Day 273. 92 days and $93 left to go.

I was just rewatching Swingers again for the 47th time so I totally had in my head a vision where this piece was going.

Day 273 - Before

Day 273 - Before

Right now it’s all buttoned up and stuffy, but this crepe dress is going to be looking money in no time!  It’s so money and it doesn’t even know it yet!!

First thing I did was remove the solo shoulder pad that was situated in the right shouler area.

Outtie 5000 Shouder Pad

Outtie 5000 Shoulder Pad

Next I hit the sleeves – I grabbed my seam ripper and began unstitching each arm to make the piece sleeveless.

Going armless...

Going armless...

Once we got the sleeves off…

Later sleeves!!

Later sleeves!!

…next came the collar.  I wasn’t feeling any of the white trim, so I just pulled it all off.

Collar Removal

Collar Removal

I cut strips off of the leftover arms for two reasons.  First, I sewed a few of them together to make a sash, woo!!  Second I wanted to have some matching material to wrap on top of safety pins and hide them, which you’ll soon see.

Fabric Strip!

Fabric Strip!

Out came the sewing machine to finish up the edges of the arms and collar as well taking it in a few inches to make it a little more fitted.  It’s going to be ready for all the “beautiful babies”.

Last Step!

Almost last step!

I grabbed some safety pins and pulled a little “pinch and cinch” action but used the extra material I trimmed off to tie on top of it.

Did the signature "pinch and cinch" but had to cover it up!

Did the signature "pinch and cinch" but had to cover it up!

It was more about gathering as much fabric as possible which made it less clean looking.  The fabric on top did just the trick.  We are totally money now.

Day 273 - After

Day 273 - After

This dress was super reminiscent of the last scene in Swingers where Jon Favs (as in Favreau) meets his dream girl doing a little bit of swing.  All I need is some Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in the background and maybe a trip to the Dresden to see Marty and Elaine to completely channel this look.



If I only coiffed my hair the same way, then we’d be cooking with gas!!  That will have to just wait for “Vegas baby, Vegas”!

68 responses to “Day 273. 92 days and $93 left to go.

  1. What a transformation! I love what you did with this one.

  2. Not good.

  3. Would have made a cute strappy sundress..without all the puckers at the top.

    • yo sally…just happened to notice that your posts the last three days were all negative…what’s up with you? Bad mood this weekend?
      Nice job, Marisa…I live vicariously through your recreations…one of these days soon I’m going to give it a try!!! 🙂

    • Then go buy that dress, & make it the way you want. Oh, then post a picture.

  4. That was my fav movie in HS. Love! I haven’t watched it in a long time… def need to revisit.

  5. I’ve been following for just a few weeks but I love it, then I had to watch the movie too 🙂
    You kind of look like her too, in the swingers pic!
    I love how you are so creative, I wish I had that juice running through my veins!

  6. This is very cute! ❤ it

  7. Something doesn’t jell on this one, babe.

  8. Hi, just love the remake to this dress. You are so talented. Can you show us what you can do to a dress that is too small? What remakes are possible?

  9. I can’t believe how critical some people are in your comments! You’d think some of them are under the impression you’ve made these dresses for THEM…

    Love this project. Keep being creative. 😀

  10. I am so curious…where do all those shoulder pads go??? I had quite a box of them I saved for awhile (I actually did wear them in the 80’s-90’s and then ripped them out, but wasn;t ready to part with them, JUST IN CASE I needed them again!!! 😉

  11. I like it! Well done lady. I also think Sally is RUDE!

  12. I think what strikes me as odd about the finished dress is it looks really large in the bust area. I don’t know if it is just the angle you leaning in the picture or what, but you look like you might flash someone if you are not careful. Besides that, I like it. And I rarely like polka dots 🙂

  13. maybe it’s just the way you’re standing in the after shot, but this really doesn’t flatter you on top… it looks a little thrown together unlike most of your remakes.

  14. I have been following you for a few weeks now, and I’ve got to say — I truly admire your joie de vivre! Bravo!!!!!

  15. I’m sorry, but this dress is just so unflattering. I wouldn’t generally say something negative, but this is just awful on you. The top looks saggy, baggy, and poorly finished. It looks sloppy. I think a thinner or spaghetti strap and a more fitted bust section would have been so much more flattering. Maybe not the look you were after, but more suitable to your frame. This translation of the movie look is just not for you. That is not to say that the idea or execution were bad. You are very talented. Just not on you.

    • Agreed. You’re a lovely gal with a lot of talent, but this particular one just didn’t hit the mark. So enjoying this blog – thank you!

  16. You have such vision and are so creative. What an idea to pull the waist up high like that. You go girl.

  17. Sorry babe, this one just doesn’t make the cut. I think you could have done a little better.

  18. not so much this one but hey you have had so many good transformations. I was wondering where you get all these dresses. I came on rather late in your blogging and would love the original where you describe the process of where when why …

    • Duh, just do what most of us did and read through all her posts. Then you’ll know what’s going on and won’t have to ask questions you would know the answer to if only you read.

  19. Wow, I love your blog but don’t usually comment. I’m commenting this time to say that it’s sad to me what people are saying here with their comments. Did not one ever teach you if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?

    I think you did a fine job. I’d like to see anyone who is commenting here trying what you’ve accomplished with this project. Very well done, I’m amazed at your style/fashion eye, talent and mad sewing skilz!


  20. I normally love your work but I’m afraid this one doesn’t work. It looks far too big and floppy for you.

  21. I’ve been reading for about 2 weeks… this is my favorite one so far! Great stuff here 🙂

  22. Great stuff! I love your blog, and to be honest I’m jealous of all the haters you’re getting on this post. They say the more famous you get, the more critics you get!

    Embrace these guys as a sign of something good.

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Unfortunately I am not diggin’ this one either. The straps need some more work so they don’t look so bunched up…definitely has some serious potential though! Clean up those sleeves, and I think it could still be great! Positive criticism… 😀

  24. Ya know, I think the reason why it isn’t looking right is b/c the upper portion of that dress would probably be more flattering to a larger sized woman. I think the sleeves just overwhelm your small frame. I have to agree with Collette, that a smaller strap with a more fitted bust section would look much more flattering. 🙂

  25. I think it turned out great with the limits of a $1 budget and time restrictions of one day time.

  26. tabitha you are right on….just doesn’t fit the frame.
    I do love the idea though of covering up the pin with the sleeve…smart.

  27. I agree, some others were a little rude/over-critical. It is so easy to criticize, but truly, these projects take time and are nothing to sneeze at or judge so harshly! I think it looks fab:)

  28. Cute! I love polka dots. 🙂

  29. Cute! By the way, let me just say that the young Vince Vaughn is SOOOO dreamy.

  30. I’ve been checking in daily for a few weeks, and I love most of your creations. You are very talented, and I’ve gone the way of the green-eyed monster. I have no sewing skills! You give me hope that one day I can come up with a creative outlet for myself instead of just cyber-stalking a blog.

  31. FANTASTIC as usual. The old pinch and cinch.

  32. Very very cute. I love those shoulders/sleeves.

  33. amazing what transformed from the stuffy crepe dress.
    as always love your work and words.
    always look forward to it.
    happy sunday.

  34. outstanding! I love most of your creations and like the others! it’s amazing work. Also, if you are looking for something to do with the vast shoulder pad collection, piece them together (especially the ones made in the same material as the dresses (?) from whence they came) and turn them into a cute tote bag – perfect for heading to the beach or library or carting around your latest sewing project. I just did something similar with scraps of fabric ( and it made me think of you. Keep ’em coming! your blog is the highlight of my day!

  35. I hope you don’t pay any attention to the negative comments on here today. It really shouldn’t take much imagination to see that if there is any part that doesn’t look completely fitted, it is only due to the way you are standing in the picture. And quite frankly, I think anyone who has been doing a project of this magnitude, at this level of quality and fun for 273 days straight would very likely be in need of, and perfectly entitled, to lean on something. You can bet your pretty dresses, I sure would!!

    I love what you are doing here. My family and friends think it is so funny that I have become addicted to a blog. Something that has never happened to me before. In fact, I don’t think I have ever even read ANY blog before, but I love, love, LOVE this!!!!

  36. I think – no I KNOW – that I’m in love with you. You are the ultimate definition of wonderful inspiration. That dress is delicious!! Could I gush any more? Don’t think so, but I’ll certainly try cause you’re worth it.

  37. Pingback: Top Posts —

  38. I think you’re brilliant! And I just love your sense of humor!!! Great job!

  39. Bwah haha
    You negative nancies all know this is a for-fun & experimenting, creative blog, right?
    Marissa’s literally altering a dress/day.
    They can’t all be A+ winners in every single viewers’ opinion.
    If you don’t like it, cool! Even cool to say so.
    But how about killin’ the bitter, judgmental comments?

    You rule, Marissa!!

  40. You have some cool transformations and ideas, but this one isn’t working for you. Sorry to be such a negative b*tch. The sleeves and bust are all wrong and don’t fit you . I think you should start over on this one. This would make a really cute slim, just above the knee, skirt.

    • well, perhaps she’ll get to that on day 366…wow, really critical people….it’s about inspiration and HER passion. It’s not there to make YOU happy.

  41. I have been folowing your Blog ever since the Yahoo article. I LOVE this idea of turning thrift store finds into a FAB wardrobe!

    I guess I’m the odd girl out here becuase I really loved this one! I do agree that maybe it would flatter a more…um..Boob-a-licious me..LOL..but other than that…def. one of my FAVS so far!

  42. Up until now your work has been terrific, but the last couple including this one haven’t been worthy of you. You’re in the national spotlight now — keep the faith and focus more on a good product! You have so much talent, so don’t drop the quality now in the last third of this exciting adventure.

  43. Hi! I’ve given you a blog award!

    Jumble Mash

  44. AA (Annoyed Anonymous)

    OKAY. everybody shut up.
    do you have a blog with tons of followers?
    do you have what it takes to sew something new everyday?
    are you annoying?
    are you always right?
    & um, SHUT UP.

  45. wow amazing! You’re like a big bear, with claws and fangs man.

  46. Nobody is bashing Marisa. They are just giving feedback on the dress, good or bad. Isn’t that what the reply section is for?

  47. I really like seeing what your are going to do to the daily dress. You have inspired me to save a t-shirt that was stained. I wrote about it on my blog.
    I can’t wait to see what you make over tomorrow.

  48. You are just amazing – I love this dress!!!!! You are so talented!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i absolutely love this dress, you are fabulous and so talented. i love the classic and pinup about this dress. ❤

  50. Yes, some of the finished pieces are more desireable than others…but the befores and afters are so drastically different, that I find the end result fascinating no matter how “attractive” it is. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  51. One out of all of them so far, I absolutely disliked. . .but way to try!

  52. Go Daddy-O!

  53. i loooooooooooooove what you did with this dress! So cute! you are so talented!

  54. Just because I don’t happen to like this dress, doesn’t mean that I’m being rude. The same with the others, who offer up a little criticism, it can help with future designs. Were all here reading this blog, we must at least like most of the designs or I wouldn’t be here.

    • I think the idea is that people are aren’t just offering a little criticism….again, it’s her blog about her passion. Her idea was to follow something she really wanted to do. Yes, she offers comments and everyone is free to comment but some of these that say that she should do a better job at finishing or a hem is crooked or she should aim higher or especially the one how she is slacking is hardly ‘offering a little criticism.’ Slacking, really?

      I don’t love every one of her transformations either but I guess I find it hard to critique anyone who puts this much fun and energy into something EVERY day. I can’t say that about too many people.

      • Then don’t blog about it and put it out there for the world to see and judge. Keep it to yourself or don’t have a comment section if you can’t take the “rude” comments.

      • Eliza–She’s taking the comments quite well actually…I’m the one who can’t believe how incredibly bold people can be at criticizing others. I admit, I am very naive….but still would rather be that than some of these ‘perfect’ people.

  55. This is one of my favorite dresses that you’ve done so far! Its so adorable, and what a transformation!

  56. @Colleen-I just was saying in general.
    Just because people offer suggestions or have different opinions, it doesn’t mean that they think they are perfect. Yes, I know, nobody asked them for their opinions. Nobody asked for mine. And nobody asked for your opinion, which you left all over. When you have a open blog and comment board, (especially with fashion), you can expect all sorts of comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback, and such.
    Enough time wasted on such a petty argument.

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