Day 264. 101 days and $102 left to go.

Now this number was screaming and shouting my name!!!  OK, I’m a child of the 80s (loved My Little Pony, obsessed with Alf, and felt “Truly Outrageous” with my lookalike Jem star earrings) and clearly hot pink is my jam.

Day 264 - Before

Day 264 - Before

The chiffon attached to this hot pink spandex however, is not my jam.  And let’s be honest, I mean, “Opposites Attract” was literally my favorite song when it came out, but I’m not really down with looking kind of like Miss Abdul’s choice below…



Wait, and there’s these too!!

Look at those pads!!

Look at those pads!!

My first step was removing the FAH-BULOUS black sequined/beaded applique that was stitched to the hip.

Taking that applique off!

Taking that applique off!

Took my seam rippers and carefully took it off.  Can’t wait to use this somewhere else!



Ooh, and those lovely pads above?  They’re coming off too!!

Shoulder pads are on their way out!

Shoulder pads are on their way out!

My shoulders didn’t need the height, so into the vault of pads they go…

Woo hoo, they're gone!!

Woo hoo, they're gone!!

I cut the sleeves off…

Short sleeves!

Short sleeves!

…and took off the black chiffon skirt!!

Bye Chiffon!

Bye Chiffon!

Out came the sewing machine to finish up the tweaking!  I sewed a seam at the edge of the sleeves and I also took the dress in a few inches on each side.

Stitch City!

Stitch City!

I didn’t like the way the neck was cut, so I used my seam ripper to loosen it up and make it a little lower.

Unstitching just a little bit!

Unstitching just a little bit!

My piece at the end turned out just like this!!

Day 264 - After

Day 264 - After

It still had the ruching and baggy draping, but it was without a big, huge piece of black chiffon and a crinoline underneath.

I couldn’t help but to pay respect to where this top came from all while having my favorite show ever, Hard Knocks featuring my NY JETS, on in the background.

The leftovers!!!

The leftovers!!!

Now I had leftovers with the above, but I we won’t be seeing any leftovers with the below…

Amazetown USA!!!

Office lunch = Amazetown USA!!!

Thank you Chick-Fil-A for opening a location by my alma mater USC.  I mean now…I’m going to be visiting all the time.  Yummers!!

Finishing off with Thursday’s EPL, this comes from Debby G. and I absolutely love it.

My Eat – Home canned foods from my garden.

My Pray – Living off the land.

My Love – Getting married at 50 to the man of my dreams and living the live we’ve always wanted.

Adore 🙂

116 responses to “Day 264. 101 days and $102 left to go.

  1. I just discovered your blog from a friends facebook post earlier today and I love it! I have gone through and looked at every outfit. I feel a thrift shop visit is in store for tomorrow now, you have inspired me! What a great way to get cute clothes without spending much- great for a married college student like me. Im new to the LA area, any good suggestions of places to check out?

  2. That turned into a super cute top and way to make it on to Yahoo!

  3. hi, i just found you. i spent the most part of my afternoon backtracking and viewing every post till i reached day 1.

    you amaze me. i have so many blogs but not one which i have the discipline to update everyday, i have not found my niche yet, i guess. so, a big thank you and a warm cyberhug to you for inspiring people like me. =D

  4. dancingarmadillo

    Found you off Yahoo. Cute top!

  5. Very cute top. The color suits you well.
    I went to a 3 o’clock showing of epl yesterday Hubby was away & just wanted to see it by myself. Loved it mucho.

  6. It turned out cute but I hope the black skirt won’t go to waste! I know you can do something amazing with it! Maybe a costume or something!!!!!

  7. wasn’t a big fan of this one… but yesterday’s was AWESOME – Keep it up! I really love reading this every day now.

  8. You mention My Little Pony, Jem, removing shoulder pads, and Chick-fil-a all in the same post. You’re my hero.

    Oh, and you made this cool top, too. =)

  9. I so enjoy your blog. It gets me going each Am with my big cup-a Joe! Here’s a cool tip if you ever have a dress with a big bleach mark on it. Do what I call a reverese tie-dye. Rubber band the dress just like you are going to tie-dye it, then squirt it with a mixture of 1/2 bleach 1/2 water (in a well ventilated room in a bucket or sink) let sit a minute or two then toss into washing machine and run through a full cycle. Remove from washer, remove rubber bands and behold the beauty! Works best with a solid color cotton fabric. I did some fab vintage velvet blazers and they are awesome. Also rescued a pair of my hubby’s fav cargo shorts that had a close encounter of the bleach kind.

  10. L.O.V.E. it! Great work!

  11. Gd Stuff..can’t wait to see what you do with the applique..and maybe the chiffon? who knows 🙂

  12. Your blog is so much fun. My daughter took her prom dress she got at the Good Will and cut the skirt a few months back. I was a little shocked at first but it made the most fantastic blouse. Then I found your blog. She is going to be so inspired. I posted on my blog today about yours.
    And…maybe you won’t wait until 50 to find the man of your dreams but it is nice to see young ladies who don’t think they HAVE to get married to be happy.

  13. Ok another SUPER CUTE top!!! I watched Eat Pray Love with my 12yr old daughter. And i was a little worried she just wouldn’t get what the movie was about. And girl she did. She got it. and she told me I need my own self finding mission. Me and my husband split up on the 4th of July and i am kind of in an inbetween state of not really knowing what to do with myself. It was a great movie and I love how you keep promoting it! I have been full of insperation this week, finding your blog and now the movie. Just want to thank you!

  14. fabulous!!

    I love how you can see something ‘confused’ (i hate the word ‘ugly’) and turn it into something ‘wow’.

    i have a big bag of clothes i am going to try and Marisa-ise 🙂

    thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Girl, save the skirt leftovers and recon it too! Make it like a 50’s circle skirt, wear it with a wide belt and tucked in shirt. How darling would that be?!? It would be cute with flats or heels. There may be enough remaining to make a cute lil’ bolero jacket you can embelish with leftovers from previous dresses


    Can you please tell me how you took in the sides on side? Do I need to cut it or just fit, pin, and stitch? Thanks! KQ

  17. I lived in LA on Sycamore for 10 years then moved back home to NYC. I have now established Brooklyn as my homebase. You definately need to relocate to Brooklyn. You belong here!
    Also, can you recommend an online sewing supply store? I’m looking for very light weight iron on hemming tape because I don’t have a machine and I took out the hem of a dress that was too short. There is not much to work with and it’s too delicate and tedious to stich by hand or machine. Can you recommend a good website?
    Keep up the hard work you are a keeper.

    • Google “Nancys Notions”. It’s home is right here in WI and the catalog is great. She does world-wide shipping, just so ya know.

    • Hi Shirley,
      I used to work at Joann Fabrics and I just looked at their online store – – and they have several options for you to choose from online! Just type in ‘hem tape’ in the search box! 🙂

    • Have you tried clotilde? They might have good stuff for you.

  18. Love the new top! I’m a big hot pink fan, another child of the 80s, can’t resist it. I’m so jealous about your Chik Fil A, I love the Chik and there aren’t any anywhere near me, gotta drive 2 hours to get it, though it is worth the drive.

  19. Shirley, I use StitchWitch and it works like a dream. You should be able to order it online from any sewing supply chain like Joanne or Hancock Fabrics. Good luck!

  20. LuckyXIIICreations

    I just started following your blog and I’m loving what you do with those blah dresses! I’m just curious what you do with leftovers. Will you be mixing all the pieces up later to make another new outfit?

  21. OH MY GOD. I HAD THIS DRESS. I am not lying. I, too, was a child of the 80s, and I had that very same dress. I had to wear it to a very formal wedding and I was 12 or 13. Back then, I loved it, because it showed off my waist and the skirt was very very twirly. Thank you for bringing back such an awesome memory!

  22. Fab top – Love it… this may be one of my many faves. I just discovered you on the yahoo page and am doing my best to check out all of your creations. Great work – I am now inspired to redo so much of my wardrobe that I am getting bored with.

  23. I love the top. its very cute. Great job. i wish i had mad skills like this.

  24. Fantastic Blog. Have you ever thought about a job in Fashion Design?

  25. Love it!

    A request please – when you’re done with your 365 days of dresses, can you do a post on what you’re going to do with what must be your mountain of discarded shoulder pads? 🙂


  26. i love the color, hot pink!!!
    i just didn’t like the way you made the top.. the chest area is so loose that it made you look like have a saggy b****s.. sorry =(

  27. Cute top, but I’m actually just as interest to see what you do with the “leftovers” from this one. I can’t wait to see what you do with that gorgeous applique and I’d love to see you do something with that chiffon skirt!

  28. I found you on Yahoo and I really love what you’re doing. It’s really inspirational to those of us that just wouldn’t be able to keep up with something like that! Also, I do think you should do something with those shoulder pads! Maybe like a huge quilt or something! lol Keep up the awesome work! =)

  29. So you’ve amassed a huge number of shoulder pads. have you considered making a dress out of just the should pads or at least the pad material? Did you save them all? I curious to see the mound o’ shoulder pads you’ve collected.

    Anyway, I absolutely love your blog and all of your hard work. Thanks to Yahoo for posting your story, otherwise I don’t think I would have found you. You are an inspiration for girls of the new generation to learn how to sew. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  30. Great. Now I have the Jem song stuck in my head.
    “Ooooh… Jem… glamor and glitter, fashion and fame… JEM!”


  31. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your blog. I read it every day. I love how your repurposing items and making them into something beautiful! Keep up the great work!
    P.S. I love me some chic -fil-a also! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! 🙂

  32. Love the top-girl that pink is a great color on you.
    You should take all those shoulder pads and use it for your Halloween costume. You could be the Ghost of Shoulder Pads Past,lol. Or pile them all up on your shoulders under a tshirt and add teardrop crystals to the shirt and be a Shoulder to Cry On. Or you could be a flower using the pads as petals.
    I must be in Halloween mode since my dd made her costume request this morning(a samurai).

  33. aha a usc trojan!! no wonder your so talented!! Curious what youll do with the vault of shoulder pads??

  34. I just found your blog. Love it!

  35. Love the top! I can see that selling in target and walmart.
    Plus I would buy it! 😀

  36. Love your creativity! I’m wondering if you’ll be taking all your leftovers from the year and building a whole new project! 😀

  37. I’ve just started following you today and I’m hooked.
    Great talent you got here.

  38. Brilliant! You are a genius.

  39. ahhh! yay for the chik-fil-a!!

    and that applique would look great on a headband.

    how are your austin plans coming? message me.

  40. Congrats on yahoo! My hubby found you, now its his fault that I’m addicted…So I started at the beginning, now on to day94. If you start @ the beginning, you see the evolution, soooo much fun!
    Reminds me when we were dating ( back then in that 80’s era) and I would make the outfit of the evening from scratch….(could have used your box of shoulder pads!)
    Idea! Turn this into a book and when you get publi$$$hed, auction out the pieces to your fave charity…..maybe one that helps women get rid of their awfulness of being stuck in another era…or something more politically correct…you get the drift

  41. just started reading your blog, because of your write up on yahoo. i must say i spent the whole day (off and on) at work looking at every peice you had made so far. and this is the first blog i have ever read. love your work and your attitude! i have been and will keep coming back every day!

  42. I love how you transformed this dress.

    I am so jealous of you…I wish a Chick-Fil-a would open near me. Oh well, it’s probably a good thing as my blood pressure would increase dramatically after eating it everyday, three times a day.

  43. You had me had Jem!! That was one of my favorite cartoons back in the 80’s that and Thundercats, Transformers, My little Pony! What can I say, I am a child of the 80’s 🙂 Keep up the awesome work girly!!

  44. i am LOVING your blog! great work!

  45. You work that pink girl! Genius idea – keep it sassy and keep up that good work!

  46. Greetings from Singapore! I love your creativity and your story.

  47. Very cute!
    All those terrible shoulder pads need to be turned into something. I don’t know what they could be used for but boy are they awful! Maybe scales on mermaid fins for Halloween?

  48. You are working that hot pink! 🙂

  49. Thank you for reminding me of Jem! I’ll be singing that song in my head for the rest of the day. And of course your new top looks lovely!

  50. Wow! (: You are super talented and creative!!!
    About how long on average does it take you to finish one of your designs?

  51. I enjoy your blog, and I loved Eat,Pray,Love too. You have a great idea going on there, just love the creativity and inspiration. I think the top you made was OK but I have seen you do better. Looking forward to the rest of your ideas,pay attention to what looks good on you and it will be great.

  52. Hey,
    I love looking at the transformations, but isnt this called 365 dresses?? lol

  53. Hey! I had that dress and wore it! But it was the white and black version. Just before I got rid of it, I saw potential for a make over but lacked the talent that you have to achieve it. Your transformations are neat and I like the sewing lesson attached to it as well.

  54. I absolutely ❤ everything you do! I have an idea for all of those leftover shoulder pads. You could make herbal bath sachets with them! Just remove the foam inserts, fill the fabric with 2 tbsp. of herbs, sew close, add a little decorative bow, and enjoy!

  55. I couldn’t help thinking about the movie Pretty In Pink when I saw that dress for today! Molly Ringwald takes a beautiful thrift store prom gown, turns it upside down and remakes it into her own creation. I so thought you were going to do that especially since you show that picture of Paula with her black on top and pink on the bottom dress. Anyway, I am so inspired by your journey and the daily creations. I’m going out to get a dress today and re-hash it for myself!

  56. should have gone for the paula abdul/barbie look. LOL 😉

  57. Totally love your blog. You needs to be a guest judge on Project Runway. The competitors could have $1. budget and see what they could come up with. Heidi and Nina would love it…and Tim would make it work. ha ha!

  58. you are amazing! i love the charity idea too. AND i think you have worked hard enough that someone in the fashion industry will take note and you’re gonna have an equally amazing career!
    keep it up and good luck to you.
    ps – maybe they’ll do a movie about you :o).

  59. How pretty! I just discovered your blog from “The Owls Closet” and I love it, you have a great thing going on here!

  60. That color looks wonderful on you. Also, I’m glad California is opening its doors more and more to Chick-Fil-A…nice to know I’ll have some Southern comforts there if I snag a job I have my eye on…

  61. Just discovered your blog and now inspired to take some discarded clothes out of the “To Donate” pile and see if I can change them into something else!

  62. I just found you, thanks to Yahoo. And I just spent two entire days at work doing nothing but reading all of your posts and comments from Day 1 forward. This means I’ll have to work over the weekend to meet deadlines, but it will be well worth the time I spent checking out your creativity. I went to the local Good Will last night and perused the muumuu section, trying to figure out how on earth you do it, time after time. Really fun, creative and inspiring. Thanks!

  63. My BFF sent me the link to the Yahoo! article about you, and since then I have been reading your blog backwards! It has inspired me to look at my closet with new eyes. Instead of getting new clothes, a pin here, a tuck there, and I might have a completely different garment! Love it.

  64. Have you thought about taking all the shoulder pads & stitching them together into a dress? Just wondering!

  65. I am addicted to your blog now! It’s the first thing I go to as soon as I’m at my desk (oops, don’t tell the boss!) And seriously, I’m just foaming at the mouth over some of the dresses that you have created! I want them, lol! As for the lady who left the comment yesterday, asking why you have to show so much skin….hello! She’s young! She’s pretty! And she’s making some amazing clothes! Why not show off?? It’s all very classy, so what’s the big deal? I say, go on with your cuteness! We all love it! Now, you have to come up with a project for next year so that we will have something else to follow! 😀

  66. Just discovered your blog and am completely inspired! You should open your own store. You’re very talented and have vision. Keep up the amazing creations! I can’t wait to have my sewing room back so I can start creating my own fabulous clothes again!

  67. Just saw this website for the first time yesterday–can’t wait to go shopping the sale racks and the thrift stores to try your methods. I’m 62 and can usually be found quilting. Would like to do somethng with clothing for a change.

  68. I love your post! Very inspiring. SO the Paula Abdul dress was the one I wore to Prom a million years ago….only difference was mine was white on top. Hey I had to wear it for a wedding and saw now point in having the expense of two formal occassions…but in retrospect…..should of picked a different dress. It was NOT fun! BUT your version definitely is!

  69. Can’t wait to see what you come up with the rest the remains of the beginning outfit!

  70. JEEEMMM!!!! Yes! Thank you for that time warp inspiration! Now I’m gonna go to my parents house and dig through old boxes and find my Jem doll!! You rock!

  71. OMG! LOVE THIS! The original reminds me of my sisters (EEEK!) prom dress!!! I love recycling all the dresses into amazing cute-e-NESS! I would love to have just a ounce of this talent to take my own 365 days- and 365 dresses!

  72. Don’t love this top. It’s too big, and…..i feel like it was a cop out to just make a top out of it.

    BUT! I love your blog and you creativity!!! I’m so glad I found it! Keep up the good work!

  73. Ahhh I love your Jem reference. I was a product of the 80s and NONE….I repeat NONE of my friends remember Jem except me. How is that possible????!!!!

  74. Really inspired by your creations! I was never a sewing girl but i might take it up soon. Thanks to you! I love most your creations! I wish I had a creative mind like yours. looking forward to all your posts. BTW, I just finished reading all your posts. It took me a while, but it was worth it!:) Keep up the good work! Love:)

  75. Love reading your blog so I’m telling the world on the 31st for BlogDay 2010.

  76. I’ve recently known about your webpage via yahoo post 4 days ago. now
    I am absolutly your fan ( a huge one!).
    I think your taste of fashion is GREAT!

  77. I kinda hope to see the bottom half of that dress reappear in some new version later on – in the pics it looks like it could have some potentional….when not hooked to the top. 🙂 I just found you (thanks to yahoo – LOL) and love what you are doing. I am quite a vintage girl at heart and love seeing your creativity.

  78. I was introduced to you last week and am a complete fan! I have had the pleasure of reading all the back blogs and now am dreading being caught up and having to wait for the daily ones! I am really enjoying your quest! TY for the inspiration! xo

  79. Tiffany from Springfield, MO

    I am so thankful that there is another person out there that remembers JEM! My sister laughes at me when I talk about her. HA! I am also verry inspired by your ideas. I hope to follow your example and try some projects of my own.

  80. I’ve been reading your blog for 3 days now after a friend posted your web site to her FB. You’ve encouraged me to go thru my closet, pull out a dress I don’t wear much and turn it into a top I WILL wear!

  81. You are too cute, and too talented! I hope this blog, and all your fun ideas open many doors for you! Jobs are so overrated:)

  82. You are a rockstar! Thank you so much for sharing!

  83. I read about your blog on Yahoo and since then I’ve been admiring all your transformations! You have such a great idea here!

  84. oh, I remember Jem and the holograms!

  85. So, is fashion and that realm of design what you want to go into? I finally watched Julie and Julia last night… you’re right, it was TeRrIbLy inspiring! made me want to figure out what I love to do and put it to work right away! Anyways, I love the pink top. I think yesterday’s dress was a fave of mine of yours. 🙂 Anyways, keep it up!!

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  87. I wonder if you read all of these comments and all of your emails – seems you’ve been getting bombarded after you got featured on Yahoo (and CONGRATS!)

    I’m not one to comment, especially in such a public setting. I just wanted to say that you are completely inspiring and your talent is incredible. I hope that the positive comments outshine the negative ones. There always seems to be a rotten tomato. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful gift.

  88. omg i just found your blog through another blog and all i can say is i am in awe of your ability to transform such hideous outfits into brand spanking new ones that are fashionable! and all so cheaply! i am so envious of your talent! 🙂 great job!

  89. I also found you off the Yahoo feature and I am hooked! My hubs was terribly annoyed that I stole his computer for two days straight to go through every single post!
    I went to Good will yesterday- but my screaming toddler cut our trip short without any good reworkable finds. So I am making her a sweater dress out of an old holey monster sweater I would have just thrown out!
    Thanks for the inspirations & I would ~love~ to see a P.R. tie-in!!!

  90. I always amazed at what you come up with. Just to find a garment, get an idea of what you can do with it and presto there you have it. Keep up the great work, your an inspiration to us wannabe sewers.

  91. You are really amazing! Can not believe I only discovered your blog via Yahoo! a few days ago. Love it!

  92. How do you eat Chik-Fil-A and stay so darn skinny?? LOL!! Love the top and all the dresses you’ve made! I’ve definitely been inspired to custom/redo some Goodwill goodies..but due to the fact that I’m not as great of a sewer as you, I’ll make them for my husband to wear… :)~

  93. Savannah Fowler

    Wow. After spending 3 nights backtracking, what you have been doing is awesome. I am defintely going to fix my sewing machine and start sewing again. I can’t wait to see what else you create

  94. A friend sent me your site through facebook. I loooooove it! I’m so inspired, girl!! Your “Afters” are amazing and creative. I’ve done plenty of upcycling myself, and I’m ready to jump back on the ball!

  95. You should use all the left over pieces and sew a quilt. Then, if you get tired of the clothes, you’ll always have the quilt to keep you warm. 😉


  96. I have really enjoyed your blog! My mom has always sewn, but I never really had an interest before. It might be time to remedy that! Thanks for the inspiration. Are you planning to keep all your new clothes at the end of the year? Or just saving your favorites. This definitely seems like a less expensive way to double (or triple) your wardrobe! You are talented for sure 🙂

  97. This is my first comment. Been reading your blog like mad for the last 2 days since I’ve found it. I’m addicted! I’ve passed it on to numerous friends who are now addicted and passing it on. I have a huge girl crush on you as I think you are wicked talented with wicked good taste! What I would give to be able to turn something hideous into something fab! Love, love, LOVE what you’re doing! Infact, a friend and I were talking about how we would totally buy many of your pieces! Please don’t stop at day 365!

  98. I really wish you would do side-by-side pics of the before and after. I have to keep scrolling up and down to see what it looked like before and now. Love all of your amazing recreations!

  99. Every since yahoo did a feature on you. I was really excited. I am the first girl, second child in a family of three. But just because I am the first girl means nothing much. Growing up I always got my cousins hand me downs. Which I have to take in/fix. Seeing your blog brought back some fond memoirs of trying to something out of yester years fashion for todays modern girl. Thank U:)

  100. I would have left smaller shoulder pads, but that´s just me.

  101. I am not sure how I found your blog, but I might or might not have read your entire blog in the past 3 days. Some of your re-inventions are plain brilliance. You make me miss my sewing machine more than ever (it’s on the East Coast while I am here in Saint Babs). I have yet to find a crafty community in SoCal, and your blog has made me really happy.

    I guess you are asking for Eat Pray Love responses:

    I eat brunch and brownies, I pray to science, and I love the Red Sox (sorry, Boston Girl here, but I really do appreciate your love of your home team 3000 miles away).

  102. Just spent an hour looking at your before and afters. You are a very talented lady.

  103. Hi, got to know your blog through Yahoo! Just wanted to say that you’re such an inspiration and I’m following your blog. Keep up the good work and good luck in everything you do.

  104. Hi Miss Recycle Fashion Fabulous,
    I am a new subscriber and I loveeee your Mission to Transform. It’s funny how u mentioned Chick-Filet at USC bc my mom jus told me the other nite how her adopted brother’s son, Jeremy, from North Carolina opened a Chick-Filet near USC. =)

  105. Holy crap girl. You ROCK!

  106. I have a great idea for all your left-over shoulder pads! When your project is done you should make a quilt out of them.

  107. cathi carpenter

    Super cute top and PROPS to Chik Fil A….I’m from Chicago transplanted to HOT-Lanta…and have fallen in love with the graces that is CHIK FIL A!!!! Couldn’t live without it now!

  108. I am one of the I’m sure incredible number of new readers you picked up from being featured on Yahoo. It took me this long to write because I was so intrigued by what you were doing that I was compelled to start at the beginning and read every blog entry. Wow, how cool! (And, you are a Lost fan, so your stock just shot up in my book. 😉 I consider myself a creative person, but I lack a certain commitment to follow through that would make something like this very difficult for me. But you have inspired me to try – not sure with what yet, but I’m going to try something. Good luck with wherever this takes you in life; it should be somewhere big!

  109. You know, you can make a business out of this. This will help people a lot who are living on a budget, especially in this economy.

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