Day 280. 85 days and $86 left to go.

It was a super hot day so I was really looking for something to stay cool in.  Wasn’t sure if I wanted a dress or just a top, but I thought this lavender-y, crepe number would do just the trick.

Day 180 - Before

Day 180 - Before

It was light and airy which I thought was great.  Loved the color, but wasn’t crazy about the fit or the top of the dress.  My mind started racing and I came up with a fun idea that was going to bear a lovely, cool top.

But, parting with these was first on the agenda.

Not happening!

Not happening!

I got rid of both shoulder pads in no time!!

There they go!

There they go!

In getting to the coolest place possible so my sweat-o-meter wasn’t crazily off the charts, I decided to cut off the shoulders on both sides.

There they go!

New shoulder time!

I trimmed off one and then easily tweaked the other.

Shoulderless time!

Shoulderless time!

I had a little halter-esque project going on, just that my back wasn’t going to be exposed.

Shoulder Exposé

Shoulder Exposé

I pinned down the raw edges on both sides, cut off the length of the dress…

Shorten up!

Shorten up!

…and stitched everything into place.

Sew it down!

Sew it down!

Paired with some jeans, a vintage hanging locket and Havaianas on my feet, I enjoyed the warm weather and made an evening trip to the movies.

Day 280 - After

Day 280 - After

Fun night to go check out Going the Distance where I immediately fell in love with Drew Barrymore’s wardrobe – fun and casual (lots of stripes and deep backed T-shirts)…

Love the outfit! Love the pretzels!

Love the outfit! Love the pretzels! (Courtesy of Life Magazine)

…with some scattered sequined/beaded pieces that I salivated over.

Loved what she wore to her London premiere…



Because I did leave the arm holes larger (when I toyed around with the idea of adjusting, it tightened the top a smidge too much and lost a bit of the drapey/flowy element) I threw on my olive tank underneath which kind of matched DB above…

Fab undergarment!

Fab undergarment!

Let the weekend continue!!


48 responses to “Day 280. 85 days and $86 left to go.

  1. What a cute idea, love what you done with it, great job again Marisa.

  2. Nice Top. I also liked her wardrobe in Music and Lyrics- looks like she has about the same style as she did in that. (I know it’s a terrible movie, but there is something about it I just can’t resist. Possibly her wardrobe.)

  3. This project was a failure. I don’t understand why you posted it.

    • …in YOUR eyes, I guess……………….I, on the other hand, think you continue to rock these pieces, Marisa…there is something for everyone and I love how you continue to mix things up…keep it up, girl!!!!

    • Everyone has the right to their opinion, but that’s not an excuse for being rude.

    • I think she is going to post whatever she does for that day, good or not so good, as Julie did. Marisa has $1.00 budget for the day and there are many behind her cheering for her success. I would recommend to the negative people to start their own blog and put your negative thoughts on your blog, not on somebody as positive as Marisa’s. I know your life must suck, but don’t try to drag others down with you. Life is beautiful!

    • Carole, on your Facebook page, you posted that your favorite quote is, “Lord, put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.”. What the heck happened???? By the way, I missed your post that showed what YOU sewed today….. Oh, that’s right: YOU didn’t do anything constructive. Go haunt a different blog, eh?

      • i like how you all are being preachy about how rude that one girl was, but how are you guys being any different? “your life must suck” “oh, thats right: YOU didnt do anything constructive..”. being a snarky bz right back at her doesnt make you look any better. jeeze…

  4. As always, you did great. So don’t listen to Carol. So what if you made a mistake with the arm hole? It’s not a big thing, and you easily fixed it with the olive tank top. I appreciate you being honest about it and sharing this with us.

  5. that’s a nifty idea – but i am flabbergasted and amazed you can buy
    any charity shop items there for a dollar – in our UK charity shops, the whole point is for them to MAKE money so a skirt would be £4 – £8 (US$8 – 16) and dresses would be over $20 so your $365 budget just wouldn’t wash…
    i am watching how you progress with interest! well done you : )

  6. It’s not a failure, it’s lovely-the color especially. You don’t have to like every one of Marisa’s creations to appreciate her creativity and verve. Perhaps offer up some constructive criticism or ask about her particular choices. This blog is probably going to be book someday soon, so comments like that could be helpful.

  7. This is lovely! ♥

  8. I love the way you completely transform the garment so it bears no resemblance to the original! Very creative. I haven’t heard of that movie. Will have to check it out on a girls night.

  9. I love your original idea and creativity! You seem like you are having so much fun doing this. When your year is over, have you thought about putting together some sort of challenge or Internet club (maybe weekly, not daily for us bad sewers!), and let the rest of us participate and post pictures of our creations? A great way to keep the fun going (and book #2, I hope 🙂 ). In any case, I’ve been inspired and even got out my sewing machine last week. This is also a great idea if you have kids- can’t beat saving money and having fun.

  10. Everyone has a right to their opinion, such as Carol, above. But my opinion is that the transformation was brilliant and I really like how it turned out. Also, this top could go with a variety of colors underneath, which makes it even more versatile. You look great in it, as well. I really like how you set up this blog.

  11. I think that this blouse is super pretty – very light and feminine! I’m glad that you kept it flowy and paired it with the tank. As for Carole’s comment above, all I can say is that anyone who attempts something never fails. It is those who never attempt or try something that do so. This refashioning may not have ended up as Carole liked, but I don’t see how she could ever call it a failure. Marisa, I love what you are doing! You are like a breath of fresh air every morning!!

  12. Looks great and I love the color!

  13. I think it turned out cute- perhaps not your best, but still cute.
    I know this look is hard to accomplish, i tried something similar with a dress of mine and lol lets just say it didn’t turn out as pretty as this.

    I look forward to seeing what you create next. 🙂

  14. I think its a cute top. I like it. the fact that the sides are kind of messed up…well stuff happens…not one of your best but the idea was smart and fun. Keep up the good work.

  15. From the waist up you look like you’re wearing a modernized Victorian outfit (I think it is the high neck), and from the waist down you look totally modern. I LOVE the combo. That Victorian vibe really suits you, but I love the modernized twist. Really creative and well put together for the final outfit!

  16. How fun! I love it! I know I sound like a broken record, but I love just about everything you have done. I would so wear this one! 😀

  17. Nice! I like the flowy part being saved by using the tee underneath.

  18. I’m waiting for you to come up with something powerful using all those rejected shoulder pads

    maybe for your 365th

    fun stuff here

  19. I was really wondering about those giant armholes. Actually when I first saw this I could not imagine what you could do with it. It turned out great!

  20. Hi Marisa,
    This whole project is so exciting. I love how you transform all of the piece you buy into really wearable things. I bet you are also saving a ton of money by doing this. I love visiting this blog everyday. You have inspired me to take a sewing class so that I can try to transform pieces too! Keep up the great work!

  21. Hey, is there any chance you can sell me some of those shoulder pads you keep ripping out? I realize they’re not appropriate for your creations, but a good shoulder pad is hard to come by and I can really use them to help visually balance out my rather ample backside.

    I LOVE your project, by the way; it’s a pleasure to see your creativity on a daily basis. Keep up the great work — you’re a breath of fresh air!!

  22. Wonderful transformation! Totally looked like the mom from Psycho in the before photo, lol.

  23. With all those shoulder pads and other leftover fabric, would be an idea to try out making different kinds of bras eg : Wonderbras, Bustier,…etc per day. You can save money than go to Victoria’s Secret and other Lingerie Stores…

  24. Hey Marisa, don’t ever let anyone tell you anything negative! What you’re doing here is bringing a spark of creativity to many people every day and its catching!! It’s a good thing and this blouse looks lovely as all of your other re-creations do. You are truly an inspiration and I’m totally hooked on the idea and I’m continueing it here in NorCal at my own pace….thanks SO much for sending your sparks MY way!

  25. A very creative use of a sack-like dress. You did a fine job with it. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it does look really cute on you!!! I must be very difficult to see something beautiful inside something ugly and then to bring that beauty out in such an amazing way every single day. My husband says that you should have hooked up with Joanne Fabrics or something, because you have inspired so many people to start sewing that they are going to make a fortune off of you just by all the extra thread and such people will buy when they attempt their own projects. He likes the afters as much as I do. Keep up the good work!!!

  26. Oh dear marisa hello it has been so long i have not ritten to you. it is becuase you have so many admirers and i think you will not have time to eat ruffles baked barbque potato chips with me and watch lonesome dove like i asked > i do very much like your criations and i have been drawing copies of them on the wall in my daytime area. i have told my roomates how we are frends and they are very jealous that i write to you.

    ps have you ever had shoes with out shoe strings? or sweaters with no sleeves? that is what im wearing to our kmart trip today…..

  27. Marissa, have you applied to go on Project Runway? You are way more talented than at least half the people on the show, if not all of them. Plus, you seem so nice and drama free. Tim Gunn rules!

  28. I do think that what you do, daily, is inspiring. That said, I wish that you would put a bit more style into the garments. I think it’s pretty easy to put almost anything with a pair of jeans, a cool locket and your great smile.

    The other thing I need to mention is that most of your designs are not just loose and flowy but are simply too big. I would like to see you tailor the garments to your size once in a while.

    I do enjoy your blog and will keep viewing it. Thanks for sharing your efforts and self with us.

  29. Marissa, you continue to amaze!
    I really look forward to the posts and you have made me look hard at what’s in my closet–if there is something I’m not wearing, I’ll try and re-work it. If that’s not doable, I’ll donate it for someone else to enjoy. You’ve made me look at sewing and thrift store shopping in a whole new way. You have mad skills, girl! thanks for inspiring all of us!

  30. Somehow once a day isn’t enough for me. Maybe do a project in the morning and one in the evening? 🙂 A bit too much?

  31. Hello Marisa (I am a Marisa too with the same spelling :)) ). Discovered your blog two weeks ago and has been dropping by at your website almost everyday.

    You are so creative and its a joy looking at old clothes being revived into trendy stuff. 🙂 Wished that I am that good with the sewing machine. 🙂

  32. I don’t think i have said anything negative or discouraging in my earlier feedback , I am merely giving an idea to what to do with the now ever-expanding pile of shoulder pad. If anyone has mizunderstood what I have said, all i can say in FR is : hé ben, tampis!
    At the same time, I’m admire very much the work and energy and motivation plus the incredible skills she has at tailoring Clothes…I’m so envious! Thinking of taking crash course in learning to work with sewing machine sometime soon at Veritas

  33. This is a pretty boring blog if the only things you can say are just nice things!! Please, if I don’t like something I like to think I can say it, also I think it helps Marisa too. That top was a mess, she admitted she made a mistake, so if I don’t like it I should be able to say it and so should Carole.

  34. I love all your creations–they inspire me to expand my thrift shopping horizons! However, I gotta ask one thing– do you ever NOT take out the shoulder pads??

  35. I like the blouse its pretty and she does well with what she has everyday so good job!

  36. wow love the top you made from this! Very cute and the color is gorgeous!

  37. So I am thinking with all of these shoulder pads you cut out of everything that someday they might be good as nursing bra inserts. They are thick and would be absorbent (I would think) and you’re recycling too.

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