Day 250. 115 days and $115 left to go.

Now this dress was totally screaming out words like vacation, holiday, tropical (seriously – the dress was extremely vocal…) when I found it.  It was a little too big, but it had a key ingredient that made me a very happy camper.  Pockets!!  Not just one like I’ve been seeing in all my muumuu finds, but two!  Two legitimate pockets that I can put each of my hands into.  The little things make me happy…

Day 250 - Before

Day 250 - Before

Anyway, the lovely dress that wants to take a trip somewhere actually surprised me when I took a look at the label.

I’m totally a fan of the celebrity designer collaborations like Zac Posen for Target, Kate Moss for Topshop, Jimmy Choo for H&M, but this one really tickled my fancy…

Heart Stan Herman!

Stan Herman for United

Um, what?!  Celebrity designer collaborations for an airline??  Simply amazing.  I mean the outfits of the flight attendants back in the 50s would have made me want to be a part of the skies.


Seriously? Absolutely divine!

This one that I got my hands on and in (thank you pockets that probably held packs of peanuts back in the day) was going to be my personal “pretend I’m in Hawaii” dress solely because it probably spent some time over the Pacific.

Now I’m not going to wear this puppy as is, so there may be a little turbulence as we go through these rough patches before we land safely 🙂

As the dress was a bit too big I was figuring out my options on how to take it in best.  Instead of sewing I decided to grab two safety pins and clasp a bit of the area by my collarbone – this not only opened the top of the dress up a bit more, it made it completely fit my chestal area!! Woo hoo for that!

Such a cinch!!

Such a cinch!!

With my new neckline my next step was shortening the dress up.

It's getting there...

It's getting there...

I don’t ever recall long dresses on flight attendants, but I’m sure these gals were rocking the length while wearing flowers in their hair or leis around their neck as they rolled down the United aisles.

My choice is hiking it up just a bit.  I want some above-the-knee action tonight!

Trim time!

Trim time!

Post trim, I pinned down the dress and prepped the bottom of it for a new hem.

Long to Short!

Long to Short!

After getting my sewing machine out to fix the raw edges, my dress landed safely.

Tying up loose ends!

Tying up loose ends!

Out to celebrate DR’s birthday, I quickly snagged my after pic in the bathroom of one of my favorite LA spots, the Roger Room.

Day 250 - After

Day 250 - After

The pockets held my lip gloss and pack of Orbitz gum quite well as they were über deep!!  Those flight attendants were carrying more than just peanuts in those puppies if you ask me…

The new (and easy!) neckline made the dress fitted and chic.  I threw on a pair of ankle boots and a long tan cardi.  I know, I know, it’s August, but LA gets chilly at night!! I long for those blistery warm summer nights…sigh.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

Moscow Mules were had and smiles were traded making it the perfect way to welcome the soon-to-be weekend!

On my walk back to my car, I tried taking a few one armers to see a smidge of my sweater.  Totally modeling (I mean really, intense face I’m working right now? Too much America’s Next Top Model, clearly!)  on the sidewalk at 11:30 in the evening, I ran into a few dog walkers who must have thought I was crazy.

One Armed Shot!!

One Armed Shot!!

It’s cool – just pretending to be a tourist in my vaca dress.  And when on vacation, pics are allowed whenever wherever!!


53 responses to “Day 250. 115 days and $115 left to go.

  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it, yeahhhhhhh you left the sleaves. It looks so great

  2. Love the neckline. How on earth do you pin it back without the pins showing?

  3. The refit with the safety pins is amazing. I know what you mean about longing for warm summer nights – unfortunately I am also longing for warm summer days as well.

  4. Love, love, love it! It’s hard for me to have a favourite amongst your fab re-works but this is a just fab!

    I wonder though if someone can find a pic of one of the original cabin crew wearing it? Would be amazing to see and compare.

  5. Here are some of the Braniff uniforms designed by Emilio Pucci.

  6. Probably used on their flights to Hawaii.

  7. I have to comment to say… absolutly my fav. out of all the ones you’ve done so far!!! great job!!!

  8. I think this is my favorite one yet!!

  9. Love “chestal.” I use it too and people mock me for it, but whatevs.

  10. just caught up the last three days- you are so talented! what great designs and amazing finds!!

  11. this is probably my favorite one so far. I would spend some cash on it. 🙂

  12. Goodness the talent you possess. I wouldn’t have thought of this. You’re good! Jacquie at Bunny Mummy posted a link to you and I was glad she did.

  13. I remember those dresses very well from our flights on United to Hawaii. I am sure one of the former flight attendants will soon post a photo of herself in one for us all to share!

  14. I remember those dresses very well from our flights to Hawaii on United.
    I am sure one of the UA flight attendants will soon post a photo of herself to the site so we can all share!

  15. Hi there! Just popping in to say that they are STILL doing designer collaborations for airline uniforms! I’m a flight attendant for Delta & our uniforms were designed by Richard Tyler, so I like to tell people that it’s my Prada, haha. But they’re actually quite awesome. Much much better than the horrid uniforms I had with Northwest (we merged, meaning I got a better uniform!).

    The only downside of that killer red dress is that I swear it’s made out of windbreaker material, so you walk down the aisle going *swish swish* !

    Anyway, love the blog! Have a great Friday!

  16. You’re so magical!!!

  17. What an outstanding find!!
    I’m totally luving the new neckline and those adorable sleeves!

    Great Refashion!!!

  18. My aunt worked for Braniff back in the day and their uniforms were freakin’ Pucci!!
    Flying is basically still the same price, but 50 years ago $300 was a ton of money, i.e. flying was luxury.
    Ergo the fancy uniforms.
    So cool.

  19. You really scored with this one, doll.
    P.S. All your flight attendant/airline references made me giggle.

  20. I love the blog and the dress. I live in VA where our nights lately are 89 with 77% humidity. I’d love the cool night air of LA. If you ever care to switch, let me know.

  21. Lea's Suitcase

    Moscow Mules…. my fav drink at my fav bar in LA… The Mandrake!

  22. I just came across your blog tonight through a friend of a friend and read backwards from today to day 194. You’re making me want to go to a thrift store RIGHT NOW but I don’t think any are open at 10:30 at night. I used to do some upcycling of clothing back in high school but haven’t for a while..I think I’ll be starting again! Love it, can’t wait to keep reading back and also seeing the new posts.

  23. Love this one…and Moscow Mules! So glad I found your blog!

  24. Another fab job. I love it.

  25. That color looks great on you!!!

  26. your are hilarious and great. truly look forward to your creations and writings. this is a great little number you created.

  27. sooo summery. i would totally wear this!!

  28. you’re my ideal. so awesome

  29. I think this little blue number is my favourite so far. Finding cute day dresses is so hard to do! It is my life’s goal to find/make and wear a different dress for everyday of the week for every season. I am currently in Japan and there is a serious lack thrift stores (in the north American sense of the word) also I am like a giant here, which is awesome. Anyway, I found you in that Bust article and I am glad I did. Also, I am totally into purple too. I used to hate it, don’t really know why – but now I love it.

  30. Really like the neckline and the Pockets!! Turned out great.

  31. I seriously cannot take how creative you are! What a fantastic idea. Have major sewing ability envy right now!

  32. Pingback: Day 255. 110 days and $111 left to go. | New Dress A Day

  33. Designers are still involved with UK airlines too, Prada has desingedn for one but can’t remember who. I worked for UK airline Britannia (now something else) and my first uniform there was designed by Elizabeth Emmanuel who made the late Princess Di’s wedding dress. It was a love-hate uniform, very comfy to wear and washed and dried easily without needing ironing but us girlie hosties all looked like bell hops. It was the worst of the 80s – shoulder pads, a long-line jacket with princess seams, royal blue with deep red cuffs complete with large blinging gold buttons, a pencil skirt with red nurses cinch belt and gold buckle and multicoloured scarf… I’ve kept it for the memories and the laughs it will give my grandchildren! Great work with this and your other dresses!

  34. WOW! love this one to bits! dresses + pockets = amazing!!!!!!

  35. Lovely! I really love the pattern on that and would have to have saved it too!

  36. Love the dress! If the stews didn’t wear them- it may have been the terminal team who met you when you got off the plane and greeted you while leading you to your luggage. Really hoping someone posts a pic of what they looked like back in the day.

  37. Ok- I could not resist- apparently this dress came in a variety of lengths and styles and was used on the Hawaii flights in the early 1980s

    – gotta say I just love your blog! I am a fellow thrift store fashionista and am having a blast going through your entries.

  38. OMG I love this one! My favorite one yet! ❤ You should totally sell these. Though you are super cute and petite, I doubt it would fit me, but I love it all the same! Such a wonderful idea!

  39. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I just want to say that “You are Great!” 🙂 I love your works… super nice designs and very creative!
    Thank you! your blog and daily adventures are truly inspiring!

  40. I, too, remember these very well when I was a kid flying back and forth from the Mainland to Hawai’i. What fun and a great find. I’m LOVING your blog, your work, your creativity and talent. In the spirit of Aloha AND of this dress (that brings back awesome memories)…Ho’omaika’i! (Congrats!)

  41. My mom has been a flight attendant for United for 41 years! In the late 80’s she flew the Chicago – Honolulu trip and had to wear this dress. Can’t wait to show her what you did with it!!!

  42. That is super cute!!

  43. I’ve heard of fashion designers collaborating with airlines before. I think Karl Lagerfeld designed flight attendant uniforms for Virgin Airlines’ first class overseas flights. They looked very sleek and chic!

  44. I also LOVE pockets!!! 🙂 My husband and I are going to start a holiday to celebrate pockets! 🙂 haha!

  45. I actually freelanced for Brookhurst as a fashion illustrator. Their company has been around for ages and have been making quality uniforms dating back to the glamorous years of air traveling. (Not so glamorous anymore!)
    I’d love to send your picture to the company, if you dont mind. The company was sold but the people that used to work there are amazing! they will be thrilled to know that their uniforms have been revived and brought back to life in such a clever and stylish way.

  46. Another great dress. You are awesome at this!!!

  47. Ahh….the ole inflight uniform to Muumuu switch.

  48. When I wore my kimuu to work in the dead of winter I added boots and leggins. My kids would laugh themselves silly at the sight…….. until I came home four days later with a tan line, Kona coffee, pinapples, papaya, orchid lei, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a promise they too will enjoy “Our little corner of the World”. No pockets in my dress. Hummmmm, must have taken them out to slim down the hips. Yep I did. Plan to wear this dress on our cruise around the islands someday. Ahhhhhh the memories. Thanks.

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