Day 21. 344 days and $342 left to go.

So, I’ll be honest. As I was watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale last evening, Adam Lambert gave me a little 1980s inspiration as he belted his newest jam.  They flashed his album cover on the screen and it screamed Pat Benatar, so of course I thought, hello 80s.

Glambert's Album Cover

Glambert's Album Cover

Now, that glove on his hand is not part of my get up today, nor is crimped hair, or blue eyeshadow. (little aside – glove will DEF be one fun project on the horizon and perhaps I’ll whip out some of my youthful pics from 1986 as well. Can we say laser background, anyone??)  I did feel the need to recreate a “Walk Like an Egyptian” look that would have made the Bangles (aka my first concert) proud.

Day 21 - Before

Day 21 - Before

Loved the little rhinestones.  Loved the little white stripes made out of mohair. Loved the wide sleeves. Loved the $1 price tag. Simply loved the sweater. It was a little short, however it was pretty much in perf condition, so all I needed to add was one little thing…

Day 22 - After

Day 22 - After

The one little thing was not the office Christmas tree, even though it was lovely, it was my Hanes white tank I threw on underneath. Cha-ching! It not only streamlined the busy sweater, it assisted in calming the itchiness that came from that mohair as well. Like, mohair, is like way itchy. Like, totally to the max.


3 responses to “Day 21. 344 days and $342 left to go.

  1. cute! love jumpers and the colour!

  2. Wow who would have thought this was a cute sweater. Score another point for you.

  3. Honestly, adorable! And that idea with the hanes tank for itchiness? Perfect. Bn there with the itchy, done that with the scratches and do not wanna go back to the scar on my side from scratching. That stuff can be killer on your skin. The bad kind of killer. Lol.
    But I seriously adoreeee this sweater. Like I said a few posts ago, the sweater look on you? Tres amazingly chic!

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