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Day 86. 279 days and $275 left to go.

It’s Blue Monday friends…click here for your listening pleasure – New Order will play in the background as we attempt to make this blue (it’s actually more turquoise, however this shot gives it a more royal blue hue) silk frock hot for the beginning of the work week.  As it stands, it ain’t looking so pretty…

Day 86 - Before

Day 86 - Before

Step one is to get rid of those shoulder pads!

More shoulder pads!!

More shoulder pads!!

These ones had morphed into the size of softballs, lopsided I must add, over the 20 years that this dress stayed hidden in someone’s closet, so we had to remove.  Next, I wanted to get rid of the high neck – I had an idea of where I was going and it wasn’t going to work with the neckline as it stood.

A little trimming of the neckline...

Cut that neck!!!

After trimming the neck, we had to trim the length as well – got out my Singer scissors, which are starting to get to the “must be sharpened” point, and chopped off the bottom.

Trim off the bottom

Trim off the bottom...

Now, in my head, it was all starting to come together.  I thought that with the excess fabric from the bottom of the dress, I would turn it into a fabulous bow. (I cut the excess fabric in half so it would be easy to tie)

I used to make bows for $$$ in college...

PS, I used to make bows like this for $$$ in college...

And with the assistance of a safety pin, I pinned this to the new neckline, added a black Lily McNeal 3/4″ sweater from my closet, some tights and flat boots, and the Monday was starting to look totally blue, in the most amazing way.

Day 86 - After

Day 86 - After

The deep cut of the sweater really allowed the dress to pop through and I hearted the new non-high neck!  This shot doesn’t really give that bow justice, however it looked pretty killer sashaying through the halls of the office today.  Just to give it a lil’ more love, here’s another pic.

Hello Bow :)

Bow Bye!