www.newdressaday.com is ready to be unveiled!!

Hi friends!!

Just wanted to get out into the blogosphere that I’m moving this little operation (sewing machine is coming with…fear not!!) to my own domain!!

www.newdressaday.com is ready for its reveal πŸ™‚

Now, there may be a few kinks to start out because I’ve been doing this in my “free time” (hilarious), so excuse any bugs that may come up over the next few days.

For those of you subscribers who are getting emails sent your way daily will have to re-sign up on the new site – so sorry that I can’t import your addys πŸ™‚Β  There’s an easy box at the top right corner that you can throw your email into to continue getting your daily fix. (Feedburner will be handling the new daily sends and it’s an awesome and easy process!! Sign up, you’ll get an email sent immediately to your inbox to verify, click on the link, and we’re golden!)

There are some fun new features too – you can now login with your Twitter or Facebook account and post your comments to those networks if you want and you can LIKE and SHARE now too!!

If you still click on my WordPress site you’ll get redirected, so don’t worry πŸ™‚

So excited about the transition…NDAD is growing up and going out on her own.

xx Marisa


48 responses to “www.newdressaday.com is ready to be unveiled!!

  1. Big news! Congrats! Can’t wait to keep reading as you rock it out at the new site!

  2. I absolutely love what you are doing! It brightens my day a bit to open up my email and see what cool outfit you made from some eyesore of a smock. It’s made me really want to get into sewing again! I am a lover of finding forgotten treasures in second hand shops. If I ever were to find an amazing piece that i would like to send you do you have an address to send it to?
    Keep up the great work! It’s amazing!! πŸ™‚

  3. Just hope with the new website, we get to read all the comments. I enjoy those too — it’s cool how folks around the world are following you and your sewing machine (and let’s not ever forget the seam ripper!) I was a costume major in college and worked in theater for years, so I’m really enjoying your transformations because some of those befores are almost hideous but you work a lot of magic on them and render them cute as fawns.

  4. GOOD JOB MARISA!!!! Making changes is sometimes hard but so so so worth it. I smile every time I look at NDAD! I see nothing but good things ahead…….

  5. Congrats Marisa.
    Following you and loving your energy and amazing work.

  6. sure hope going to the new site was what this email was talking about when it referred to the box onthe right.

    thanks this is fun

  7. Goodluck! πŸ™‚

  8. Just updated you on my favorites bar.

    BTW, you inspired my daughter and I to break down and buy a new (working) sewing machine. πŸ™‚

  9. Mazel tov! Now you are a woman πŸ˜‰

  10. Congrats!! I gotta say, you absolutely deserve the success you’ve had so far…here’s to more good things to come!

  11. Will follow you to your domain…Congrats!…love to look at your daily new creations, they are awesome!

    -Patty in (California)

  12. Yay for a new site! Added to my google reader!

  13. I’m excited for you, Marissa. I will FOLLOW YOU πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see if you start over with another series of makeovers, and also I’m curious if you will start doing more “wintery” things as fall arrives. tons of good wishes!! You inspire me.

  14. I can’t seem to figure out the email sub 😦
    But congrats on the upgrade!

  15. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I sew but you have opened up the world of practical sewing and also how to practically and cheaply recycle garments. Cheap clothing here I come. My daughters and I follow you daily and are gathering our own supply of thrift store clothing to apply your techniques to.
    Thanks for revolutionizing sewing back to practicality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. CONGRATS on the website!! I am excited for you. Hope you keep this up after your 74 days are over.

  17. Cking you out everyday & telling my friends…luv your creativity! All my best wishes to you…

  18. Congratulations Marisa! I love your blog! Sure I will follow the site! If it passes on my blog: http://inconstanteborboleta.wordpress.com/
    Inspires me much his looks!


  19. I’m so happy for you!!!! This is really good news. Congratulations!!!

  20. wohoooo.. congratulation, Marissa…

  21. Congrats, Marisa! I’m so excited you still have energy and excitement around your project. For others, it would be a bit commitment to keep this thing going β€”Β but you’ve rocked and rolled it badass as hell!

    Katy at…

  22. Happy Birthday!!! Or something.


  23. Soooo happy as it seems this will now continue on beyond the committed 365 days! You have inspired me to bring me back to my creative outlet that I’ve neglected since college! Same old routine over here with my inherited sewing machine staring at me with eager…spool pins (!?!). Since discovering your blog, I’ve had the confidence to learn my sewing machine, shop thrifty, and take a step out of my wardrobe comfort zone. Thank you for being awesome!

  24. Congratulations on the new site!

  25. glamourglassandgems

    YAY!!! Congratulations!! πŸ˜€

  26. Congrats! Already added your new site to my blog roll πŸ˜€

  27. waow! I’ve been loving your works all the way from Cameroon and it’s been a ray of sunshine to my days. you are a source of inspiration. I got myself a lovely top from a dress whose style was brrrrr! thanks to your ideas. I do not saw but got some help from a seamstress. Keep up with the lovely transformations and keep moving ahead. WHERE YOU GO, I FOLLOW. πŸ™‚

  28. Totally cool. You are a true inspiration. I have been getting a daily kick out of your creativity to help boost mine. Good things are ahead for sure!

  29. Much good luck to you as you take this forward step with NDAD!
    Marisa, your sewing talent and creativity are top-notch, as is your way with words. Reading about your “new-old” outfits each day is light a ray of sunshine in my e-mail.
    All the best!

  30. That is wonderful!!! Congratulations!

  31. Good Luck with your new site. I enjoy your emails everyday. I use to sew all my clothes years and years ago. What you’re doing is such fun. I may try it. I’m a thrifter too and frequent “GW boutique” along with “Vinnie’s” and “Sally’s”. I like to think of it as recycling and going green!

  32. Yay! I’ve been a faithful lurker for a while and I’m happy that you’re taking this to the next level. Seriously, you’re inspiring! I’ll most definitely keep following you!

  33. Just bookmarked the new site..see you there..:-)

  34. i am curious about how you make your choices at the tim eof purchase. Do you have some absolutes that disqualify an article of clothing ?? Since I just got here a short time ago having been given your link by Missussmartypants.com, this may have been something that you already discussed. Please forgive the question if so.

  35. congratulations!!! i’m always eager to see what you’ve done and am so thrilled you’re helping inspire an entire new generation of sewers! I’ve been sewing all my life (probably longer than your mother’s been around, lol) and used to remake goodwill clothes all the time but not Nearly as creative as you are!

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  37. That’s great! Good luck with the new domain!

  38. I entered in my email address but know longer get daily posts. Is anyone else having any problems?

  39. Hi Jauna. I don’t get the daily dress post any more either. I think the email system needs to be tweaked. All I keep getting are the posts others make to the site, which I don’t want–I can see those when I want to on the site itself. I went back to the subscribe section and lowered the frequency from immediate to one daily, but I couldn’t tell how to specify just the daily dress post. Help, Marissa…..

  40. i am not getting the daily dress either just these posts

  41. To Marisa especially, but also to Juana, Wendy and Brenda,
    Apparently something is definitely askew on the Word Press site, but hopefully Marisa will get it rectified soonest! I wonder if we add New Dress A Day to our list of online Favorites, would we be able to click on that for our daily ‘sewing fix’? And Juana, thanks so much for mentioning that you aren’t receiving the daily posts, because I’m such a computer dummy, I thought it was just me and something I had not done correctly!

  42. Hi Sandi and all. In answer to your question, certainly we can make it a favorite and click on it. But I’ve been spoiled by Marissa. I LOVE opening an email and seeing the new dress every morning. It’s just not as much fun to go to the site. Of course I will visit it anyway, but I love getting that fun email. I’m guessing it should be a pretty easy web design fix in the sign up/email section. We obviously have no problem getting the public posts. I’m trying again–putting my email up in the right hand corner. It sure looks like it should work. I’ll let you know what happens. best. Wendy

  43. dear mariiiisa,I am a huuuuge fan of urz,ur new address just doesn’t seem 2 wanna open….It’s so saaaaaaaaaad:(

  44. Excitingness! πŸ™‚

  45. What has happened??
    As soon as you switched to a website I LOST YOU!!!
    Filled in my name in the “handy” box (TWICE!) and nothing comes!
    To either account! This is so very frustrating, you cannot imagine!
    I wasn’t ready for withdrawal so soon!

  46. HELP, please !I was enjoying receiving a DAILY email from you with ‘the dress (etc) of the day and an update on amount of $ left for quite a while UNTIL this date when this email announcing your change !!! Now I’ve never received anything at all ! I miss you !!!

    Cindy Holt

  47. Hi, I keep trying to add the new site in Google Reader, but it just keeps re-adding the WordPress site. I have tried deleting the subscription altogether, then readding the dot com, but no luck! Any other suggestions? I want to see you in my Reader!!

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