Day 287. 78 days and $80 left to go.

It’s Saturday! Sun is out, college football has arrived, you couldn’t put a bigger smile on my face if you tried 🙂

My dress for today had a mix of pleats and ruffles.  I loved the print of the fabric too – I really liked the flowery business going on, but that ruffle at the bottom was trouble.

Day 287 - Before

Day 287 - Before

It was taking care of business time…got my seam ripper and began detaching the ruffle at the bottom.

Goodbye trim!

Goodbye trim!

The trim that I was left with could have made a bed skirt.  We’ll bring it back somewhere though, just wait.

Two pieces!!

Two pieces!!

So, before I was ready to wear this, I got out my machine and took it in.  I brought in the sleeves and took in about three inches on each side.

Bringing it in...

Bringing it in...

Because the neck was collared and had a deep V, there were no buttons and after taking it in, it opened a bit more in front.  Couldn’t really get away with wearing it as it was, so I paired it with a black cami underneath and added a belt to break up the pattern a little.

Day 287 - After

Day 287 - After

Not completely the same but after scoping Anthropologie’s site (like you do…) I found this dress that had similar aesthetics.  The collar, the pleats, the V…

Heart Anthropologie's Version

Heart Anthropologie's "Sugar Coated" $128 Version

I was very happy with my outcome.

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!!)

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!!)

Perfect dress to enjoy the sun, the footy, and a little reflection this September 11th.


34 responses to “Day 287. 78 days and $80 left to go.

  1. I really like this one! The belt and touches of black work really well with the pattern and style.

  2. Sorry, not a big fan of this one. It’s too much of a mix of sloppy and tailored and leaves me a bit confused.

  3. Love this one with the pattern and paired belt it looks great.

  4. As usual love what you recreated. Amazing the before and after.

  5. I LOVE the splashy pattern on this dress. You are amassing quite a wardrobe, missy!

  6. Now, that’s really pretty! Good thing you got rid of the ruffle; what’s with ruffles AND pleats, anyway ;)?
    Great job!

  7. Love this one! The cami and belt add the perfect touch. It looks like a fun dress to wear on a summer evening.

  8. Laura is right! You’re going to have a massive wardrobe by the time you’re finished this! You should definitely sell some of it, maybe for charity…

  9. Marisa, I’d like to see a pic of you in this dress minus the belt. For some reason, the belt is drawing my attention away from the dress. xoxo

  10. Love your adventure through fabric. I’m 67 years old and learning from you daily. Keep snipping away….Sandy in Vermont

  11. Your amazing! I just love this blog!

  12. I love what you’ve done ro the dress. Keep inspiring me.

  13. I love what you did with this one. Who would ever believe it only cost a dollar? This year’s “experiment” to me is all about frugality and using what you have, both materials and imagination. Something I have learned from you is that it is not about perfection, which in the past may have stopped me from doing what you do so freely and naturally. You have freed me from this perfection. Thank you. Now it is all about fun and creativity. You are an inspiration and your blog is so much fun. It has actually changed my life for the better.

    • You are so right! Her blog has taught me a lot about myself and my perfectionist attitude. When I first started reading her blog, I was freaking out, especially when she didn’t hem things, or using safety pins, even though I understood the time constraints, that she was doing a dress every day. Then I started enjoying what she was achieving. Of course, I didn’t like all the dresses or tops she was making, but most are just darling, and I would do anything to be young and wear her dresses or better yet do what she is doing and wearing my own creations. Maybe we are not all seamstresses like her, but I think with a little imagination, I can put her attitude, and inspiration somewhere else in my life.

  14. I love this! You are truly an inspiration!

  15. I too felt the belt was not right for the dress. I think a black scarf or tie like the one on the example dress would have suited the pattern and material better.

    One word of advice though would be that if the tailoring doesn’t work out, don’t settle or try to hide it or draw attention from it. Get rid of it. I really don’t like what’s happened to the top of the dress here though I really like the skirt bit. I would have saved the skirt as you have it and worn it with a fitted tank top.

    The last thing I want my homemade clothes to look like is homemade.

  16. I think it looks very of-the-moment, actually. You have much more vision for these alterations than I do when I do things like this! This dress embodies so many trends right now…and one of the biggest trends, of course, is the juxtaposition of vintage and new, slouchy and tailored, distinguished color palates, etc. This has several of those factors, I also wish I could see what shoes you had with it! (would be cute with oxfords or boots!)

  17. not one of my favorites 😦

  18. i really heart this one 🙂

  19. glamourglassandgems

    I think it’s adorable! Wtg!

  20. Cute! I like looking at the before image, envisioning how I’d do it, and then see your completely-different-but-still-awesome vision come to life!

  21. Cute! But is that a raw hemline?

  22. Like-y, like-y. Usually, I adore your outfits and accessories but I think an all black belt with a front like the one you are wearing, instead of a lighter belt with a black front, would pull it together well.

  23. I LOVE this one! I love the fabric on this. I wish I had your talent.

  24. This dress looks very do able. I really liked the out come. I’ve sent this site to my daughters and grand-daughters to see if it peaks their interests. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. The close up of the dresses are much better as far as being able to see the real out come.

  25. Love it.
    I only discovered your site a few days ago and have spent hours reading through the whole thing.
    You have me inspired that’s for sure.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  26. I really like this one. I’m so glad you did very little to it, but that ruffle really did have to go didn’t it?! Love your work Marisa!

  27. Nice but did not like the top part in the front.

  28. i love your dresses, especially the floral ones! im 13 and want to go to fashion college, and i love reading your blog! thanks for doing it

  29. Love the pattern, but agree with Nora,,the belt is a bit too fussy considering the already busy pattern..but boy do you have an eye for patterns!! Recommend using that ruffle to spice up the hem of a black dress or even for some cap sleeves..

  30. Wow! Perfect “camo” on the carpet! Just started following your site! I love the frugal take on it! Cute outfits too! Thanks for sharing!

  31. You are so talented! I love to see each time what you come up with next!

  32. One of my faves. I love that you stayed true to the great shape of the dress!

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