Day 283. 82 days and $83 left to go.

I absolutely loved the color of this dress!!  I was totally brought in by the greenish shade when I first found this puppy!!

Day 283 - Before

Day 283 - Before

What I did first was take the dress in.  It was open too much at the top that I really wanted to make it fitted on me.

Tightening Up!!

Tightening Up!!

I got out my sewing machine and got to work!

Taking in!

Taking in!

Now that it was fitted in my chestal area, I wanted to change up the straps.  I began by undoing the seams that kept the straps in place on my back by my shoulders.

Strap Tweaking!!

Strap Tweaking!!

With these undone, they’re going work perfectly as halter straps!!  I tied the straps together at my neck, added a white sash around my waist and prepped some sweet potato casserole to bring over to cooking club.

Day 283 - Before

Day 283 - After

It was Southern themed tonight…we gathered up at JS’s and brought our dishes.

The Eats!!

The Eats!!

The dress definitely had an apron-y look to it which made it totally work as I served plates of some delish blackberry and peach cobbler.

From the back...

From the back...

Our dinners are clearly about the food, however they always turn out to being more about the catching up.  So nice to do that this eve.  Girl talk really is the best 🙂  I’m already looking forward to next month’s already!


83 responses to “Day 283. 82 days and $83 left to go.

  1. You look just like a Tiffany Jewellery box in that green with the big white bow!!!! I LOVE it sooooo much xxxxx

  2. Whoo Hoo!!
    The first to leave a comment today!
    Love the color and love how cute this turned out!

  3. This is lovely and summery! I hope you continue your blog after the one year is up!!

  4. you are amazing and the dress looks brilliant.

  5. so cute!
    dinner club sound dead right to me! must organise something like that with friends… yum!

  6. that is one of my favorites!

  7. Love this dress! It looks like the colors of Tiffany’s 🙂

  8. So cute, I love that colour.

  9. Ooh, my favorite color! Nice job!

  10. Love, love, LOVE this one! It’s amazing how changing the straps to a halter and adding a white belt totally transformed this!

  11. This is THE cutest! It works so well as a halter. I wish I had the time & the talent to try this!

  12. love it very cute very 1950s pin up cutsie sexy

  13. Lovely!!! Really cute on you! You have inspired so many of us to get out and do this too!! Went to local Goodwill, found a dress (not $1 though), brought it home and altered it to fit me — love it! Got many compliments that evening. It was great FUN and gratifying. You cannot stop doing this!!! Way to go Marisa!

  14. Love it!!! Very cute, such a simple change to it too!

  15. ooooo so pretty!!! It is really feminine and classy-sassy! You didn’t really have to completely alter the dress…just take it in and change the straps….BUT it IS SOOOO transformed anyway….totally awsome…love it…way to go! Snaps for you!

  16. Love the colour, love the dress 🙂

  17. I LOVE your blog! I have a dinner club that is similar to your cooking club.

  18. Ah, this is adorable. One of my faves!


  19. Excellent job! I am enjoying your blog so much. I’m starting to sew and re-fashion again after a long hiatus, and your blog has helped me gain confidence to try now things and be creative, and most importantly have fun with it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  20. This is a great dress makeover, Love it!!!

  21. Less than 3 months to end up your challenge! I don’t want that your blog ends… it’s soo cool and inspiring! 🙂

  22. Oh hello there deer marisa-cakes. i just heard of this most amazing band edward sharpe have you herd of him? he dresses like hudini with a hint of fortune teller from Big the movie. Oh Tom Hanks heeeheeehee. Also, their is a new hip hop artist his name is Kanye West and i wrote him a twitter mail saying he should where your creashions on the stage. you would like him i think.

    please commint me back

  23. Beautiful!!! I luv the style and the color looks great on you!

  24. Very nice transformation on this one. //*_*\\
    I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  25. EXCELLENT! Well done kido!!!!!!!!!! Great color!!! This might just b your best one yet!!!!!!!

  26. This is definitely one of my faves!!! You look smashing!!! xo

  27. Very nice, I really like this one. When are you sharing about dying clothes?

  28. Wow I really luv this one. The color is perfect. Recently lost my job trying to figure out wat my next move is. You and your creations are very inspiring. I have always been into fashion following the lastest fashion trends and wat not. Never really had all the money for fancy clothes but i have always managed to put cute outfits together. I just need to learn to sew but your never too old to learn something new!! 🙂

    • So glad Florinda! You don’t need to know how to sew either – take some duct tape/safety pins to use for new hems and to cinch pieces from your closet that you’re not wearing or pieces from Goodwill. Take a community college sewing class too if you’d like…you’ll be adding to your wardrobe in no time! xx

  29. that is darling! great work!

  30. bringing the straps to your neck was absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Cute! I usually start my way with your website. SO AWESOME!

  32. i have been following your blog for a few weeks now and i absolutely love it, i am always excited to get home at the end of the day to look and see the latest creation. this is one of my favorite transformations yet! i wish i could buy dresses this cute. :]

  33. Amazing! One of my most favorite ones I’ve seen.

    Every comment I leave is “I would buy this dress.” Same thing applies here! Super cute. ♥

  34. Cute! I dig the color! 🙂

  35. this is super cute! and i must say, goes with your southern theme nicely.

  36. Well, I found you on the front page of yahoo about a month or so ago. I have gone through your entie blog and now I have finally caught up. It stinks I have to wait on a day to day basis now to see your awesome transformations. You have me motivated to start sewing again. I already found some bargains at my local GW to transform. And I’ve been making some dresses for my God-daughter. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the great work.

  37. Oooh, ooh, ooh!! This has to be my absolute favorite!!!!

  38. This is so beautiful, I really love the color combo. It is vintage looking but definitely looks like a modern spin. Great work, yet again!

  39. How great is this? Way to go my dear. You are just too much fun! : D

  40. Wow, you really hit a home run with this one. I’ve been following your blog since the Yahoo piece and went back a ways in the blog too. This color is definitely in your color palette. I’ve refrained from commenting on some of the pieces I didn’t like or felt didn’t suit you, finally realizing you are showing all of us what can be done with some creativity and an open mind. Some days a home run, some days a pop fly… but all in all a great game! Thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you get a book deal or a TV show out of it!

  41. I totally agree with all the comments. You are soooo talented. Like Christine said you really deserve your own show or Project Runway for sure!!

  42. Very cute! Great transformation.

  43. I really like your new outfits and the blog.

  44. It turned out so cute! I love the color! You certainly make changing a dress look easy . Though I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge, I am enjoying reading about your creations.

  45. This one makes my top ten – lovely, the color, the tailoring – nice job!

  46. OH MY GOODNESS! So cute! I would have to say that since I’ve been following your blog that this is probably the cutest you’ve made! I love, love, love it!

  47. One of my personal faves! Love it ALL!

  48. too cute, love the food choice too, that’s the way we make it Arkansas!

  49. This might be my favorite dress! The color is gorgeous and it turned out absolutely adorable!

  50. I love your blog! It saves me everyday at outlet! Thank ya!

  51. this is one of my favorites! so cute!

  52. This is my favorite so far—beautiful! Thanks for the great blog. I read it every day at work (and even keep myself from checking it on the weekends so I have an extra treat when I go in on Mondays). Your creative ideas and fun comments make me smile every time. Keep up the good work! (^^)

  53. Marisa, this is amazing.. you really need to rethink your career.Maybe fashion design.

  54. Oh, this was for sure my favorite out of everything you’ve done so far. that after picture is classic!

  55. This looks blue to me, is there something wrong with my eyes or computer? Either way it turned out fab. On another note: You are motivating way too many people to shop thrift stores! There are slim pickings most days I go now…:).

  56. My sister just sent me your blog. I am a little late discovering it but adore what you are doing.


    Barb Sasaki
    Sasaki Bags

  57. “Chestal area”? You are absolutely too cute for words (and so are your words)! I too am a new visitor. I can’t wait for your posts. So much fun. And, I love that you love your food and friends.

    You give “Fistfull of Dollars” a whole new meaning.

    Will you share your SP casserole recipe? Pretty please?

  58. This may be my favorite so far!! Beautiful dress!!
    Btw, what you are doing is absolutely incredible and you totally inspire me!

  59. This has to be one of my favorites!

  60. Love this dress! The color and style look great on you!

  61. Absolutely darling!

  62. OMG new fave!!!!!!!

  63. Like that one a lot. Great job!

  64. that dress is great on you, the color is awesome too. I really like your eye for design.

  65. I think this one belongs in your top 10. I love it! I want one! If I can find a similar “before” dress I am SO sending it to you for a makeover.

  66. Bellisima! You’ve outdown yourself! Que maravilla de transformacion!

  67. SO cute! I adore the color, and as always, it looks fabulous on you! 🙂

  68. This one is super cute. And what a great excuse idea for girly catch up time! Cooking club! Might just steal that.


  70. It’s amazing how this huge dress turned into something so adorable…. You’re amazing!!! 🙂

  71. whoo hooo!! my favorite dress so far!!

  72. Adorable transformation! you inspired me to go to Goodwill for the 1st time ever… Jackpot!!!! came home with a huge bag of gorgeous dresses, jackets, belts and a pair of brand new suede boots, for next to nothing, and most of them don’t need any adjusting at all, the rest just a little taking in/shortening up/accessorizing! Thank you!

  73. It does help to have your cute figure, doesn’t it?

  74. Day 291 is just so classic and classing looking. And you look adorable in it!

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