your dresses but this is my absolute favorite!! I really want this dress! You have to start a line!

  56. Please consider putting this dress on ebay!

  57. I saw you on Yahoo & I’ve enjoyed seeing your sewing projects. Ingenious! You’re an inspiration. It makes me want to hop on over to the thrift store to find something to re-make.

    Warmly, Michelle

  58. You are very talented. Love this one. So classy. Wish I could sow. Keep it up!

  59. I absolutely love this piece! Thank you for blogging!!!

  60. This one is lovely!! =)

  61. Oh wow… I saw your page on yahoo (yay btw!) and was scrolling down. I wasn’t going to leave a comment, but this dress was just gorgeous! Fabulous job! You’re very creative. Keep it up!

  62. Discovered your blog off a Facebook post. Awe inspiring work and in such short time spans. This dress is my favorite so far. It’s glamorous and you can’t tell at the end result that it was ever so big and well…. not gorgeous. Best of luck with all your designs. It looks like you are set for creating your own line or a diy position at any women’s fashion magazine.

  63. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

  64. I ADORE this dress. Another Gossip Girl fan here, and I have to admit, your dress could have appeared alongside all the other fab dresses on that show and not looked a touch out of place.
    I love it! The fabric is amazing, and the collar just looks fantastic.
    Good eye. Kudos to you & Yahoo! for having you on their homepage 🙂

  65. I love this dress. :} I love the collar cuz it kinda looks like a necklace at the same time. 😀

  66. This one is breathtaking!!

  67. I just found your blog and love it! I have a machine – only because my mother in law gave it to me… and I consider myself successful to have sewn the squares that comprise my children’s bedroom curtains! I always want my clothes to be more original or to fit just so – perhaps I will take the scissors one day and cut up an old dress!!! I love this blog – perhaps it can give me some ideas of how to make my own stuff “me”. Julie

  68. Honestly, I thought your dress was SO much better than the Gossip Girl dress.

  69. LOVE the dress…you have such a talent!!! Keep it up!

  70. Wow, you are so talented!!! Really love love this piece…a clever mix of chic and oriental twist…brilliant!

  71. ok this is truely amazing…

  72. I love this dress, I remember the one that Blair wore. You did a great job with this dress.

  73. Hands down my favorite yet!! And for only one dollar. Burberry, step aside, we don’t need you lol. Great job 🙂

  74. Michele Kitchens

    Hello, This is my very first comment to a blog, I have to say that since I read about your blog on yahoo, I am so inspired!! This is really fun and interesting to me to see what you do with the never ending talent you seem to have. I think you are funny and inspiring. You rock!!!

  75. This is by far my favorite. I wish you could make my clothes…lol!

  76. love love loveeee this dress!!! by far my fav outta the whole blog. you’ve got a gift.. so happy you’re using it to the max!

  77. this is absolutely gorgeous!

  78. Loving your blog! I’m currently unemployed myself, and your challenge is an inspiration. Also, I remember drooling over Blair’s dress when that episode aired (well, half drooling over the dress, half drooling over Chuck …) – very cool that you were able to make something just as gorgeous for $1.

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