Day 256. 109 days and $110 left to go.

Sleek and dressy is where I’m headed today as I’m still trying to maintain the chic-ness from yesterday’s gold brocade number.  No gold, but jade and ivory, here I come!

Day 256 - Before

Day 256 - Before

I loved the color blend most on this puppy.  This shade of green is my favorite.  However right now, the dress the wrong length for me, has too long of sleeves (I mean, it is August) and is just frumpsters. I have some quick and easy steps to transform this into that chic-ness I described above.

First thing I did was cut the sleeves!!  I took my scissors and went from wrist length up to my elbows!!

From long sleeve to short!

From long sleeve to short!

Not I wasn’t completely in love with the length, but this put me over the edge…

Spotty McGee!

Spotty McGee!

GROSS, DISCOLORED, SPOT!!  I’m not on board with this at all, so the quick and easy fix is to just cut it off.

Trim and adios to the spot action!

Trim and adios to the spot action!

Next step was pinning the raw edges down on my sleeves to give them fresh seams.

Sleeve prep!

Sleeve prep!

A little stitching at the edges and I was almost there.

Sew time!

Sew time!

It was a little big around the elastic waist, so instead of sewing it to fit me, I went with a little safety pin to assist in cinching. Totally hidden in the back, it did just the trick to keep it fitted against the bod.

Day 256 - After

Day 256 - After

Classy and totally bringing the chic-ness!!  I paired it with some fun T strap heels (a little BCBG heel action from a few years back) and a fun faux braided rose gold bracelet to complete the look.

From the bottom down!

From the bottom down!

Totally loving this look and loving that it only took a few short steps to complete!!


40 responses to “Day 256. 109 days and $110 left to go.

  1. I love this dress! The color combination is cool.

  2. I love this transformation. You look very chic in this.

  3. you look wonderful in this.
    did you hem the bottom or just cut it?

  4. Love this dress. Color combo is KILLER! You’ve inspired me to do my own “adjustments” on the clothes in my closet. Yesterday I took a shirt with a horrible flutter sleeve and made it sleeveless. A super simple transformation but the shirt looked great (DH even liked it!) and it was my first foray into “seamstress-ing.” Thanks!

  5. Love it – and the shoes are fab!!

  6. So mod! Cute bracelet too.

  7. You always manage to amaze me, wow!!!

  8. great changes! I love the fabric of the top half of this dress! and i want to steal those shoes off your feet! beware!

  9. OMG – Can you be any more cleaver and adorable???? I’ve been following you for a few weeks now, went back and spent my whole work day examining every post to yu blog and just wanna tell ya I LOVE what you are doing and think you should keep it going as long as you can! It inspires people to reclaim, re-purpose, re-use as well as to get crative! YOU ROCK and I for one would love to see you do a whole webpage where followers could donate/swap items etc….!!! Keep up the fantastic work.

  10. Awe! It is very chic, indeed. I like the color on you. Love it! 🙂

  11. Absolutely LOVE IT!

    Visit us for a WEN product giveaway!

    {Ladies} Symposium

  12. Chanelesque I might say! Very chic

  13. hmm you should show the backs too, curious how this looks cinched.

  14. I loooooooove this dress! I wish I could go somewhere and buy it! Great job!

  15. so… you need to publish your blog as a book at the end of this 365 days….:)

  16. Long time reader, first time commenter! I absolutely adore what you do! I received a sewing machine last Christmas and my sister alerted me to your blog soon after. You’ve had a strong influence on how I now look at thrift store racks. I’ve been swooning over your creations for quite some time, so why is this the first time I’ve commented? Well, it won’t be the last! Keep up the great work! I always look forward to seeing what’s yet to come.
    I absolutely adore the jewelry and shoes pairing with this dress!

  17. Definitely classy! I love the fit and your total look!

  18. This turned out really cool!

  19. I love this dress-try it with a funky belt!–Oh and the comment above is a fab idea—this would make a great book!

  20. The shoes are perfect with that adorable dress. You’re so creative!

  21. I just started following your blog and am looking through all you have accomplished – this is my favorite as well and the gold brocade before this – you are so talented girl – kick that day job and design!!! thank you for the inspiration!!

  22. Love this dress. I would add a bright red belt!

  23. This dress is lovely. I can see that it would go great with some pearls (maybe?) its very…. professional looking 🙂

  24. ohmy gosh! Where’d you find those shoes???

  25. magic. this is topping my top faves of your looks.

  26. You need to wear this dress with a red belt at the line where the colors meet, then it will be complete!

  27. The dress are lovely…and…YOU are inspiring!

  28. I think a nice wide black shiney belt would look good with this dress. Do you ever wear these clothes again?

  29. LOVE THIS!!!!

  30. I was thinking a wide black patten leather belt, but red would totally rock!!! Open and Etsy boutique!!!!!!!!

  31. OMG!!! I love this dress. My favorite colors!! I sooo wish I could sew every day!! You ever want to sell this bad-boy give me a call 🙂

  32. Terrific & chic! You are so tallented….wish I could sew! No, not really, LOL just admire what your doing. Keep going! All the best!

  33. You are totally amazing!

  34. This one is beautiful! Looks so classy!

  35. LOVE this one!

  36. I love your site! I also enjoy sewing and I’m inspired by your creativity and ideas. I’m curious though about the safety pinning. Are you leaving the safety pins in the dress? And how do you keep them hidden? I’m especially curious as to how this dress looks from the back, cinched with a pin. Could you elaborate on that?

  37. Great dress and you have a great sense of style. But I think I’d like this dress better with a wide silver belt!


  39. i love your blog u have inspired me to be original and unique again
    if only i could sew =)

  40. I love it! Reminds me of Emma Pillsbury from Glee.

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