Day 278. 87 days and $88 left to go.

Today’s dress began as a zip front nightgown!!

Before - Day 278

Before - Day 278

I would have passed over this piece but I ended up taking it mostly because of the below…



I loved the embroidery (and the color in general) so I threw it in my bag of gear I found at the pile sale for a buck!!

I wanted to take this down the top road, so I had to get rid of the zipper.

Unzip and Pin!

Unzip and Pin!

I unzipped the top and pinned it together as this is where I was going to actually stitch the two halves in place.

Stitching down!

Stitching down!

After stitching this down, I cut out the zipper!!

Giddint rid of the zipper

Getting rid of the zipper

After the zipper was out, I cut the nightgown short, cut a strip of fabric from the excess that was going to work as my belt…

Cutting it short!

Cutting it short!

…and cut the sleeves so that they were shorter.

I headed back to my sewing machine to take in the new top a few inches as well  to make it a bit more fitted.

More sewing!!

More sewing!!

Belted, paired with a headband, and worn with some jeans my new top was less for sleepytime and more for hanging time and watching football time!

Day 278 - After

Day 278 - After

Got to see my fab gal JM…

We like posing for the cameras...

We like posing for the cameras...

…while I watched my team (USC) beat Hawaii on their first game this season.



I know we’re without a bowl game these next two years because of some shady activity by some folks…

Argh Reggie Bush!!

Argh Reggie Bush!! Gets a Super Bowl ring & loses a Heisman in a year...muy frustrante!!

…but I’m not saying any names, Reggie Bush.  I’ll still root just as hard.  And you can make sure that I’ll have some themed gear to accompany games over the next few months as well 🙂


77 responses to “Day 278. 87 days and $88 left to go.

  1. Very very cute Marisa!! I’m so envious of your talents!
    P Your big smile is so pretty!! Keep sewing and keep smiling!

  2. “I’ll still root just as hard” – That’s what she said!! *Rolls into a ball laughing* Mature humour, I know 🙂 mm, does “root” mean the same thing to Americans as it does to Australians?
    Sorry to add this bad joke blemish onto such a lovely blog .. Keep it up!

  3. Beautiful!
    that’s one of my favourites.

  4. Although I usually hate orange, I love what she did with this item. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me!!

  5. Great embroidery find – love the transformation on this one!

  6. Oh darn. USC fan. Ah well, you’re adorable, muy talented, and super funny. So I’ll let that slide. Just wish MY team (Hawai’i) could have won their opening game. Win some, lose some. But…you’re a winner in my book. Love this piece. It’s one of my faves!

  7. Brilliant transformation!

  8. how you saw a cute top out of that old nightgown that was amazing. The top is so very cute on you. You have a talent that is for sure.

  9. WOW!!!! That top came out amazing!!! One of the best you’ve done, though all are impressive.

  10. way cute, Marissa, love it!

  11. I love the top, and your eye for a good idea. Keep it up, it is inspiring an awesome to read this blog.

  12. This turned out really cute. I would have never picked up that nightgown. You find very unfortunate garments and turn them into beautiful garments.

  13. OMG!!! This top is adorable. What a great transformation. Your vision on what it will be is amazing.

  14. Sometimes when I see the “before”picture on your creations I think “how could she make THAT cute?!” But you really pulled this one off! That is adorable, and it fits you very well. It would have been a cute shortie dress too…but I do really like it with the jeans! Bonus: pretty color on you. Great work:)

  15. I totally agree, this is awesome and inspiring. Gotta go get that old wonderful robe outta the thrift store. . . Agree, one of your best =)

  16. This top is adorable. Looks beautiful on you. I’ve been catching up on all of your posts since the day Yahoo wrote that article about you and I am hooked! I love your bubbly personality, your sense of humor, and of course your talent. You have inspired me to wear clothes that have just been sitting in my closet for years. Like I’ll roll up the sleeves on a big shirt, patch a hole on one and wear it backwards, and also do the “pinch and cinch.” It’s a shame I can’t use a sewing machine but I can hand sew. I’ll have to learn. Thanks for such a fun blog.
    P.S. I also love you for being a fellow JETS fan and Mark Sanchez aficionado, and congtratulations to us on their win over the Eagles. GO JETS!

  17. Please elaborate on how you take in the dresses without messing with the structure of the dress! I have a couple of articles that I would like to alter and think that you do a really good job and would love some pointers. Love the embroidery too and the color!

  18. ooh, love how it turned out.

  19. That is adorable! I love it!! I have too many favorites now, I don’t know if I could just pick ten for my top favs!

  20. love the top an the embroidery is awesome! great look.

  21. Adorable! Totally my style.

  22. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, I would totally buy that.

  23. This is so sweet! You continue to inspire and amaze. Great job!

  24. I love this transformation and you look smashing!

  25. have to say…another great one! i usually only comment when I LOVE the outfit and this one is perfect. Definitely wouldnt look at it and think… oh that used to be a nightgown! great transformation!! ♥

  26. This one is cute. I love the coral color and how you shortened it to become a top.

  27. This top is very cute! Great Job! I would not have seen a cute top to be paired with jeans…when I looked at that ZIPPER NIGHTGOWN! Good thinkin’ girlie!

  28. Definitely a favorite! I love the color, the cut, everything about this top! It looks like something I would find at my favorite boutique.

  29. Like it! You left the sleeves! I was surpirsed!

  30. Awesome! Love this one!

  31. LOVE IT!! Love the color and the end design! I’m like the person above…how you saw a top out of the beginning garment is amazing! But then you are…Amazing! 🙂

  32. Oh, these last four were really awesome. You have a great imagination. It would appear you do not like sleeves, lol. Your creations do definitely look better without the sleeves, though.

  33. i can’t believe you pulled this one off! that nightgown was hideous! great work, you look lovely!

  34. This is so great!! Love what you did with it and the color and everything. You are so good at this!

  35. I want that top!! Seriously, your next 365 days need to be Ebaying an outfit a day!!

  36. Amazing transformation! This one goes into my list of favorites. You can’t go wrong with that lovely color or the embroidery!

  37. So cute! I would buy any clothes that you make!

  38. I loooooove this one! Is so cute. That´s what Im Talking about: Taking the excess from the chest and taking off the sides. 🙂 Very cute!

  39. Speaking generally, I would never wear this color and I don’t like the embroidery either but O BOY! Do they look good on you! A great transformation indeed, both of my dislikes conquered, lying on the ground, small and trembling :-)))

  40. Awesome. That was one ugly nightgown.

  41. Aww. You and your outfit are just so cute. This is coming from someone ole’ and heavy enough to have worn many of the outfits before the redo. I look forward to your posting. Good luck with your talent.

  42. OMG, i just loved your blog and your creative! I’m from Brazil and I’m so glad that I found this blog! You’re amazing, i’ll be watching your looks 🙂

  43. Great job!!! I love reading your blog everyday! You have a fan in France too! 🙂

  44. I started following after the Yahoo article, and love flipping through the archives! This one in particular turned out so super cute. Also, super jealous of your run-in with the SYTYCD stars! 🙂

  45. I have just discovered your blog and I like all your creations. You can give new life to old dresses. You are great!

  46. WOW! I LOVE this! I love all of your other transformations as well! I wish I could be better at sewing and transforming (have my own sewing machine finally!) You should definitely make in-depth tutorials on how to take-in a dress or clean up rough sleeves (you do a great job of explaining those in your daily transformations, but I’m a dummy and would love some more explanation!) Keep it up!! 🙂

  47. Hi Marisa, . . . Love your creativity so much that it inspired me to try a project of my own and I talked about you on my blog. ! Here’s the link:

    Warmly, Michelle

  48. really, really liked this one and it must be so comfy. good eye for picking that one up in the first place. looks good on you

  49. love your blog and your creative energy! keep the inspiration coming!

  50. It took me half a month to get caught reading your blogs which are entertaining to read. One blog a day is slow now, lol. You’re very creative, thanks for sharing!

  51. Whoa.. i have done some alterations to some funky old clothes but what you are doing is so inpiring and I sure got some good ideas from looking through your blog.. when the heck do you get all the time to sew though??

    totally inspiring!!

  52. love how this one turned out. That color looks so pretty on you. 🙂

  53. wow i loved the transformation that you have created from the pink nightgown. the top looks so cute. you are giving me ideas to add to my wardrobe. keep sewing

  54. Where are you getting all the large and in charge outfits for only $1? My local Goodwill charges $4 for most things. That’s awesome that you have time to shop and sew for every day of the year.

  55. I LOVE this top – so great! Who would have thunk it, out of a nightgown!

  56. WOW! That is incredible. It’s an adorable cut for you, and what a transformation! You really have an eye for this.

  57. Hey!
    I absolutely love your blog!!! Its awesome! But this latest shirt is my favorite. Usually u make stuff that not alot of people could rock. But I think everyone could rock this shirt!!!! Keep on makin those awesome clothes! I wonder though whats gunna happen after this year is up?

  58. I really like this one. I love how you can look at a piece and envision what it can become instead of simply what it is. I don’t always enjoy your creations, though. Either because of the fabric design or because I feel they don’t always flatter you. I’m still inspired to try a few things with my own wardrobe…maybe turning some skirts into shirts. I’m afraid I might ruin them, though. >_<

  59. wonderful as always! =D

  60. I think this is my favorite transformation so far. Great work and it looks adorable too!

  61. I have a question: When you take in a garment (I’m assuming from each side) how does that affect the sleeves? Do you take it in and then curve out to the bottom of the sleeve so you don’t get puckering, or what? I love the things you make. You have inspired me to pull out my sewing machine again!

  62. fantastic! i love it!!!!!

  63. Project Runway this week did makeovers of bridesmaids’ dresses. I would love to see you take on some of those if you can find them. I know you would have won that challenge!

  64. very cute. your wardrobe is growing and growing.

  65. Oooh…I love this one! The color is amazing!

  66. GO Trojan! And boo no bowl games! They’re just tired of us winning them all! Love the transformed dress, too!

  67. this one is really cute(:

  68. This is really cute! I like how creative you are and these pieces are awesome! (after you put your hands to them :o) I can’t imagine what your closet looks like right now!! lol

  69. I’m drooling…. ‘nuf said.

  70. Love this top and totally amazed at your magic with it. Too bad I didn’t have a sighting of you when I was in SoCal this past week. 😉

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