Day 284. 81 days and $82 left to go.

Today’s dress was going to come from a fabulously fabricked muumuu…well hello muumuu, there you are!!

Day 284 - Before

Day 284 - Before

I LURVED the fabric of this puppy, I mean LURVED!!  A blend of leopard and florals all together in one?!  Sign this sista up!!  Wasn’t working as a dress, so it’s going to get a little redo…

I got rid of the length…

Trimmy, trimmy!!

Trimmy, trimmy!!

…sewed a new hem…

New Hem!!

New Hem!!

…tweaked the neckline…

Fold under!!

Fold under!

…and was ready to rock it!!

Day 284 - After

Day 284 - After

Three easy steps, one easy top!!  Slightly reminiscent of this fabu Stella McCartney ditty…

Stella!! Stella!!

Stella!! Stella!!

It would have been one short, short piece if I added some tights underneath, however the jeans were working just fine.  We’re experiencing a little overcast and cloudy without a chance of meatballs weather right now so the denim was a welcome cover up to the legs.

I even ordered a warm, caffeinated bevvie at the end of my dinner.

Post dinner café au lait!

Post dinner café au lait!

Totally killed two birds with one stone – A, I warmed up!  Woo hoo!  B, I prepared myself with some caffeine as it was going to be a long evening of blogging ahead of me…


80 responses to “Day 284. 81 days and $82 left to go.

  1. 1st comment of the day for the second day in a row!! the plus of living in England…. 🙂 Its amazing how easy you make this look. lovinging the deep V neckline on this one. You are my mid morning fashion fix! A cup of Tea ( how english!) and your blog. Pure bliss. xxxx

  2. I love this one – great colors and great transformation…

  3. Laurie in Bradenton

    Will your next blog be making something will all that you’ve cut off? With shoulder pad accents? Love your creative process. Have you thought about offereing others your services as a wardrobe revamper?

  4. I saw the before picture and thought, oooh! this one’s going to be cute when
    Marisa’s done! And it was! Super duper cute! Tried to guess what you were
    going to do: sleeveless maybe…or a skirt from the bottom… But this was so easy and turned out so darling. Fabulous job.

    To Sarah… I live in the US in the farthest east time zone. Getting up at 4:30 a.m. puts me at about the time Marisa’s finishing up her fantastic blogging and heading to bed probably. I’m slightly envious that
    you get to see her creation first! 🙂 Marisa’s blog makes for a great morning,
    afternoon, or evening pick-me -up doesn’t it?

  5. It’s even better than stella!!!!
    I love your work 🙂

  6. I love the before and the after both! Really cool print.

  7. Another FAB piece!!! You are so creative. I find myself gravitating to my computer… eyes half closed…coffee in hand… EVERY morning to wake up to your creations!!! WHAT am I gonna do in 82 more days??? 😦

  8. Loving this piece. Looks amazing. The neckline is great.
    Always look forward to your blog in the morning. Still in bed this morning, grabbed my iPad from my night table to see your new creation.
    Wishing you a fabulous day.

  9. Hiya!!
    Please think about amking a book of all these posts, with additional bits on the sewing tricks.. Some times I totally understand some times I don’t.

    Are you still unemployed? your life sounds like a merry time but I am A 47 year old married nurse in Alaska ( married to a much younger aussie need Ideas for hot weather clothes !!!)

    Hugs and cheers Sally

  10. Arg sorry for the typos ,,, typing in the dark as hubby ( bless his cute little self) sleeps.. sally

  11. An avid blogger & author, I look forward to reading your posts every morning. It’s so inspiring to see how you turn a dress from drab to fab in one sewing session! I hope you get a book deal and/or TV show out of this! You would be awesome on the Create! Channel..,You are inspiring thousands of new DIYers and I LOVE your joie de vivre! Your passion and vision are remarkable. YOU are remarkable!

    • What a great idea. You are so Create! material, maybe it could pair up with the gang from Eat L.A. ( They were on Google Authors), it would be a welcome bit of California…Upstate NY winters can feel pretty long and grey. (sortof Oct to Early June) really.

  12. That’s one awesome shirt! (In my personal opinion, you could have gotten away with wearing it as a dress!)

  13. totally fab!

  14. Really liked the end result. It was sort of a “mini A-line” top. Great idea!!!

  15. OMG. I thought that was the ugliest fabric I had ever seen UNTIL I saw the end product. WOW! Love it. You did it again!

  16. I love this! I like to go back every so often and reread. You make it look sooo simple! I just got my new sewing machine. I ordered it to deal with some tablecloths we use at my church.
    You inspire me so!
    Thank you!

  17. You inspire me!

  18. This would have made an EXCELLENT romper!

  19. Agree, agree, agree with everyone…LOVE this!!!

  20. Marisa, I just love your blog! I’ve been a sewer for years, but you have really inspired me and I’ve been remaking pieces sitting in my closet that weren’t getting worn because of something that just wasn’t right.

    My 5yo future fashionista has fallen in love with your gorgeous creations and begs to see your updates each morning.

    Thank you for convincing her how hip dresses/tunics over jeans is! She also wants
    to meet you if we ever go to LA!

  21. This top turned out WAY cuter than I anticipated. Great job!

  22. Ahhh the mumu. It is too bad my mom can’t do something awesome like this with her mumu’s alas I think she likes them the way they are :). Great creation!

  23. You are a master of the muumuus! Like other commenters, I wasn’t so sure about the print, since it was so loud, but you made it work. And then some. Love!

  24. Marisa — I want your life.

  25. J’aime!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’ve been MIA with blogs lately so I just spent sometime catching up on yours and I am loving all the work you have been doing! Great job!


  27. I totally dig that one! Those muumuus have such a fabulous palette! If anyone out there (from those warm, sunny climates) wants to send me a few muumuus in exchange for something else, please let’s work together!!! I’m in Northern California…rainy here today 😦

  28. glamourglassandgems

    That is adorable! Very fun print. 😀

  29. Muumuus must be a west coast thing. I have been refashioning for eons and NEVER EVER in all my many thrifting adventures stumble upon a single muumuu! But you have found scads of them, you lucky thing. Here on the east coast it’s lil old lady dress central (which are fun, don’t get me wrong), but sadly not a single flippin’ muumuu!

  30. Wow, this is fabulous too. I am amazed that you can find dresses in retail land that bear such a resemblance to the dresses you make! It really does look quite of the moment. This would be cute as a belted dress, too! The top is divine though, very Fall!

  31. This is adorable. Was thinking that a piece of elastic in the mid-back area (inside, of course) would be a great way to make it a little more fitted and cinched through the chest, and still get all the great “flounce” around the bottom.
    I love checking on your creations!

  32. Very cute! And very creative, per usual!! I was thinking that you should try to make something funny with all of the shoulder pads you’ve cut out! You are an inspiration!

  33. That came out just adorable 🙂

  34. Honey, this is soooo darn cute. Ya did it AGAIN! I’m having so fun fun with your blog.

  35. I love what you are doing!!! Love this top! Too cute!!!

  36. So you have truely become a hero for my 12 year old daughter. I asked her the other day what she wants to do for vacation next year. Do you want to know what her answer was…… Go to LA to meet Marisa. I think it is great and you are a great role model. Thanks for everything you do on here. I am not sure what to do once you are done your blog. Gonna have quite a few people that will miss you greatly. Especially me!!! Keep it up girl you are great!

  37. well, simply adorable 🙂

  38. Nice, fresh, and fun!

  39. Yes!!! I agree with everyone else, this turned out just as GREAT as yesterday’s GREAT dress!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! We will miss you when your blog is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Just loved this little outfit! 🙂 I’ve just found you out when you appeared on Yahoo a few weeks ago and I have been following you every day. I’m one of the morning group…you know, flip on the computer and can’t wait to see what you’ve made as I enjoy my Cherrios 😉

    I only am sorry I had not been following your talents for the entire year!
    Good luck and keep sewing! We love it 🙂

  41. So very very CUTE! I totally think this would be cute Fall-drobe with maybe tights and cute boots or something…think you could have gotten a cute dress out of it too…just so many possibilities with that great fabric! The top is awsome…love this one…way to go!

  42. I really like this one. Simple, classic and looks fantastic!

  43. This one is nice. It looks very good with the jeans.

  44. How do you sew in the new neckline without the thread showing through?

  45. That is super cute, wish I could turn my visions into realities like you do!

  46. Soooo cute! This is definitely one of those tops that would totally fit my style 🙂

  47. Girl, you are just getting better each day! I loved this! And I love how your mind works! I would’ve never thought to make that shirt out of a crazy muumuu!

    Again, you inspire me. Thank you.

  48. Hey, NOT bad! I lurve it!

  49. You are so good. I can’t wait to see your new outfit everyday. You are so inspiring!

  50. OMG that is sooo cute. can’t wait to see whY you come up with for Halloween!

  51. What a cute top! This looks great on you, and I love that fabric too. Because of you now, I have at least four thrift store finds that I’m going to remake soon, and I’ve gotten so when I do go to the thrift stores, I spend lots of time looking at everything and imagining the potential it holds! Great job on everything!

  52. This is adorable! I would buy it!

  53. Very cute! Love waking up every morning and coming on your site to see the new gem you’ve put together.

  54. Your blog is so amazing! Totally inspirational. Love this look btw 🙂

  55. You are inspiring me daily! I have a sewing machine, and I sew…now all I need to do is go out a find some un-loved duds to turn around!

  56. When I saw that fabric I thought that there was no way you could make that cute….wrong! Adorable!

  57. It’s cute, but still looks like a muumuu on you & your tiny legs. It’d look much better with a belt around your waist 😉

  58. soooo cute!!! i love it!!

  59. It turned out great. Cute.

  60. You really do have a talent, wish I found this blog earlier

  61. ¡Bellísimo, me encanta!
    (Beautiful, I love it!)

  62. Your creations are very unique. I think it is absolutely amazing how you can transform any piece of clothing into something quite beautiful. You are truly gifted with a wonderful talent. Have you ever been interviewed on television or by any news media? I think your story is great!

  63. Pingback: Day 284. 81 days and $82 left to go. | New Dress A Day | My Singer Sewing Machines

  64. I LUV…I mean…Really LUV your creativity. This is the only blog I keep returning to daily. Since I saw your “blimp” on yahoo news, I have been HOOKED!
    I too, am inspired by items, memories & experiences of the past to create new jewelry pieces so I understand how much fun it can be to look at the old in a new light.
    However, I am no sawing queen like you. But I have started to look at the clothing items at the local thrift store with a new kind of interest. LOL
    Keep up the super work.
    You give the rest of us who are on a spaghetti budget something to look forward to

  65. I hope you are printing these to PDF or storing somehow…all these comments I mean. Do you realize the amount of love being sent your way? You could have a huge book full of nothing but encouragement for those days when things are feeling quite right. I wish I had one of those cause I’m having one of those months. So soak it up, this is your hollywood moment, live it, remember it!

    • It’s the best 🙂 I read each and every comment and any days that start off in a funk, my mood is completely changed from all the love and support. You guys are absolutely amazing and I’m lucky to have such wonderful supporters! xx

  66. I meant when things are not feeling quite right…

  67. Love it! You did such a great job, it looks amazing! It’s a great top for a casual night out.

  68. This is so adorable! You are totally inspiring me to try my hand at a re-do! Love your style!! ~muah~

  69. Day 284 was one of the ugliest dressses turned out so beautifully!

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