Day 286. 79 days and $81 left to go.

My Friday piece is all about the excess!  I’m going with leftovers today!  Anyone remember this lovely piece from Day 275??

Day 286 - Before

Day 286 - Before

This was the lovely top that was made…

Day 275 - After

Day 275 - After

…and these were my leftovers…

Layout leftovers

Layout leftovers

The second half of the dress was my doggie bag today.  What to do with these leftovers?  There was a lot of fabric left and right off the bat, my head was going in one direction.  Maybe it was because I woke up sweating this morning (I love nights where I forget to turn the fans on) or that I looked at the strapless bra that was sitting on the floor of my bedroom when I got up today?  Whatever it was, I was going to make this another top…a strapless one.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time this am before work to prep, so I quickly gave the top of the piece a new seam.

Layout leftovers

Layout leftovers

Next, I was trying to figure out if I wanted ribbon straps or something cute to hold it up, but ended up going the vintage brooch route.

I pulled up my newly seamed fabric in place to where I wanted it and then pinned the brooch.

Adding the flair!!

Adding the flair!!

I gathered the material to the perfect fit and pinned down.

Pinning down!!

Pinning down!!

This was just the quick and easy fix that was going to allow me to jet out the door at 8:23 this am. (I have my cutoff time down to the exact minute to get to work exactly on time…)

I took a belt and belted the top at my waist…

Day 286 - After

Day 286 - After

…and did a little bit of ungathering to give it some flounce.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

I must say…for the amount of time this took and the usage of the excess material in construction, it was just the thing to get me started on my way to a complete non-stress Friday!  Ooh and did I mention that I saved a bit of moolah too?? Woo hoo – this was a total savvy Friday in my book!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends:)


28 responses to “Day 286. 79 days and $81 left to go.

  1. Aloha Marissa… I love it!!! Two for one aint bad! 🙂 This is in my top 5, for sure. Great work! Anticipating your blog, day after day. Mahalo!

  2. Marisa you win girl!! I did not expect this leftover piece to turnout this good. This is faboulous!!!!! :-*

  3. Well done! Loved the top from the dress and this “skirt/top” is so completely different and still so cute! Great job.

    8:23, eh? Now THAT’s funny.

  4. Wow. I’d always assumed you were a lady of leisure as you managed to keep this sewing lark up every day. But you even leave for work a whole hour before I do! I’m in awe!

  5. I like this one! Really simple but very cute! Great job!

  6. I love this! Even with the two tops being made from the same fabric, they look so different! Have a great weekend!

  7. Lucky you if you can wear a strapless top to work! Great job ~ you are still inspiring me. I dared to put the scissors to a silk blouse last night (from a $3 bag sale and gorgeous, now a work in progress). And yes I am doing photos. : )

    Some of us in this group are following you:
    Have a great day! You definitely took my mind off the haunting memories of 9/11/01 (I saw the fireball from Broadway near Prince Street, was writing about it this morning).

  8. Where DO you work that you can go strapless? And Hey, let me know when you get the package. Hope there is something you can work with.

  9. i love this! i think i like it better that the other shirt you made with this dress.

  10. Ooh girlfriend, I hope that brooch holds!!

  11. glamourglassandgems

    Oh, I love this one even better than the first shirt you made out of this material! I have to add that I also like it better in the “unflounced” shot…I think you untucked a bit too much of it in that last pic, but that’s my opinion, and other than that, wtg!! 😀

  12. I’ve been excited to see what you were going to do with the excess material from the first project with this dress! I really love the color and patterns, I am a sucker for blues. I really like this, and it is a great 2 for 1. I think I may like the first one a little bit better, but maybe that’s because I live in a colder climate and I’m jealous we can’t wear sleeveless tops any more! Ha!:)

  13. this is really fantastic! wicked colours, very tropical fix!
    I hope you get a book deal and include patterns / tips for beginner sewers and upcyclers.

  14. I love this one! Great job!

  15. You amaze me daily! How do you come up with your ideas? I think all of my “transformations” would look the same. Somehow all of yours are different. Great job!!!

  16. This is one of my favorite ones yet! I love it even more than the first top you made from that dress. Cute!

  17. these are totally my dream curtains…something about bright blue and white makes me happy…of course with some orange ikat pillows thrown in.

    you made two super cute tops!

  18. omygoodness! this one is the best yet 🙂 its so cute ahhaa

  19. This is GREAT. YOu are quite talented. Keep it coming Great work.

  20. Way to go with this one! I love your creation…but I must confess to totally being in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the brooch! It is so pretty and the way you used it was really cool! I like this better than the first top you made from this dress. Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Cute! You have the perfect figure for your makeovers.

  23. You sew your clothes before you leave for work?! And… did the brooch stay clasped all day?

  24. It’s unreal how you made two great tops from that dress! So, yea, now they each cost 50 cents. LOL!! You look great in this! What an imagination you have. I hope you are very proud of yourself. : D

  25. Its a two-fer! I love it!

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