Day 125. 240 days and $236 left to go.

Good Friday friends and what a blissful day it was.  It began with a very large cup of coffee from Yum Yum Donuts (it’s my West Coast makeshift Dunkin Donuts – doesn’t quite compare, but it comes kinda close), enjoyed some movie viewings at the cinema (yes, viewings with an S – a little bit of Alice in 3D and Sam Worthington battling giant scorpions as well as a CGI’d Medusa), some yummy Trader Joe’s Spinach Pizza, a bit of sewing followed by She & Him’s Letterman performance before heading to dreamland.

Heart <3

Darling duo 🙂

To enjoy this lovely day, my pick was in the navy family.

Day 125 - Before

Day 125 - Before

It was a button down dress with the top half made of a silky/rayon-ish fabric and the bottom a thick, and I mean thick, polyester.  It was too big, much too frumpy, had weird cuffs, and just looked atrosh.  The first thing I did was cut off part of the skirt.



I didn’t like the length, so shortening was rather necessary.  Next up was taking it in from all around.  I began with the sleeves and then the body, finishing off with the skirt.  It was more fitted now, but I was still going to add my own belt – and when I say my own, I really mean my mom’s which I borrowed from her middle drawer after her permission 🙂  There were loops around the waist, so a belt must have originally come with the piece too.  Instead of cutting the sleeves and taking off the weird cuffage, I just opted to roll them up.  Last thing on the agenda was unbuttoning the top and putting on my fave abstract skull printed tank from H&M underneath which up close and personal look like little Jack Skellington heads, if you ask me – check out both and give me your opinion…

Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington


It's like Tim Burton created a line for H&M!

It's like Tim Burton created a line for H&M!

Totally similar, don’tcha think?  OK, final product here…

Day 125 - After

Day 125 - After

Happy weekend friends!  Agalitses ke filakia* to you all 🙂

*what I found to be the cutesy way to say “Hugs & Kisses” in Greek, since I’m clearly feeling the vibe post my Clash of the Titans viewing earlier today.

21 responses to “Day 125. 240 days and $236 left to go.

  1. Now THAT is a transformation! Two thumbs up (sticking w/your movie themed day)!

  2. Wonderful change! Good work!

  3. reason #28 we’re meant to be: i tried to buy that adorable tank top but they didn’t have it in my size. i was SO sad. and that’s exactly what i thought of when i saw it too.

  4. this might be my favorite yet! great work.

    and to your previous post–i totally use fake names in bars, waiting for tables, and getting coffee as well.

    • I love that you do that too – I’m mildly obsessed. How about the time when I used “Audrina” and the girl laughed and then I forgot I was using my credit card. Yep, genius move Maris.

  5. another transformation!!
    I may want this one.

    Hey M, did you ever mention the intv you did with me? I see some of the same questions in the comments, sometimes…here’s the link to the post :


  6. This is AMAZING! It doesn’t even look like it came from the same dress, much less the same material! Seriously, when is Bravo giving you a 13 episode order for this show???? And a 3-D Double Feature sounds like the best day ever!

  7. This one is really cute! I love visiting your blog. I get so much ideas from you. Next rummage sale with be a blast for me since I have tons of ideas in refashioning clothes. Woho!

  8. just saw your reply to my comment. dude, if your name is Maris, why the hell are you fake naming? that’s the coolest name ever.

    also thanks for being hilarious. serious high fives on your witty blog banter!

    • HA!! I love my name, but it’s just that the baristas never seem to get it right. Clarissa, Maritza, Merrissa…I can’t deal sometimes 🙂 Anne is the one that cracked my mom up. She was like, really…Anne now? It’s like I’m testing out pet names or kid names, even though I’m über far from child-dom.

  9. amazing!!!

  10. I love what you do with navy! I want this one too!

  11. I have that tank top too!

  12. This is one of my favorites by far! You have inspired me to learn to sew!!

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