Day 277. 88 days and $89 left to go.

I’m going for an Indigo Girls kind of look today…well less on the band vibe and more specifically on the color to be honest.

Day 277 - Before

Day 277 - Before

This dress had these awesome buttons at the neck and pockets (!!!), however the sleeves were some of those fitted at the wrists/baggy by the arm pits kind.  The dress was gathered with elastic at the waist, giving a baggier look here, so I wanted to contrast that with something that was going to be a bit more fitted on my chest.

First thing’s first though…later pads!!



In fixing the top of the dress, I’m going to go the strapless route.  Before we get there, I’m taking both of the sleeves off!

Seam ripping sleeves!

Seam ripping sleeves!

Using my seam ripper, I began unstitching both sleeves around the armpits.  I got one off without a hitch…

Sleeves are off!

Sleeves are off!

…and the other one followed.

They're both off!

They're both off!

In prepping the top for the straplessness that was around the corner, I took off the top six buttons with my seam ripper and then cut a straight line across the top of the dress that hit where the fourth button was just removed.

Buttons off...

Buttons off...

I folded the raw edges under to prep for a new seam and sewed up the sides where the sleeves were removed to close up shop.

I paired my new dress with some of my eBay gold and purple baubles, a lavender belt, and my black Michael Kors kicks (another eBay find a year ago) for my night that included a little hang out action with some friends at La Vida…

Day 277 - After

Day 277 - After

I ran into the awesome/fab/insanely talented Lauren, Billy and Chike who are A, still rehearsal-ing before the SYTYCD tour starts up in a few weeks and B, making me want to go take a dance class asap because bopping to Cee Lo and Kanye tonight just wasn’t enough…

Just a little hanging with my friends...

Just a little hanging with some new friends

…before taking some iPhone pics with my favorite @nyquil32.

iPhone shot!!


Awesome way to ring in September!! Humpday hang nights rule!


52 responses to “Day 277. 88 days and $89 left to go.

  1. This puppy was awful to begin with and then….WOW!!!
    The tranformation was awsome!!!!!
    Cute boyfriend too, BTW!

  2. CUTE dress! I love your site! you’re soooooo talented (VERY adorable guy in last pic too btw lol)

  3. OMG you met Lauren and Billy!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t an Adechike fan lol.

  4. Great JOB! Love it! No sleeve looks great! Great color too!

  5. Yeowie! Now that’s one serious “from frump to fab” refashion. You are just too amazing!

  6. It seems Prince of Wales must be your fan, too… 🙂

  7. I’m adding today’s dress to my favorites. Lovely!

  8. Absolutely love that color on your. It looks great. so much better than before. I think the buttons on the front are awesome.

  9. This one is such a big transformation, and the color is really lovely on you. You should get more purple! This one seems like it could be pretty versatile too…I could imagine it with a bigger belt, with a jacket, with a cardi…the possibilities are endless. And cute shoes, too! All around fabulous!

  10. Wow, what a night! great dress, too!

  11. another great piece. love how the buttons are there. very cute.

  12. Another awesome transformation! You keep surprising and inspiring us! Thanks for your blog!!

  13. You sure can turn frump into fashion! Love the new look for this dress, it’s a winner.

  14. Indigo looks superb on you! I wish I had your mad sewing skills!!! 🙂

  15. This colour is wonderful!

  16. love it! i am so jealous you got to meet the SYTYCD people!!

  17. I’m with Meg, completely jealous! Of course, it was Kent that got my vote from the very start.
    On a different note, I just stumbled upon your blog like a couple weeks ago and have already read through every single post. Not gonna lie, this is pretty amazing. There are so many things here I really want to try.

  18. I loved this season of SYTYCD! I’m seeing them perform next month. That’s so cool that you ran into them!

  19. So jealous you got to meet Billy! I ♥ SYTYCD!

  20. I love this one..and purple is my all time fave colour…and today I’m wearing a dress with ‘pinch & cinch sleeves’’t like how they looked before…and boy does this trick make em look 100 times better..

  21. Wow, I’m just impressed on so many levels here. Nice job on all your outfits 🙂

  22. Oh, this is fantastic! That is an amazing transformation. Keep up the good work!

  23. Wow, that’s a seriously hawt transformation.

  24. adorable! i love the buttons!

  25. You are SO awsome and creative!!! Love reading your blog everyday. I think i’m going to get myself a sewing machine ;-)))))

  26. Damn good job!!! Thanks for sharing your fun evening!!!

  27. Great transformation. Love the dress!

  28. I came in late to your blog but loved it so much that I went back and looked at all of your entries. I look forward to checking in everyday. Wonderful job on this dress….but then, you’re so pretty and with that smile you could wear anything.
    Thanks for the inspiration and I am going to dread the last day, just like a wonderful book coming to an end. Congrats on all the projects and I hope this gave you enough exposure to expand your talents much further!!!

  29. You are precious! Your blog is the very first thing I look at every morning. I bet you just love this one. What a great transformation!

  30. I about fell out of my chair when I saw the before shot…that was a lot to take in! LOVED the transformation…looks great! Have a great rest of the week!

  31. One of my favs so far!!!

  32. I love it, its great.

  33. I love the color of that dress! Wow!

  34. I love this! You are crazy talented and really funny – I love reading your blog! I started reading it only a few weeks ago and I read it at work ‘cuz I can’t wait til I get home… I’ve never sewn anything in my life, but I found a thrift store that has a $1/lb. promo so I’m gonna go see what I find! Anyway, I think I found a couple of ways to reuse those pesky shoulder pads:
    1) Make a crazy- warm and dizzying electic comforter-slash-quilt, or….. 2) Use ’em to cushion valuables during shipping, or….. 3) This one I can only imagine but could never pull off …make slippers out them! If you could find flat-bottom forms for shoes (not even sure if they sell these, but I’m thinking of those really cute chinese shoes that were so popular back in the day), maybe you could sew some of the larger pads across the top and turn ’em into slipper scuffs! Whaddya think?

  35. Omg, I love this!! This one might be my very favorite! Awesome job! 😀

  36. Awesome transformation. I never would have guessed that such a hot dress lurked under all of that frumpiness!

  37. Gnarly! Love how you can see light in the darkness!!! HAHAHA

  38. I love this one!! I look at the before and afters every day – so fun! What a difference this one is!

  39. I was checking out at Michaels craft store with a bunch of canvases and the cashier told me about you (don’t know how she knew) after I told her I was doing 100 paintings in 100 days….and blogging about it too! I looove your blog and what you can do with very outdated dresses. You are amazing!! I will keep looking…you can look at my paintings too if you’d like. (I just started on Monday) -Stacey

  40. This one is fabulous….love the color and you can work the strapless!
    You’re such an inspiration…..I’m gonna have withdrawals when your year is up! Eeeeeekkkk!

  41. So…I hope you don’t take offense…because it turned out super-cute at the end – BUT if you were a big girl, you’d totally pull off Violet from Willy Wonka in that first shot.

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  43. You are amazing! Coolest chick ever. Outstanding work and talent!

  44. OMG, you met Lauren and Billy. How cool. You should make a dress for Lauren for the tour.

  45. Ooooo, that is a really good color on you.

  46. Hey, looking marvellous once again!
    I though this might give you a little inspiration:
    They have some really great bright colourful pictures there which might be helpful in creating your new look, enjoy

  47. You’ve inspired me to write a blog per day for the next year! You are awesome!

  48. Love the dress. And I’m SO jealous that you ran into the SYTYCD group! I love them…except where was Kent?!

  49. cute cute CUTE! So jealous that you met lauren, billy and adechike! but what about kent?!

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