Day 203. 162 days and $160 left to go.

I spent oodles of hours on the phone with AT&T trying to figure out why my Blackberry won’t send or receive texts or make or receive phone calls in some comftastic lounge pants this morning, so I wanted to get dressed up a bit to leave my house…even if the first place I was going was to the AT&T store in person to change out my SIM card.

Day 203 - Before

Day 203 - Before

This dress, which has mini-polka dots all over, is a bit biggish on me and not very flattering.  To make it work in these warmish temps there are just three easy things I’m going to do.

First, I cut off about five inches at the bottom of the dress to both shorten and to use as a sash around my waist!

That's my soon-to-be sash!

That's my soon-to-be sash!

Second, I took in about three inches on both sides of the dress to tighten it up just a scosh.

Presser foot action

Presser foot action

Third, I rolled up the sleeves a bit above my elbow – was going to cut them off but then opted to leave them long in case it got chillier in the day.  (It did, so I’m very glad I left the length.)

With the addition of my makeshift sash tied into a pretty lil’ bow, I had a brand new dress…

Day 203 - After

Day 203 - After

Just the thing to wear to the AT&T store to try to get a phone fixed yet deal with four separate employees trying to sell me cable instead.  No joke.

From the back

From the back

I left with a new SIM card, which they said it would do the trick, and by the time I returned home, I was dealing with the same problem again.  At least I felt pretty in my outfit…


35 responses to “Day 203. 162 days and $160 left to go.

  1. That looks fab. So simple, yet so effective. Nice 50s-retro-vintage vibe going down.

    Can’t stand going into mobile phone shops. The people in there just jump on you and try to get you to spend a fortune on total crapola! Just looking, thanks…

  2. Very chic!

  3. This is just adorable on you! What a cute outcome!

  4. I LOVE it! This style is so in right now…and you bought it on the cheap! 😀

  5. you do look pretty and how annoying those salesman are! Hope you get the issue taken care of. I love how this dress looks, great idea to keep the sleeves long.

  6. Wow, this dress is so cute. I’ve been skimming through your blog and just can’t believe the beautiful treasures you are creating out of thrift store finds! Bravo!

  7. Hi Marisa ! I just love your website. So I have tried to do the same
    Hope I can do as good as you !

  8. Very pretty. It has a nice 50’s feel.

  9. One of my favorites! So cute.

  10. Very cute. I really like this one!

  11. I just discovered your blog and it’s pretty cool what your doing!! Best wishes!!

  12. i love it! you look so cute. 🙂

  13. Lovs it!

  14. grrrrrreat lookin’ after!

    GD AT&T they are the worst.
    Don’t get me started!!

  15. I think the salesmen were hitting on you ’cause you look super sassy in this dress! 🙂

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Cute!!!
    Omg ik At&t is annnnoying!

  18. Another thing- you upkeep this blog very well. 🙂 I was looking at your post timings and it seems like you don’t get very much sleep do you?

  19. My fav since I’ve been reading. Very chic. ❤

  20. love it! this is one of my favorites! now if I only knew how to sew …

  21. That is awesome! Just found your blog via Twitter and I’m so excited that I did! I want a sewing machine now 🙂

  22. I really like this one, could even get away with it in the office too!

  23. cute! Such a popular style right now. I like the pattern too.

  24. really cute!

  25. Now this I love!! So very cute!! You could sell copies of this one and make a good amount of money. Have you decided what you are going to do with these dresses once the year is up? Now that you are famous, your dresses might be worth quite a bit. Maybe put them up for auction on eBay!

  26. perfect! =)


    Brasil =D

  27. Ooh this one is adorable! I wish we had the thrift stores and goodies at yard sales that you run across!

  28. This is by far the best transformation I think I’ve seen! I am so inspired and I wonder why you have not gotten onto project runway, clearly you can sew and under pressure! Best of luck with your future and keep inspiring others where you can.

  29. is this for sale? i love love love it!

  30. Um, can I buy this from you? I desperately want it.

    Love your blog!

  31. I found your blog yesterday when I seen your story featured on yahoo. I just love the dresses that you are creating! I would most definitely buy them in a store! You should look into starting up your own clothing line!

  32. I’m a stitcher myself. I’m from a long line of dressmakers and I’ve worked professionally in shoppes. I’ve been really following your dress make-overs. These are VERY cool. What you end up with is amazing!! Make that incredible!!

    Hope you got your Blackberry straightened out. If not.. Go to the RIM/Blackberry website and check for new firmware, download to your desktop, and follow the instructions on the site to install. I have an iPhone now, but every difficulty I’ve ever had with my Blackberry stemmed from firmware upgrade and/or the lack of it. It’s very frustrating!! I have AT&T so I can relate!

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