Day 281. 84 days and $85 left to go.

Los Angeles is in the middle of some serious warmth this weekend, probably to make up for the lack of it this past June, July and August.  If Labor Day is all about saying goodbye to summer, this is the best way to do it.  Gimme some rays. Gimme some sun.  Loving this hot. Hot. Heat!!

Day 281 - Before

Day 281 - Before

This muumuu was just the piece that was going to get me feeling cool while still channeling the summer at an afternoon BBQ.

Clearly we’re not going to attend looking as is, so let’s get to fixing it!

Can’t do sleeves, so we’re going to take them off!!

Early stages of total detachment!

Early stages of total detachment!

Out came the seam ripper and stitches were getting undone!  Off with the sleeves!!

One almost down, one to go!!

One almost down, one to go!!

I wanted to go short, so I trimmed off a good foot of material from the bottom of the muumuu.

Length trim!

Length trim!

Now we’re really going places!!  My new dress was sleeveless and shorter and getting closer to a wearable end point!!



I got out my sewing machine to create new seams around the arm holes which now had no sleeves attached.

Fixing Sleeves!!

Fixing Sleeves!!

I trimmed an extra bit of fabric (about two inches from the bottom)…

One last trim!

One last trim!

…which I’m going to be tying around the back of the dress.

View from behind...

View from behind...

I cut the material so there was two ends, gathered the material, and tied a bow in the back.

Bow time!!

Bow time!!

My dress was now complete for the day!!

Day 281 - After

Day 281 - After

It was just the thing to wear on this warm and lovely Sunday afternoon at the S’s.

From the back!!

From the back!!

The back of the dress was my favorite part and even as it got later on into the evening and began to cool down, I tried my best to go without my cardigan cover up.  Ooh, the price we pay (and warmth we feel) for fashion 🙂

Master of the grill RS was wheeling and dealing an assortment of divine and delicious meats throughout the day.

RS and his grill!!

RS and his grill!!

I mean, get a load of this pork that had been simmering for over 12 hours.



I’ve never tasted a pulled pork sandwich that was this amazing outside of Charlotte, NC.

We ate. We sat. We cleaned…

Clean Up Time...

Clean Up Time...

We couldn’t hit the dessert table just quite yet, so we did a little bottle gathering and dishwasher filling to work up an appetite.

After a little tidying up, we pulled out the desserts to find that the apple pie had a visitor already.  A small finger scoop of this delish treat was what we found missing and everyone was mum about who did it.  In a group of 20 people, everyone had poker faces.

Pie Bandit!!

Pie Bandit!!

My guess is Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the kitchen.


55 responses to “Day 281. 84 days and $85 left to go.

  1. :-))) Very smart and very interesting!

  2. Laurie in Bradenton

    Really cute remodel! My daughter has been inspired by your blog and is now going throught her closet and mine. Her sewing skills and mine will both be improving in the monthes to come. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    We’re also enjoying going back and looking at some of your earilier works.

  3. My Favorite dress yet!!! Beautiful…very creative !!! The color looks good on you too…

  4. Hey you finnished the armholes off! Way to go! Looks great and it looks like you had fun.

  5. I live in Charlotte and know your family here (EC, LJ and CJ). They are so proud of you. Love your ideas, creativity and motivation. My daughter and I went to Goodwill and bought 2 dresses and 1 top. We had time to modify 2 of them this weekend for her to take back to college and will take care of the third one later. It was a lot of fun and revived my urge to sew and my compulsion to live a frugal life (which never dies). Keep up the good work! P.S. Where did you get the amazing BBQ sandwich here?

  6. This is one of the cutest so far. Great transformation. I’m not sure I understand how you did the back but it looks great. Wish I could find a similar muumuu to transform.

  7. great transformation. I love this dress!

  8. Very cute! Love the use of the border to make such an interesting back. You would have loved the 70’s!

  9. LOVE this! The back is such a cute idea. This dress could go for big money in a boutique store. You have amazing vision to make this out of a mu-mu!!

  10. This has to be one of my favorites!! It’s so cute! Keep up the great work!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I haven’t been reading for very long, but this is definitely my favorite so far!

  12. Hey, that was an awesome it! And the back esp was a great idea..way to go…..

  13. I love this little number. It looks really fresh and cute just like you.
    I have also grabbed some of my old stuff from the closet and am planning out what I am going to do with them. Thanks for all the inspiration!!! P.S. this is one of my top 20 fav’s!!! I am soo sad to see the time flying by. Not much longer and you’ll be to the end. I hope you’ll think about doing more!!! or even once a week at least!!

  14. Your blog is an amazing inspiration! You’re so talented… you should work with fashion. I’m sure you’d be very succeed.

  15. I love this one so much!!! My FAV!!! You are fantastic with your vision on changing things to be so cute and fashionable!! Thanks, you have really inspired me too, as I have been going CRAZY picking up stuff like this and remodeling it!!

  16. This one is GENIUS! And it’s ALL YOU FAULT that I have been frequenting the thrift stores lately!!! LOL!! So much fun. I’m hooked on your blog. It’s the first thing I look at each morning after I get the computer on. : )

  17. I liked this one so much I featured you on my blog, discussing 4 Ways to Reduce Your Fashion Footprint. The back is adorable, and the color made it a great choice. Very chic.

    Check out your mention at


  18. This by far it my favorite, I love the way you did the back. If I walked past this dress on a sale rack I would buy it. Good job…keep it up I read your blog everyday.

  19. What a transformation!!! I am adding this to my faves – the list is getting longer and longer. I did find a really horrid old lady dress at the good will, but I liked the colors. I has one of the overlays like the pink dress you did which, of course, is coming off along with the shoulder pads, half the length, etc. Now this should be really amusing, because I haven’t attempted to sew anything in about 25 years and was only teaching myself as I went along then, and I have some ambitious plans for this one. It definitely won’t be finished in a day, as I will have to look up how to do each change before doing it, but we’ll see. 🙂 Anyway, your dress looks amazing on you, and you look like you’re having a lot of fun. Looking forward to tomorrow already!!!!

  20. loving each and every day of your creations… have you considered raffling some off at the end or auction some for a charity?
    anyway thanks for sharing this fun journey and inspiring many to find their own creative expressions!

  21. Very cute. Love it!


    I had my doubts but it turned in to the cutest outfit to date. Love it!

  23. this is so cute! i love what you did with the back!

  24. I just can’t get over how you do it. I love the “before” pic, and I’m like…”oh no, how is this going to work?” Then you make an AMAZING dress. I love the back on this one, super chic and perfect for summer.

  25. Really cute! I look forward to seeing your fashion transformations every day.

  26. This dress is awsome! Love the back! You really spent more time on this one to finish it up….WAY TO GO!

  27. My 5 year old and I have been watching the transformations with much enjoyment. Unfortunately, she seems like the outfits better pre-transformation!! Yeah, we need to work on her fashion sense…

  28. Oh wow, you really did spend some extra time with this one. I had doubts as well when I saw the before shot. I should know by now not to doubt you! 🙂 I think this one really shows the extent of your talents. There are a lot of pieces I’ve looked at and thought, “I could see that being turned into something really cute”, but not today. I had no idea what could be done with this one, but it looks great! What awesome vision you have!

  29. Love love LOVE how you did the back on this dress!

  30. This one is fantastic. Love that it fits your body and that it still maintains a bit of Polynesian flair. Well done.

  31. One of your cutest creations, yet.

    Also, who was the first person to notice the finger-scoop out of the pie? I say there’s an excellent chance that was the culprit. Deductive reasoning, psychology, and all that.

  32. You amaze me! Keep up the good work. Great dress.

  33. I have to agree – that back is gorgeous. I hope you find a use for the bottom you cut off, though. The proliferation of flowers there is pretty awesome. This one goes on my favorites for sure.

  34. I love how you did the back! And the neckline worked out really nicely too even though it looked like a bathrobe before, haha! You’re amazing, keep it up. 🙂

  35. Ilove this one too!!! oh! the things you can do with a moo moo…..girl!!!
    just a coupla questions?
    Do you buy these “treasures” all at once? and pick one each day to refashion or how do you do it? also, how do you keep that gorgeous figure of yours when you seem to be eating and drinking fabulous stuff at fabulous places each day???? I wann know your secret!!!!!!
    and finally, do you seriously sew each day and photograph each day???
    Im amazed to find each day a new dress………where do you find the time??
    love your work and totally addicted to your blog xx kelly

  36. I went shopping yesterday and found an over-sized t-shirt that I turned into a more fashionable shirt! Thanks for the inspiration! I think I may eventually need a sewing machine though because a needle and thread tool a while 😉 By the way, why don’t you comment on your comments like you used to?

  37. Cute, cute, cute dress! Looks lovely on you! Fabulously done, per usual. Thanks for the shout out to Charlotte!! I’m from Charlotte and was very excited about the nod to our rendition of this tasty dish. Wouldn’t have minded snagging some of what you had at your cookout either- looked so delicious! Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  38. Your creations are fabulous! After reading your entries, I wish I had some sort of skill on the sewing machine (or even with the needle and thread)!

    Keep up your excellent work. =)

  39. Yes this is my favorite by far!!! too cute! I am gonna have to try this out. I think it will be great. Keep up the good work. love it!!!

  40. Love this one!! Its wonderful how you transformed that dress!!

  41. by far my favorite yet! SO CUTE! you’re an inspiration i love what you’re doing

  42. this has to be one of my favorites! love it!

  43. How you turned that hideous dress into something so fantastic is beyond me. Modern with a retro twist. Loved it. And the commentary….hysterical.

  44. One of my favorites!

  45. This is SO cute! I really love what you are doing here. So great to see what a person can create with only $1 and an awesome imagination!

  46. I love this one! Those colors are beautiful on you and the back is a creative way to work it! Those muumuus have the most vivid colors!

  47. I continue to look through your blog and be amazed!!! So freaking fantastic.

  48. how funny that someone snuck some pie but wouldn’t admit it. They must have had a serious craving.

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