Day 268. 97 days and $98 left to go.

Today’s piece was one that I absolutely adored.  The skirt was way too long for me and it was a little too fitted for my tasted.  If it’s going to be long, I want it flowy and swishy.

Day 268 - Before

Day 268 - Before

The color palette is my fave – mauve and ivory?  Sign me up.  I was thinking about just cutting the skirt short into an A-line, but then I began playing around in front of the mirror.

Playing around with my options!

Playing around with my options!

I pulled it up to my chest and was starting to like where this was going.  Strapless dress?  You know me, this I LOVE!  I didn’t want it to just hang as it was, so I grabbed one of my belt options that I toted along with me to NY.

Some ivory with gold trim, belt action was what I went with.  I put the belt around my waist and began to pull some of the material to make it a little baggier up top.  Grabbed a gold vintage tassel necklace to wear along with my tote bag to enjoy the day.

After 268 - After

After 268 - After

First stop?

The key to my heart!!

The key to my heart!!

You guessed it!!  I had to get my hazelnut fix.  I think I was drooling as the lovely woman at the counter asked me how I’d like my coffee.  It’s beyond ridiculous my obsession 🙂

Kid in a candy store, much?

Kid in a candy store, much?

Being that I forget what rain actually is (LA has those waves of rain, and it’s really been too long to remember what it feels like), it was not on my radar to even tote along with me my umbrella, ella, ella.

Times Square in the rain...

Times Square in the rain...

Instead I cabbed it when I got caught up in droplets this afternoon.

Did I bring an umbrella from NY?

Did I bring an umbrella from NY?

Got to see some friends, check out my gal LH’s incredible show Bachelorette, and ended the day with the below…


Mmm mmm gooooood!!

I don’t do dogs often, but this is one that I just can’t miss.

Mmm, how I've missed you Grays!

Hot doggery at it's finest!

A dog and a to-go cup of papaya drink made me a very happy girl.

What up dog?

What up dog?

Dunkin Donuts wishes and hot dog dreams this evening?  Yeah, you can count on that.

75 responses to “Day 268. 97 days and $98 left to go.

  1. omg I love it.
    I was kind of having a bad day but your positive energy just picked me right back up!! THANK YOU!

  2. Gorgeous! And no real alterations necessary? How awesome is that?

  3. Also, you HAVE to check out “The Baseballs” version of the umbrella song. I don’t think anyone could not love it.

  4. I liked ur blog+fashion show+traveling+food piece. Thankx,

  5. You are my HERO! I love Gray’s Papaya (being from AZ, it’s a real treat) and when I was a little girl I pulled my half-slips over my chest to make myself a sexy dress… just like your dress! I’ll have to look in thrifts for a cute skirt such as this. You’re such an inspiration, as sewing has become such a lost art. Cheers!

  6. I’ve gone through your entire blog and am in awe of your mad transforming skills. I’ve got a big box of things that I want to alter, and pieces of material that I have a dream for. You’ve definitely inspired me! NY sounds great. It’s one of the first places on my travel check list.

  7. Love it, so simple but gorgeous!

  8. skirts as dresses…? always and forever! great job!

  9. Ever since I discovered your blog and what you do with these clothes I’m thinking of learning how to sew/make clothes.:) Keep up the good work & looking forward for your next project:)

  10. That is so funny! I don’t know how many times I’ve pulled skirts up to my chest and thought it would be a better dress. I’m not so much into strapless, that style doesn’t look pretty on me like it does on you, but with a nice top part??? I guess maybe there is still a creative bone somewhere in me. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  11. You do the exact same things when I go to NY. Add on a slice of pizza and I am good to go. I used to do the same thing with skirts, but I don’t like my knees post-babies so short dresses are far and few between.

  12. You just proved once again, that you don’t need to make serious alterations to a piece to totally transform it! Great job rockin’ the strapless skirtdress!

  13. again you never sease to amaze!

  14. Good call on the skirt turned dress! Very cute and quick! My kinda style 🙂

    I LOVE DD.. so much! I moved south from Boston a while ago and even though we have DD here.. it’s NOT the all. Whenever I visit I make as many trips there as possible. Enjoy a french vanilla iced coffee, black, sugar-melted. 🙂

  15. Love the idea of a skirt into a dress. I used to do that once upon a time….and i bet anything your dunkin donuts was on 14th street between like ave a and b? right?? if it is…my old hood before i moved north in search of apartments not the size of my bathroom. lol Love your site. 🙂

  16. jennifer Nygaard

    Love your blog, I stubbled upon it and so glad I did! Love all your creations but love my strapless outfits!! You are so creative and insoire me!!!
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Nygaard
    Maple Grove, MN.

  17. Okay, hello finally, Dressaday. I saw your blog in the Yahoo news when I signed on one day. Been a follower ever since. My dau. is a cut ’em up and re-make ’em clothes nut, so…plus I am intrigued at the patterning after Julie from the Julie and Julia flick. I have been wanting to do something along that same line, but haven’t been able to come up with an idea that would interest and inspire others. Still thinking….

    I’m at the end of an era over here. Last bambino going off to college, out of state, this week- so talk about needing a hobby to blog about, whoooeee baby, do I….a lot of old ladies my age start running about this time, but I can’t even make it to the mailbox and back without collapsing. No, I don’t weigh 1000 pounds, don’t know what the dealio is….Anyway, I was thinking I could set a goal: run by one mailbox each day for 365 days wearing a different pair of socks each day (I adore socks, all kinds of highly patterned socks especially!) and blog whatever advice or spiritual truth comes to me during that run. So, basically, 365 mailboxes in 365 pairs of socks and 365 words of wisdom, one each day for a year- blogged.

    What do you think?
    2 Thinks Heidi

  18. I love the skirt like that. Very good use of an old skirt!

  19. how do you stay so slim? I’m alway seeing you eating.

  20. Found your site recently and it inspired me to start my own dress-almost-every-day projects! My first pieces were tops made out of sundresses with cute necklines and narrow straps. I don’t do dresses much, I’m more of a t-shirt and jeans person, but my boyfriend loved the cute tops. I found similar dresses that you did and used them as a guide. The sewing is kind of messy, but I’m learning. Thanks for putting some sunshine in my unemployment.

  21. The “after” is so adorable!

  22. Can we see the bottom of the dress? Cute idea

  23. Cute dress! Hope you’re getting compensation or at least FREE food for all this product placement. Where’s pics of the show you went to?

  24. Awesome, no sewing required!

  25. I litterally just did this with a skirt I picked up at a yardsale, Sunday! Except, it was a few sizes too big for me so I cut off a portion of the top part of the skirt and altered that to fit my bust as well as added some detail. Then I attached some elastic to the cut skirt and reattached the new top. (Pic at the link I posted)

  26. I voted for this one originally on the Borders site, but I was glad Oof! won, b/c honestly, I couldn’t think of anything that needed to be altered to this piece either. It’s lovely as a strapless dress! Sometimes the best thing to do is to let it be and allow the piece to shine on its own. You rock! 🙂

  27. going to NY next fall definately will keep all these places in mind when i go THANKS!

  28. wow, as usual, amazing work! I love how you transitioned the skirt to a simple, chic dress!

  29. Im telling ya- I have a BOATLOAD of vintage jewelry that I would love to donate to you! I will never wear half the pieces that i got with an antique armoire, and I have a feeling you would be able to incorporate alot of them into your fun style!!
    DM me on twitter.

  30. Cute dress. Was that pic taken in the lobby of your NYC hotel? I love old hotels like that. Too cool.

  31. ❤ ❤ great idea. i hope new york's a blast!

  32. The days are counting down, but I hope you will start again on another project. Can’t tell you how inspired this has made me. Have ransacked my closet and thrift shopped to remake some pretty nifty pieces. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  33. It took several years of gangsta rap therapy to get that awful song out of my head. Thanks for that. Hahaha! Your outfit today almost made me forget about it though. Too cute! The more I read of your blog, the more I wish I lived somewhere that had second-hand options beyond the $7 rack at Goodwill. Ahhh, the good ol’ midwest.

    Your creativity is awesome!

  34. Wow! Very cool.
    Number 1 easiest fix! You didn’t even have to sew anything….and it looks totally chic and awesome.

  35. Excellent! Now I know I’m not the only one who has used a skirt as a dress. 🙂

  36. Hello, I’m not sure if u speak spanish, I’m from Honduras in Central America and I really love your work…. me parece fantastica la manera en la que transformas cada prenda en algo nuevo, realmente eres buena haciendolo!!!
    Desde que vi el anuncio em Yahoo de tu blog he decidido visitarlo cada dia para estar al tanto de tus novedades. Felicidades y adelante! Bendiciones

  37. You have to try the blueberry coffee!!!! To die for 😉

  38. I’ve recently been turned onto your blog and have been throughly enjoying myself! I was recently a contestant in a local “Project Runway” and one of our challenges was to reinvent and outfit from thrift store finds. It was a great challenge! And had a ton of fun! Unfortunately it just happen to be the one challenge that eliminated me! Ugh! I have tons of respect for you girl! Keep up the good work!

  39. I saw your shout-out on Yahoo and I’ve spent the past week or so reading all of your entries from the beginning. So glad I’ve finally caught up! All the pieces you’ve altered are SO cool. You’ve inspired me to both take up sewing and re-enter the blogosphere!
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  40. I like wearing long skirt and not thinking of playing around like you did. Thanks for the idea LOL, I like how you do the strapless look.

  41. I think I want to scour my local second-hand clothes shop for long skirts that I can make into dresses with no effort other than adding a belt. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. Hey M!

    I have never commented before, as I started reading your blog back at your very first day in October, and have been working my way through to today’s post! I can’t tell you how inspiring you have been for me! I’m a big crafter, baker, writer, rocker and derby girl, but now I’m hoping to finally dust off the sewing machine I got for a gift two years ago and actually learn how to sew!

    It’s so easy to create beauty and passion in our lives, though it’s something we can easily forget. I have so enjoyed reading everything you’ve written because you look for the joy in life, and it reminds me on my bad days to do the same! I only wish I would have read the whole blog a little faster because I missed out on the fish necklace giveaway and I wanted one SOOOO bad, ha ha!

    Thank you for writing, thank you for sewing, thank you for sharing and finally, thank you for inspiring.

    Much love!

  43. Oh yeah a dog and papaya sign me up..
    Love the DD coffee too
    Love the skirt – to strapless Idea I am going to do this too!!!

  44. Shasta Halliburton

    I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate this day!! I have had this skirt I found in my Grams’ basement for months. It’s super long but I love the material. I too had considered just shortening it but that just wasn’t right. After reading todays blog, I went and tried it on as a strapless and sure enough…. perfect!! With the right accessories this dress is gonna be bammin!!!

  45. Okay, I got crazy and made THREE dresses last night out of strange finds from the thriftstore, thanks to your inspiration. Clearly I’m job hunting right now and have too much time on my hands. Sooo much fun. I’ll be in NYC this weekend and was looking forward to visiting some thriftstores there, but my NYC friend said it was a bad idea with the bed bug outbreak. Oh my.

  46. I just caught up your blog in four days. 268 days in four. 🙂 I am so addicted to what you are doing!! I’m also in NYC (in the Bronx, though). I’ve loved your whole journey. Maybe will have to take a run to that Goodwill in Queens and see if I can replicate some of what you have done!! Thanks for the inspiration and fun!

  47. Your site is so cool! I’m also completely addicted to it. The positive energy picks my day up no matter what is going on. How do you stay so fit with all the treats!

  48. surreal to see you cabbing past el deportivo! it’s a fave at my job. sorry you’re getting stuck with all this rain, it’s RIDONKCULOUS.

  49. I absolutely love what you are doing! I came across your blog while reading my morning yahoo headliners at work.. let me just say that I did not get any work done last Thursday! I read your entire blog while at work and am now addicted! I forwarded the link to all my friends, family, facebook, and co-workers, minus boss 🙂 You have inspired me to learn how to sew! I literally do not even know how to sew on a button.. so, my mother has graciously accepted the challenge to teach me! I start this weekend with lesson 1.. can’t wait! When I first read your blog, I thought, now why didn’t I think of something like that! But, alas! cannot sew 🙂 but love the idea of dedicating yourself to a year long challenge, like Julie in Julie and Julia.. everyone loves a good inspirational motivational story and you are doing just that. Congrats and best of luck from Auburn, AL.. War Eagle!!

  50. Wow…you are amazing! I love your blog…I saw it on yahoo and have spent a work day catching up on your work. Can’t wait to try some of your techniques out!

    PS: I’m pretty sure I walked past you on the streets of NYC!

  51. I absolutely loooove Dunkin Donuts! I was so glad when I found the Dunkin Donuts chain moving westward, as I am originally from the East Coast. 🙂

  52. Hey there! I agree with Alicia.. how do you stay so skinny minny when you eat crap in all your photos? Full figured Canadian girls who can’t make a strapless dress work without major undergear sewed in.. want to know! lol.
    post script: I added you to my creative BLOG links!

    • I’m not Canadian, but close – I live in Niagara Falls NY and am bubblicious – go ahead and wear that strapless!!! There are chubby chasing men all over the place that will appreciate the view – I know – I married one!!! Don’t worry about the sizists out there – they’re just jealous of our
      superbulocity!!! 🙂

  53. I just wanted to start out by saying I am 15 and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I’ve been reading your blog for quiet some time and have seen all your outfits. You inspire me to reuse clothing I want to do it too the only problem I have is finding places to get clothes for a $1 to remake. I live in Huntington Beach I would love it if you told us where to go like garage sales do you go to swap meets or craigslist. It would mean so much to me if you replied or if anyone did; however if you don’t don’t worry I understand you are busy. Have fun and keep making clothes!

  54. I love looking at all your fun creations. Look at all the fans you have now. We are not going to let you stop this project in 97 days. You must continue for the rest of your life!

  55. Hey! A no sew project–looks great!
    You’ve inspired me to do a little of this myself. I have lost some weight and rather than buying an entire new wardrobe when I still have some weight to lose, I’m altering some of what I have. My clothes are looking much better now; they seem like new clothes and I’m not feeling like I have to live under tents to hide my fat body anymore. So much fun! Thanks for inspiring me!

  56. Okay- I commented a few days ago that I work with some young women– and we are inspired by your project… today I made my first attempt at re-vamping a dress. ( I wanted to do ONE before I attempt this with a group of 12-16 year olds.) It turned out so cute! Thanks for all your great ideas! It was less scary than I thought!

  57. I’m sometimes jealous of my sister’s life in San Francisco, then she tells me there are no Dunkin’ Donuts there. After I feel a bit less jealous. Picking up a DD coffee on my way out of my Long Island neighborhood tomorrow a.m.

  58. Ooh, I did the exact opposite with this cute shirt! It was army green and faded purple, really flowy, and gathered at the top. The chest area was way too small, so I folded it over and wore it as a skirt! Paired with a neutral colored tank top, it’s the perfect summer outfit 😀

  59. Hello. I’m Vawn, I am a first time commenter, but I have been addicted to this blog ever since it was up on the yahoo news page! I completely love what you are doing, and I admire your talent and creativeness. You have inspired me to do this to some of my unused garments as well (They have been in storage for scrap fabric whenever I can get around to making quilts or things.)
    I love this idea that you have done with this skirt/strappless dress so much that I pulled out one of my over sized skirts to see how it would look like that. Unfortunately mine is no where as cute as yours, I’m breastfeeding my son at this time, and they are waaaaaay to big and heavy for strapless anything at the moment.
    Thank you for sharing your life and talent with all of us! And keep up the good work!!!

    PS. What will you be doing with these pieces after the year is over?

  60. So much fun to follow your blog! Really inspiring. Let the creative juices flow! 🙂

  61. just got back from the NE and stopped at DD for a hazelnut coffee too! when they asked me how i’d like it – and i remembered that they’d add lots of milk and sugar FOR ME, well. i almost wept.

  62. I am about to blow your mind. You can buy Dunkin Donuts coffee online! Make yourself a cup every morning. 🙂

  63. I dunno…donuts, coffee AND hotdogs!!! Was that with chili sauce? The gift that keeps giving, if you catch my drift! Don’t you just crave a good home grown salad after all that?

  64. you are so talented!!

  65. Really inspiring! I think I’m going to have to grab a pair of scissors and pull out some of my old wardrobe.

  66. LOVE IT!!!

  67. LOVE this…. No real alterations-this is something I could actually do, LOL!

  68. Papaya Dogs are good cheap every day hot dogs, but if you want something special, you should try Crif Dogs in the East Village next time… bacon-wrapped hot dogs… rrrrrralghhh… *drool*

  69. How easy! A quick fix is the best.

  70. love it… and so jealous you went to Gray’s Papaya… ever since I saw Fool’s Rush In, I wanted to go there 🙂
    ❤ Clare

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