Day 285. 80 days and $81 left to go.

I LOVE the bold and busy prints and bringing them from a “no way” state to a “sign me up” one!!

Day 284 - Before

Day 284 - Before

I was feeling just like Lucille Ball in this…



There were lots o’dots on the fabric itself and I really disliked this blend of dainty, Victorian (in the collar) that went along with the dots.  So, hello adios time, you’ve arrived!!

Starting to take off the collar!

Starting to take off the collar!

I grabbed my seam ripper and began to unstitch the piece at the collar.  In just a few minutes, one side was completely removed.  I continued and got rid of the entire thing.

One side done...

One side done...

I wasn’t loving this as a dress either.  There was just too much going on here so I got my scissors and trimmed right at where the “skirt area” (the little mini skirt that fell at my waist) was.

Trimming the skirt!

Trimming the skirt!

After going from dress to top I wanted to tweak one last thing.  Now these sleeves as they were, were a bit big.  I thought it would be fun to try this out…instead of cutting and reseaming, I pulled out my “Crafty MacGyver-ness” and made them shorter with a little trick.

I just grabbed a hair tie (a bigger, more elasticked one) and put it in the area between my elbow and hand…

Sleeve Trick!!

Sleeve Trick!!

Make sure the hair tie doesn’t cut off your circulation, first and foremost 🙂  I then literally started rolling the piece around until it looked like this…

Roll Bounce!

Roll Bounce!

The rubber band kept it in place which was great – quick and easy!!

My new top was good to go with the addition of a white tank underneath and the pairing of another polka-dotted piece.

Day 284 - After

Day 284 - After

A close up of my fave part of the piece – the mixed nature of the dots on the top along with the smaller ones on the fabu belt is what I really loved.

Mix 'n Match!

Mix 'n Match!

The top turned out super chic and I must say I was getting polka-dotted compliments all night!!

Sunny day!!

Sunny day!!

70 responses to “Day 285. 80 days and $81 left to go.

  1. Looks great but would have loved to have seen it kept as a dress!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  2. Just beautiful!!! You are awesome! What sewing machine do you use? Model? Price? 😛

  3. Polka dots with red go beautifully! I want that blouse with the belt! 🙂

  4. Alcessa, maybe Marisa just wants to give us another day… Hooray! Sssh. Don’t remind her… 😉

  5. The world is a better place with polka dots and I Love Lucy! So what’s the plan after 365 days? Will you continue your blog?

  6. Marisa, I have a social networking suggestion for you. Make it easy for us to retweet and share your posts. Download two easy plug-ins for the WordPress blog: Tweetmeme and Share This. It would be so great to be able to share your wonderful work across the Twitterverse and the Net. Great job again. Another double-take.

  7. I LOVE the way you did this one! Love the polka dots and the addition of the red belt! So cute and classic.

  8. I h ave subscribed to your emails and I watch everyday to see what you have done~~ great job on all your recons!
    Question~ Have you ever reconstructed your dressses into anythingother than tops or other dresses? If not, do you thin that you will?

    • I think that, if you go into the archives (which I did after I discovered this blog – going all the way into Day 1), you would find that she has made skirts, bags, and jewelry as well. (I think there may even be a few belts in there, too!) Some of those projects were even made with the leftover fabric!

  9. Day 284, isn’t it? (just ignore my first comment :twisted:)

  10. This turned into a fabulousn top and I adore how you paired it with the red belt. Definite winner all around!

  11. What a great transformation! I saw your interview over at Pepper Design Blog and just love your concept. Can’t wait to see more!

  12. I bought a top just like this the other week and it cost me waaaayyy more that a $1!!

  13. Love it! I’ve been learning a lot from your “re-structuring” from hideous to fab. My wardrobe is expanding, turning the thriftstore into my new closet of dress selections. I have yet to make a shirt or skirt from a dress…hmmmmmm. Thanks again for the inspirations! I have a great “Monet” looking dress to work on today.

  14. I’m so in love with this top; another beautiful creation Marisa! I wasn’t expecting that to turn out so nice. The belt makes it all come together nicely. ❤ it!

  15. Oh, how I love polka dots! Whether they are in style or out of style, I still love them. And this dress was truly hideous, and now it is so of the moment…the belt really tops it off!

  16. Snap! – Inspired by you, I’ve been checking out the charity shops in the UK and I just made a transfomation to a red polka dot blouse.

  17. thats a really cute top on you, and the belt is a great idea.

  18. As always super cute! Love the accent of the red belt 🙂

  19. As always, so inspiring! Fantabulous transformation! 🙂

  20. Love this! Love the dots and the belt – and the trick with the sleeves – genius!

  21. I’m a polka dot lover.

  22. You go girl!! I love it!!!! Everything looks good on you. I have to tell you that I finally got my sawing machine out of the box thanks to you, lol…. and today, after work, I will hit the thrift store for my first peice to destroy, wish me luck!!! XD

  23. Wow…I’m pretty sure I bought this exact getup at the thrift store the other day. Your redo is great! Hopefully I’ll be able to do something just as nice! 🙂

  24. Snap! Inspired by you I’ve been visiting my local charity shops in the UK and I just transformed a polka dot blouse (well, I took the sleeves out)

  25. wow, wow!!
    also i love how you bring history into it, this one lucille ball.

  26. Love it! Very stylish! You’ve inspired me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your work. Keep it up!!!

  27. So… I love how you take a big dress and make something of it, especially one or two of the moo moos … they were really cute tops. BUT…. What did you do with the rest of the fabric? You have a nice big piece of blue with polka dots… Shorts??? Short skirt with white cut outs in it??? Would love to see what you can do with leftovers! Bring up some fabric from other pieces???

  28. I LOVE polka dots with red accessories. Nice call on the belt!

  29. YOU, my dear, are fabulous!!! The definition of. I love this all so much. I am your new biggest fan.

  30. cute top! Im really not crazy about the sleeves…just kinda looks sloppy to me…but thats just my opinion. Love the red belt with the top too…all in all good transfermation!

  31. LOVE this! A-Dorable!! You are so talented! Now you need to sell all this stuff! I’ve got dibs on this puppy!

  32. Lovely! I too am drawn to big bright graphic prints, and I love to transform them into something more wearable. The dress is the below post was a great example, and the resulting shirt is super cute.

  33. You are my new hero! Thanks for the inspiration, and I will look forward to what you create. Keep up the good work!!!

  34. Super cute! I wish I had your imagination!

  35. cute! i do the hair-tie sleeve trick, too!

  36. You are so incredibly clever. This is one of the most amazing transformations yet.

  37. This is soooo,cute,I am going to the goodwill
    today and find something,and try to do this
    LOVE your things,KEEP IT UP,,,

  38. I LOVE LUCILLE BALL!! I own the entire I Love Lucy collection on DVD!! 🙂 🙂

  39. Love it! This is definitely one of my faves, and it definitely supports my theory that EVERYONE looks beautiful in navy 🙂

  40. Wow…If I knew how to sew, I probably would have passed right by that dress if I was thinking of revamping me some clothes, but you made it worthy of hotness! Wtg!

  41. I did not think that dress was going to work but WA LA!! You made it super cute as usual!!

  42. Just found your blog from Pepper Design. You are so talented! I love seeing the transformations!

  43. Amazing work. Just amazing. You’re terribly clever.

  44. I LOVE polka dots, so I love the new top. Love the pairing with the red belt. Not liking the sleeve trick. But that is minor because I do like the finished product. Another good job!

  45. ahhh, dots! wonderful!

  46. Looks nice, very creative. I loved it as a dress, too.

  47. Have you ever re-made a dress that you hate? Or have you ever messed up and had to throw it away and start a new one? Cause I have =(

  48. I’m addicted to this blog. Every day a new outfit and each one even uglier and more ill-fitting than the last! What are the odds? Amazing!

  49. I’d prefer if you went more along the Lucille route, but that’s just my taste and I still love your results!

  50. I am having so much fun watching your creativity on your Blog.
    I am not a Sewist (the new word for sewer…I’m told) but I am
    a crafter, writer and poet and I love viewing others people’s
    talents, creativity and imagination at work. Every day YOU
    amaze me girl! How many closets do you have???????? :+)


  51. This has to be my favorite refashion you’ve done. Love it!

  52. This is sooooo stinkin cute!! Adore it with the red belt! I’m going to be so sad when you are done with this! Please do another year! 🙂

  53. U r awesome. I too luv to sew but limited time. I make adaptive clothes for men designed by my son. U r truly an inspiration!

  54. LOVE the belt accent!

  55. Oh, this is so cute!! Great trick with the sleeves, too. Keep up the great work pretty lady!

  56. with all the left overs you will probably have enough to make another years creations , call that blog old dress a day creativity at its finest. I really think highschool Homeec teachers should encourage their students to read your blog. Then they should have a contest and a fashion show at the end of the year to see what everyone came up with, sort of a final in Home ec.

  57. Absolutely adorable and freshly fabulous! :o) You’ve given me many moments of inspiration, encouragement and determination with your ideas and natural blogginess (oh look, a new word?). Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for BEING yourself and for sharing yourself with us. God bless your socks off (as my mama often says), or in your case, your flip-flops LOL! Love and peace to you and yours :o)******

  58. great, great, great… j’adore!!

  59. You inspired myself and my niece to try our hand at remaking dresses! (27 & 17, respectively) Thanks! We bought 3 yesterday, though not at the goods deals you get them at.

  60. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the original dress and said, “GAAHH!!” and then looked at your final product and said, “Wow! I can’t believe that was the same dress!” Keep up the great work! Look forward to your creations every day!

  61. Your creativity and style is awesome and you really inspired me. I have never tried sewing but want to give it a try. Any suggestions on what machine to get? I do not have a slightest clue. There is so much stuff out there. Which one are you using?

  62. My gosh! I love this one!

  63. Really cute! I like the top a lot with the red belt. This is a really fun blog. Glad my friend shared it with me. Kelly

  64. Wow! What a transformation. That is so cool, just as Lucy is. 🙂 Great job with the sewing skills.

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