Day 288. 77 days and $79 left to go.

Hello long-sleeved, long length’ed, high-necked dress!!  Definitely some Little House on the Prairie business happening today for sure!

Day 288 - Before

Day 288 - Before

I had a little birthday brunch to attend and I definitely couldn’t leave my house looking like this!

I grabbed my scissors and got chopping!

This won't be hitting my ankles anymore...

This won't be hitting my ankles anymore...

Now that the length was tweaked, I got to chopping off the sleeves…



…and the top of the dress…

Mock neck-less!!

Mock neck-less!!

…because I’m going all the way strapless!!  Everything got trimmed but there was some pinning to be done before the sewing machine made an appearance.

Here we go!

Here we go!

We just got pinned…

Pinned and Prepped!!

Pinned and Prepped!!

…and now we’re getting sewing!  I took care of the top of the dress and got a new hem taken care of.

Going strapless and hemming!

Going strapless and hemming!

All in a morning’s work…got on my new dress and headed over to the Smoke House to celebrate the birthin’ of my pal JMT!!

Day 288 - After

Day 288 - After

Let’s just say we got there at 10:30 and stayed until close to 3.

Cheers to JMT!!

Cheers to JMT!!

They had a fabu omelet station, crab legs for the grabbing,  crepes made on the fly doused with Grand Marnier for some flame action, and the below…

Fountain of Dreams!!

Fountain of Dreams!!

I mean.  You really can’t go wrong with chocolate fountains.  Ever.  We covered strawberries, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, and even…wait for it…BACON!!



I know, I know…don’t hate until you try it!  I think I may have mentioned it before, but I took a page from the saliva inducing Vosges Chocolate who brought the bacon/chocolate combo into my vernacular (my mother tongue…pun intended)!

We cheersed, caught up, grubbed and ended it with a little celebration, World Cup style!!

I stole the bday gift!!

I stole the bday gift!!

Vuvuzela has returned!!  JMT received this legit South Africa-purchased vuvu for the bday and I couldn’t resist.


63 responses to “Day 288. 77 days and $79 left to go.

  1. Marisa, that turned out so cute. At the beginning, I was like, “WHAT is she going to do with that?!!” You certainly have an eye and an imagination! WOW! (again)

  2. So cute! I love the ridiculous before shots! I would just love to see who owned the dress before you did.

  3. wow!! this is my favorite yet! what a transformation!!! great job girl!

    before i went raw vegan, i had the opportunity to try chocolate covered bacon at a baby shower- it is AMAZING! hehe. Definitely a must try!!

  4. What an amazing transformation. I never would have thought the original could become something so chic.


  5. First thing I thought of when I saw the close up of the material was some uber (then funky but now) daggy pyjamas I had as a kid.

    Well done with the transformation 🙂

  6. this dress is cool! and i’d love to try bacon with chocolate as well=)
    btw, why the fountain is not brown? at first I thought it’s caramel=)

  7. Wow, great transformation!

  8. Unbelievable! What a transformation. I love it!

  9. Very inspiring! You are so creative. I don’t have a clue where you come up with all of these new ideas every day! Keep it up you’re almost there. I’ve enjoyed following your journey. Thank you!

  10. Oh my gosh – I am from South Africa so I especially LOVED the vuvuzela bit at the end!!!! 🙂 LOVE your blog!!!! Keep it up! I really really hope you don’t stop blogging after all your dresses are done!!

  11. exellent job~ best one yet!!

  12. Super cute! Love it.

  13. I just love this dress. the transformation was astounding and I wouldn’t believe you if you just showed up in it. BTW, chocolate and bacon is soooooo good. That salty-sweet combo is irresistible, discovered this during my pregnancy. My husband laughed until he had it. A-MAZ-ING.

  14. WOW! SUPER CUTE!!!! It really is a perfect Sunday brunch dress. I am also with you on the chocolate and bacon.

  15. Oh my goodness. I saw this dress and thought, “There is NO way she can turn this into something good.” But it turns out this is one of your best works yet. Amazing.
    And also, I really liked the black dress with bizarre flowers on it you transformed the other day.

  16. This one is a complete winner! I never would have envisioned that cute strapless dress when looking at the original, but you did it once again. Great transformation!

  17. MN State Fair Goer

    At the Minnesota State Fair (which ended 7 days ago) one of the specialties introduced last year, and there again this year, is chocolate covered bacon on a stick.

  18. This reminds me of another dress you did, although I am not sure which. But I really do like the pattern on this dress a surprising amount! I really like the after on this, it took real vision to picture that final outcome from THAT beginning! Per usual, wonderful work!

  19. what a great little dress. love, love it.

  20. This one is really nice. I think it’s got an empire waist, right? In the small version of your posed pic, you can’t see it as much because of your handsl pulling in at the waist, but it seemed to be fitted so I enlarged it enough to see. It fits you so well and you really look great in it. Well done.

  21. Well done! You look really cute and chic in this dress.

  22. That birthday looked like it was tons of fun, a vuvu omg! Why won’t they go away?!?! Beautiful transformation; just perfect for the day. Now I must try chocolate turkey bacon after this… :-/

  23. The dress turned out SO cute!!!! And I’ve always wanted to try chocolate covered bacon- salty & sweet…. sounds delicious! 🙂

  24. I want to be wrapped in a hammock of bacon… OK JK but, the dress is flawless as usual 🙂

  25. The dress looks really good, especially considering how it looked originally. Good work! I love the blogs that also focus on your friends and social events. Everyone always seems to be having so much fun! The pictures are always great!

    Can’t wait to see the next outfit.

  26. WOW! You really did a 180 to this outfit. Love it! Love this blog! I’ve been following without commenting for some time (i.e., lurking), but just had to pipe up for this one. How cute! I’d totally wear the “new dress”!

  27. What a cute dress. You look stunning! And I have to tell you you, your friend is just too funny for words. This picture and the one you guys are cheering together, he cracks me up…

  28. Absolutely love it!! U r amazing and sooo much fun!!!

  29. I luv this blog! A great idea, and fun read. 😉

  30. Chocolate and bacon is the BEST!!!!!

  31. Great transformation!!!! I’m off to the thrift store!

  32. I love the dress (the “after” dress that is)! Your before dress gave me a good laugh and looked like you should be part of the new Lifetime movie coming out called “The 19th Wife”. I probably would’ve thought of Little House on the Prairie too if I hadn’t seen so many darn previews for that movie coming out this week.

    You do great work! Keep it up! Last night I was thinking about the dresses that I no longer wear and what I could do with them to make them beautiful like you do with your before dresses! You’re an amazing inspiration!

  33. What an inspiration you are. Every morning I can’t wait to turn on the computer and see what you have made next. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us in blogland. My daughter told me about your blog and how much she enjoys it. Gosh, I don’t want the year to end. Maybe next year you can make purses or tote bags to keep us entertained!!!!!!!!


  34. Another fabulous makeover!

  35. You definitely have some vision! Great job with this one!

  36. OMG! That’s the same fabric my mom made my first ballet recital costume out of! (Mini skirt with high neck and long sleeves.) Hello 1971!

  37. Great dress! My first thought at seeing the before pic was..”EEEEEK!” 🙂
    Then I saw the after and wow…it was so cute! I didn’t see the that it was an empire waist so I kinda thought it was a little baggy at the middle in on your small frame…then I took a second looksy at the pic and was like…”oh…duh Jazzz”…hehe…so cute and your all looked like you had a blast! Happy birthday to your friend!

  38. Wonderful! Such a transformation, and the dress is incredibly cute. I love seeing what you will create each day! 🙂

  39. Such a great eye! I would not have expected a great outcome from today’s transformation. Definitely the right style for a brunch affair =)

  40. Just discovered your blog today thanks to Krystal at Village. First post and I’m already stunned at your masterful work. Can’t wait to explore more! What a cool project!

  41. glamourglassandgems

    Very adorable! Great job! I actually think the chocolate covered bacon could be yummy! 😀

  42. Chocolate covered BACON!?? wow between the bacon and the dress, this is my new favourite posting on your blog! nice work.

  43. That is adorable!!! I would love to fit into something like that or at least have an once of sewing ability in me. But it seems like my mom took all of it and didn’t want to share 😦 Off topic, but lets get back on. I’m glad you did a dress this time. I really missed them. Too many shirts for my taste. This dress is probably my favorite so far! And the chocolate bacon, yummy… 🙂 I tried it once last summer and I fell in love. ♥

  44. I stumbled upon this blog and immediately became HOOKED! I love it!!!

  45. wow, i just found out about this blog and love it! how long will it take to go through the last 287 days to catch up, i wonder? 🙂 keep being awesome!

  46. That’s great! You no longer look like you forgot your horse and wagon!

  47. yummy, u just inspired me to make chocolate gravy and biscuits in the morning, the dress is yummy too!

  48. Amazing! I wish I had your talent. I can’t even sew curtain panels…

  49. Oh I’m sooooo jelous! I want the vuvuzela! Pleeeeaze!

  50. As I am sure so many people have told you, you have a very creative mind! I am inspired by how you can see the outcome in your mind. WOW! Way to go!

  51. This one is definitely my favorite one so far! So cute!

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  54. Pingback: Day 289. 76 days and $78 left to go. | New Dress A Day

  55. I think Ma and Pa Ingalls would die if they saw this new dress… But I have to say, it’s at the top of my list! Totally flattering and so sexy!

  56. This is definitely one of my favorite transformations yet!! That dress is adorable!!

  57. It’s uncanny the way you can turn frump into fab! Way to go, MacGyver of fashion!

  58. LOVE the dress and chocolate covered bacon! We have chocolate gravy, biscuits and either bacon or sausage for breakfast some times. Delish!

  59. I honestly cannot believe this is the same dress!!!! So cute, you are amazing.

  60. definitely my favorite outfit that you have created so far

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  62. Just a side note,
    There’s a place in Portland called Voodoo donuts, and they put bacon on their maple bars. It’s ridiculously awesome.
    From another crafter/seamstress, I love your blog. Mostly, I love that you put these together every day before you go out for the day. It seems a very poignant way of “putting oneself together” every morning: like coffee, only more metaphorical.

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