Day 274. 91 days and $92 left to go.

I have to say that when I saw this top at the pile sale this morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to turn this into!! I’ve got an Emmy party to go to tonight and this costume is going to be just perfect!

Day 247 - Before

Day 247 - Before

Sure, you’re thinking it’s a cheerleading top Maris…you can’t really make this into anything.  Oh just wait…this top is turning into a mini-costume, but one where I don’t have to wait until Halloween to wear.

The first plan of action was to get rid of “Gauchos” written on the front.  They’re the mascots to UCSB, however that is far from what I’m going for today.



After a lot of seam ripping, we got the top to look just like this.  Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose right about now!!  (That’s a total Friday Night Lights reference for all you equally obsessed Riggins fans…)

Oh Tim Riggins...

Oh Tim Riggins...

The front was completely empty (woo hoo) and in just the condition to do a little ironing on.



While the iron was heating up, I went through my letters and cut out the eight that are going to be placed down.

Letter time!!

Letter time!!

I took my letters and carefully placed them down in a straight row.  The iron got hot and I began to go over my letters for about 30 seconds.

Press it Down!

Press it Down!

After a short cool down, I began to peel the paper backing from the decals.

First the C…

One down...

One down...

And then the HEERIOS…



It’s my total GLEE inspired Emmy’s outfit for the night!!

Watch out, or else slurpee in your face!!

Watch out, or else slurpee in your face!!

Just like Brittany, Santana and Quinn, I was totally rooting for Jane Lynch to win the Supporting Actress Emmy.

Day 274 - After

Day 274 - After

My teammate JMT provided a viewing of the awards show, and we totally broke down some routines in-between commercials.

Yay Jane!!

Yay Jane!!

Honestly, I think we’re looking more like this right now…

Woo Spartans!! Ready, OK!

Woo Spartans!! Ready, OK!

…however, in our hearts, it was all about the GLEE tonight.

We literally cheered when Jane won…



Sue Sylvester would be proud!!

91 responses to “Day 274. 91 days and $92 left to go.

  1. I love that you turned this into a Cheerios top. So perfect!

  2. you’re officially my hero. that is too awesome.

  3. OMG that is great.
    I too love Glee.

  4. Really cute idea to cover up. Everyone loves Cheerios.

  5. lmao!!!!! 😀

  6. I don’t get it. Guess because I hate the show Glee.

  7. Glee!!! 🙂 I love the iron on letters!

  8. This is FABULOUS! It made me laugh out loud at work 🙂

  9. That’s funny! My first thought was “how on earth did she get a UCSB cheerleader outfit?”

    I live in SB, my hubby went to school at UCSB.

  10. Wow! I thought there was absolutely no way you were getting those letters off without ruining the top! But you did it and oh my gosh is that not the cutest top ever! And who does not love Cheerios!!!!

  11. I agree with Trish…I’m surprised the top was in such good condition after the letters came off! I must admit though….I was rooting for the Modern Family women. Jane Lynch is really great as Sue though, so it was a well-deserved award!

  12. Hey, do you know what “gauchos” mean? It means a people from the south of Brazil, it not about where they were born necessarily, but about their culture, it’s the people that cares a lot with their tradittions here in Brazil. I’m a “gaucha”, but not soo traditional.

  13. That is too cute!!! Great job!!! Whoever had that top before you must be a laundry genius, because I can’t believe there was no difference in color where you took the emblem off! No surrounding fade out at all – amazing. You did such a magnificent job gettng the emblem off without marring the knit or leaving little holes. How did you do that??? I have removed patches, etc. from clothing and it never seems to come out perfectly even with extreme care. You certainly have the touch. And the Cheerios decal – too funny for words!!! You look like you’re having a wonderful time in the pics, too. I don’t watch Glee, not because I don’t like it, I just never did, but I’m happy for you that she won.

  14. You rock sister…Just watched my first Glee episode last week and yeah, it’s pretty solid. Thanks for your creativity and gumption. Can’t wait until tomorrow…Just signed on to your blog about two weeks ago and read it regularly each day. Excited to see what’s next…

  15. Your’e my hero! That was such a work of genius!

  16. Just a tip … to remove embroidery: rather than unpick it all, use a disposable razor and gently run it over (shave) the wrong side. Then just remove the threads from the right side. Easier still is to put some wide masking tape over the threads on the right side and then simply lift and remove. Works like a charm. Wish someone had me about this before I spent hours and hours removing embroidery!

  17. You are awesome! That was too funny. Oh, to be a fly on the wall:)

  18. Is Sally jealous of Marisa’s creative flair, or is she just a b*tch? Keep your negativity to yourself. Maybe you’re just a spammer? Or maybe your mum never told you if you can’t say something nice, say nothing?

    Maris, well done, I like it and I so want to come to one of your parties cos you always look like you’re having such fun! Hope you don’t let these negative posters get you down. We all love you. They’re just jealous. 🙂

  19. Cheerios… are my favorite food. All kinds of cheerios!
    I love cheerios! Your shirt is so cute, we’re on the same team!

  20. jocelyn bermudez

    LOL!!! ur post really put a smile on my face. I had to try my best not to laugh out loud becasue im in the school computer lab. Thank you for bringing joy in such a fashionable way =)

  21. Love the creative link with Glee! so cute…I love Glee too and Jane Lynch is awesome as Sue Sylvester. Just want to say I can’t wait to check this site every day to see what you come up with. Oh and great job on removing the “gauchos” without messing up the piece.

  22. LOL! This was way cute!!! Very, very nice. Glee rocks!! Cheerios unite!!!

  23. Been following your quest since seeing it featured on Yahoo! I’ve been furiously playing catch up and have been AMAZED at your creativity. I have not had the inclination to post until the FNL/Riggins reference. Cheerios!! Love it and love your blog!

  24. Hilarious!

  25. You are the GREATEST! Getting the old letters off so well was amazing. The new outfit is unbelievably adorable. I’m hooked on your site!

  26. Gimme a T! *T*
    Gimme an O! *O*
    Gimme a G! *G*
    Gimme an A! *A*
    Gimme an M! *M*
    Gimme an E! *E*
    What’s that spell?
    Go Team!
    (A little Gleeky reference.)
    Awesome top Marisa! I loved the opening of the Emmys. Very awesome.

  27. Such a cute idea. Keep up the great work doll!

  28. You are too much fun! Your energy just brightens my days….

  29. Brilliant – you are my hero too!

  30. Mother of the Wild Boys

    Your creativity + FNL Riggins reference (and pic!) = my day is made. 🙂

  31. Oh how I love Tim Riggins. Love love love love him.

  32. Love it! You are so creative and inspiring. Now I want to take up sewing and bargain finding!

  33. Awwwww . . . yay to Glee!!!! (And great costume!)

  34. Although I haven’t watched Glee yet, I LOVE the spartan cheerleaders reference! They were popular when I was in highschool, and we used to act out their routines all the time in speech and debate (super nerd here). What a cute idea, nice work!

  35. I u-turned into a church parking lot sale on Saturday that had piles (plural) of clothing! I got a bag of clothes for (you will die!) 1 dollar!!!! I already turned one 2X pair of ladies boxers into a skirt for my 5 1/2 yo grand daughter. Of course I took before and after pics. LOL I can’t wait to be creative with the rest of the stuff I scored on!!!! You missy, were my inspiration.

    • A-maze-ing!! Send me pics – would LOVE to see Chris! xx

    • Please share a pic w. us, Chris! I would love to see your fun project!! :o)
      I am trying to figure out what I can do with some lovely Ralph Lauren brown linen slacks (noooo, I did not pay a dollar for these, wish I had!). I would like to make a skirt out of the fabric, since they are too large for me and just hang in my closet unworn, taking up valuable “real estate”, lol. If I do it, I’ll post my pics.

  36. hahaha.. love it! this one made me laugh.
    … and that’s how Sue Cs it!

  37. Very creative, I love it!! (Even if I don’t like Glee. 😉 ) I hope you weren’t too offended by the comments on yesterday’s piece. I think most of us didn’t mean to offend you or try to belittle your talent in any way. I know I could not do what you are doing right now, and can only hope to be as talented as you some day. 😀

    • I agree. We all think you are amazing and talented beyond belief, as well as really sweet and adorable. I think it is just like not wanting your best friend to wear something that doesn’t suit her, which takes nothing away from the great work or the creativity of the garment. We certainly all love your work.

  38. as soon as I saw the shirt, I knew there had to be a Spartan Cheerleaders reference. thanks for not letting me down. And I love that you put “Cheerios” on a yellow shirt, not only were you showing your Glee love, but you kinda had a box of cereal look going on. It was AWESOME!

  39. LOVE IT! So funny. Very clever idea how to turn this into a regular top!! Seriously, my initial reaction was the Halloween-only thought. Wow. Thank you for opening up my eyes to these possibilities!

    Yay for Jane Lynch! So well deserved. 🙂

  40. I love Glee!! How fun!! (I had a feeling that was where you were going with the shirt since you mentioned the Emmy party!)

  41. I love everything about this…from Tim Riggins to GLEE! Bravo!

  42. “Pile Sale” as in Jet Rag?? I was there yesterday am too, looking for you, but to no avail, would have loved to meet you in person! And boy was that an adventure, my first time to Jet Rag and not the last, i’ve never seen anything like it (the grab & go, the tug of war, etc) quite entertaining if you ask me. It kinda reminded me of a fish feed, lol. Love the new outfit:)

  43. You totally rock!!

  44. This is great! Glee is amazing, and I loved this one!

  45. UCSB represent! This blog is absolutely fantastic! 🙂

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  47. So cute! I also love the fact that I just got done watching Friday Night Lights and have fallen in love all over again with Riggins and you mentioned him!

  48. Cheerios!!! Cool! You can even wear it for Breakfast! 🙂

  49. So are you selling the top to the highest bidder as the coolest halloween costumer for 2010? :o)

  50. Christie Anderson

    That was perfect! You are total inspiration!

  51. OMG!!! I LOVE your Cheerios! I love Sue Sylvester! A gal of my own heart – if my heart could be so Sue! Way to go on a terrific transformation!

  52. My Dad went to UCSB! about a million years ago… J/K Another smashing success!!!

  53. First post, classic idea on the top! Love your blog…found out about it a few days ago and I’ve already been through them all! Keep it up chiquita, you rock!

  54. Great. Very imaginative. I’m glad your woman won.

  55. Luuuuuuuv It!
    P.S. I used your signature pinch and cinch to save my favorite top that got a grease stain right between the boobies, looks cute now- instead of a scoop neck its a sweetheart top now

  56. PERFECT!! Love it. A fantastic imagination have you.

  57. I have admit I may have fangirled when I saw you were doing a Cheerio top. Okay, I did. I’m a major Gleek and it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one cheering when I saw the Glee actors at the Emmys.

    My daughter and I are having a blast watching your repurposing endeavors. She likes to do it to her own clothes so you’re giving her lots of ideas. 😀 Thank you for being a creative spark for her.

  58. I love your Cheerios top! What a great idea… And congratulations on your September issue!

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  60. As a UCSB alumni, I disagree with taking off the logo, but as a GLEE fan, I agree with the new logo. I wish I had run across that top! Love your blog.

  61. Oh my gosh this is way too funny! I LOVE your glee inspiration for today! 🙂

  62. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cheerios jersey! I think you have inspired me to go gleek for halloween this year! yesssss!

  63. I am in LOVE with this sweater! Major points for creativity 🙂 Very cute blog! I found it through HITZ! BTW, Sue Sylvester is the bees knees.

  64. Love your creativity AND your sense of humor!! I was wondering HOW did you remove all of those tightly embroidered letters without damaging the fabric???

  65. Hey, I’m not a Gleeker, but I am DEFINITELY

  66. …a Tim Riggins fan. Dang, he’s foine!!! Love the inspiration of the shirt, it was really cute.

  67. This is my favorite one yet!

  68. Any girl who references the Spartans (Who else can bring the perfect cheer for a chess game?!) is ok in my books. 🙂

  69. You know, Friday Night Lights was filmed in my town (Pflugerville, Texas) and they used the same jerseys and field that our football team uses! I did a little double take when I saw the picture before I saw it was from the show 🙂

  70. Those pictures are hilarious and this is AMAZING!! How do you do this every day? Incredible and inspirational!

  71. Ooooh i really got jealous on this one!! I LOOOVE Glee!! I want one of those for myself!! I’ll take my chances and try to make one like you did!! Congrats! Totally lovely!

  72. So awesome!

  73. haha when I saw the before picture, I took a few double takes! I go to UCSB so I was surprised that you found a gauchos cheer top!
    I love how it turned out!

  74. I was really confused and excited when I saw my name… And then I realized you were talking about the awards :/ Oh well.

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