Day 252. 113 days and $114 left to go.

I am totally loving this nightgown that I found at my local pile sale for a buck.  The floral pattern was lovely and I’m totally into purple!  The funny thing is is that someone actually wore this to sleep at one time.  I never really got the ruffle action on these bad boys and why that made something you would sleep in more comfortable.

Day 252 - Before

Day 252 - Before

I think it may have been created directly from this McCall’s pattern…

I do love those bracelets, however...

I remember a nightgown I had when I was a kid that had ruffles, lace at the neck, elastic at the wrist (that always dug in, like when you wear a ponytail holder too long) and ribbons…not really the most comfortable thing and I always remember it being so tight at the neck.  I’m good with a cozy cami and some yoga pants to head off to dreamland.

Even though I’m not wearing this to sleep, I’m still going to get rid of those ruffles.

Going short!

Going short!

I wanted to get away from the nightgown note, so I began by taking my seam rippers and unstitching the ribbon and rose trim that was sewed down at the top of it.

Later rosy trim!

Later rosy trim!

After getting rid of all that trim…

Trim be gone!!

Trim be gone!!

…I prepped the new hem at the bottom of my new dress.

Hem time!

Hem time!

After a little sewing, unbuttoning of a few of the buttons, throwing on a purple cami (which perhaps I may even fall asleep in) and my wedges, my dress was ready for the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Day 252 - After

Day 252 - After

Specifically a trip to Würstkuche for the below.

Sausage Heaven!

Sausage Heaven!

Beers, check.  Sausages from every kind of animal, check. (Seriously, there is even rattlesnake.)  Heaven, check.  I nearly passed out waiting in the line that went around the corner just in anticipation.

There was a lot of sharing going on…

Light emanating from the glorious sausage!!

Light emanating from the glorious sausage!!

…and my fave was the Alligator & Pork (yep, I said gator) that came with some caramelized onions and sweet peppers.  The only thing alligator-esque I’ve ever eaten were these puppies…

Mmm, Chocodiles!

Mmm, Chocodiles!

…so my first real foray into the gator world was amazing.  And just in case you don’t believe me, check it out!!


That's right, Gator!

Cannot wait for a return trip…I think I may have to throw my birthday party here 🙂


89 responses to “Day 252. 113 days and $114 left to go.

  1. You are SSSOOO talented! I was really inspired when i found your website! I check it everyday and have even started transforming old clothes myself ( with before and after pics : )) I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  2. Love this material! Since you have so many dresses already, this could have been used as yardage for yoga pants for jammies — just trace a pants pattern, add few inches extra width for material that doesn’t stretch, add some turn-over for the waist/elastic and hem. Very simple.

  3. Such a great website! Like Katelyn I check it everyday. I am inspired, my daughters are inspired – our wardrobes will never be the same! I hope that you will have the opportunity to use all this creativity in a work situation, rather than settling for something mundane when you’re all done. I really enjoy your writing style, your sense of fun and the opportunity to share in your wonderful social life! And of course Cat (above) is right that you could make yoga pants with the yardage, but then you couldn’t go out and rock the new look in public! Thank you for your inspiration and the time you take to share it all with us!

  4. Oooh, I definitely want to visit that place!! I love eating weird and different meats. I’ve eaten kangaroo and crocodile and emu and alligator and buffalo and shark and reindeer and wild boar, etc….Haha 🙂 so good!

  5. Mmm that place sounds delicious!
    You make muumuus and nightgowns look so cute. Lately when I’m thrifting and come across them I think, “WWMD?” But never buy them because I can’t pull it off like you can!

  6. you doing some amazing stuff! keep it up. ps i looovee Würstkuche, I live in downtown and it’s definitely one of the best & hottest spots down here! yummm! i think we had rattlesnake and rabbit – delish!

  7. awesome transformation!!!!

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  9. Nossa, muito legal sua iniciativa! Realmente o querer é poder!
    Parabéns! Se eu tivesse o dom de costurar, também ia aprender muitooooo

  10. You made me smile all cheesy & stuff….I love free spirited inventor of themselves types…Thanks for sharing. I love to make monsters & dollies for my friends using old monster looking clothing. You made my hero list!
    MAKE A GREAT DAY HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You are so clever!!

  12. I totally love this. You are amazing. I would love to see all of the transformations that you have done. Thank-you for sharing.

  13. Love what you’re doing!!! WHY didn’t anyone do this before?? I liked the movie J&J too! ; )* -c3south*

  14. Just saw this on yahoo. LOOOVEE!! Wish I had as much talent! Kudos. Put some ads on this blogsite and start making some $$!!!!

  15. I love your transformations! Incredible! I especially love the shirt in day 259. Excellent work! You should go into business…seriously! How many of us would love to take one of older garments and turn them into trendy outfits!

  16. just want to comment on your blog on all these outfits you have made, it’s amazing..I have some patterns that I bought years ago that I was going to make blouses out of, but I never had the time to do it.. you may have inspired me to do something…we will just have to see, but again kudos to you and good luck; can’t wait to see what else you make..

  17. Just found your blog on YAHOO on the FRONT PAGE!! Way to go!! Great, fun idea! Hope something great comes from it!

  18. Just wanted to comment on your amazing work on all these outfits you have made, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store.. Years ago I bought some materials/fabric and I never got around to making what I wanted to make, maybe you have inspired to start.. I guess I will to try.. I love your work..

  19. Okay…I don’t care what alterations are done to these horrid excuses for dresses they will never look good or presentable! I do however applaud you on your effort. They were disasters when they were made, bought and even after. It is a good idea though but with better looking dresses, which a paper bag would be better than. Ufffff…NOOOO! ALL BAD.

  20. 🙂 Beautiful, nice and usefull! 🙂

  21. you are amazing! you should be selling these dresses on ebay starting at $1 each and use your model photos and list your blog/story that hit Yahoo homepage today. that’s how I found you and I am totally impressed! I love the gold dress! And the Burberry dress, I even went onto ebay to see if I could find one…of course they’re $900+ Good luck to you!!

  22. I love the way you reinvent those vintage styles. You are truly gifted to design such fashionable outfits. I definitely look forward to see the rest of the styles.

  23. Hey girl! Love the ideas, I am excited for you and can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves!! That Hawaiian mumu-dress-turned-sexy- runway-kimono was the absolute BOMB!!! Keep it coming and good luck!! Maybe someone will hire you to do fashion developement for their clothing line!! I know I would!!

  24. WOW! The world needs more people like you!

  25. You, my dear, are a genius. I would love to see this in book form! Some of those dresses, I was thinking…how could THAT be made stylish and voila you amazed me every time. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and creative charm.

  26. Sorry, but as lovely and talented as this lady is some of those wretched fabrics are beyond usable. Same is true of the the hideous prints I see in stores today. Unbelievable.

  27. I saw the movie “Julie & Julia” I loved it!! What a creative idea you have. Your talent amazes me, you truly are a gifted person. Best of luck finishing your year. I will continue to watch your progress and I will also tell all my friends to tune in also. Kudo’s to you!

  28. Love the dresses but primary colors are yellow, red and blue not orange and purple

  29. I love it. I love what you’re doing. I wish I can be as talented and creative as you are. The dresses are gorgeous.

  30. you are darling, your clothes are darling, and you look like winona ryder (compliment). my favorite is the kimono. i wish i could sew. if you are not able to turn this into a lucrative business- something is wrong with the world. also- are you on etsy?

  31. You are just so amazing!! Taking all those dresses and turning them into fashion statements!! It is so nice that you have found something you enjoy and are so talented at it. I wish you the best and hope that many opportunities come this awesome skill you have!!

  32. you are so very talented! I don’t think I could do what you have done! I dont have the patience! I’ll send some of my frocks to you and see what you do! 🙂

  33. Love this blog! Thanks for sharing your fantastic creativity and talent with us! It’s inspiring me to be more creative!

  34. You are so talented and I love your website. I can’t wait to try the Chocolate cake in a mug recipe. I just email it to all of my kitchen handicapped guy friends.

  35. Absolutely amazing. My hat is off to you.

  36. Your awesome and look at all the people you have inspired, keep it up and I have already e-mailed all my friends and family to tell them to check out your site.

  37. I love this idea and it seems like a great summer project. Since i am still in school and dont have any free time during the school year to do anything none school related. I hope the remainder of you journey is a great one.

  38. Girl, all I have to say is, I am impressed.
    I love what you do.
    You’ve got a lot of pizzaz!
    I live in the South and I’ve seen all those crazy dresses on women before. You do great things with them.

  39. Hey Marisa..fabulous fashion sense. I have made some of my dresses into skirts and shortened them but you take the “coffee mug” cake! ;o) You show there can be “Beauty from Ashes” in the styles you create. I really liked the Dodger Blue jacket and the wild prints. Have you ever thought of making skirt and top out of some of the over-sized dresses, or shorts?
    Nice modeling~Your dad is handsome too! lol.
    Keep on Sewing!!

  40. bravo! these are amazing. you have some SERIOUS talent. i hope this take you far, but moreover, you are an inspiration for your creativity and positive attitude. bravo for taking control of your life!

  41. i just found your blog and looked through every page! this amazing! makes me wish i could sew! keep up the GREAT work! see you tomorrow!

  42. I love your idea, using what you can find. However, the mini is 45 years old and someday “below-the-knee” will not look so dowdy as you think it does. You’re limiting yourself when it comes to silhouette. Believe me, anyone can (and did) wear dresses and skirts that cover the knee. That length and even a bit longer elongates the legs. You don’t have to show leg flesh to appear longer in the leg. Minis often make the wearer looker short and stumpy, with long torsos and short legs. I have felt winds blowing from fashion centers, and seen what celebrities are newly wearing, we’re finally in a for change.

  43. Woah! I really love this idea (: I just wish I could sew, so I could transform some of my old clothes! Keep up the good work!

  44. This is something I will be following can’t wait to see what you will do next! I think that you have found a good thing, you should start your own business of doing this for other people I know I would go to have this done for some of the things I like especially this black dress that I wanted so bad and it was at a price you can’t beat but 😦 me and sewing just is NOT going to happen it would be a disaster!

  45. Oh my gosh! I am , so impressed. I have never followed a blog , but I think I will now. You have inspired me to make changes in my some of my so called “frump dresses.” I can’t wait to go shopping at my local thrift store.

  46. Omg this is amazing. Your are definitely talented. Id love to see before and after pics of every garment. You should post an album with pics of each outfit once your complete!

  47. Kudos to you!!!!!You are so talented and inspiring.I got laid off last year and i just kept worrying and wasted my time.but hence forth i will not keep staring at closed window.

  48. I loved this! I liked day 255… very nice work… oooh la la… i don’t have a sewing bone in my body… so jealous!

  49. This one is so cute! You’re really tallented. I wish I could do something like that 😀
    Cant wait to see tomorow’s dress

  50. Fabulous!!!! What a great way to turn around a negative experience into a positive one! Your creativity is amazing and I envy your sewing skills! Have you ever thought about creating a business using your amazing talents?? (I’d buy a custom made dress from you!) Keep up the good work!

  51. OMG, you are really good. I know you have been approach about being a fashion designer. A real fashion designer is someone that can take something that is ugly and turn it into something beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  52. What an amazing website! Your are so incredibly talented! I loved all the before and after pictures…. Can’t wait to buy your stuff in the future! Keep working hard!

  53. Marisa – I loved looking through the whole thing! You are so creative. I used to do this kind of sewing. Now I rarely take the time for the fun stuff!
    Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed the adventure. Will check it out later and keep up with you. I hold a B.S. in Home Economics. Taught one year at a private school. You are very talented!!!

  54. Wow you are so creative and inventive! I wish I had the time and ability to do something like this keep it up! 😀

  55. Meat is murder.

  56. I love this! I saw it on yahoo, it is such an inspiration! You make the most out of life, that is how it should be 🙂 You go girl!

  57. Hi,

    Love your work! My spouse and I can offer you a room in our large house in exchange for 8 hours of cleaning (max) per week. Our hope would be that you make money living your dream and move beyond what we can offer!


  58. I have an eBay store called Jaimeparie selling with Hawaiian prints, look me up and choose any Hawaiian print clothes and send me an email and I will give it to you Free of charge. I just love your enthusiasm and sewing talent in transforming outdated styles to current trendy styles. I can see you an aspiring future Fashion Designer, try it, you may succeed in it….hey… Live it up, girl!

  59. I don’t know how ended up here, but, as in any unplanned journey, I am enjoying the sites. You are amazing and I look forward to reading and watching you meet this really interesting challenge. How fun 😀

  60. hi , love ur ideas on how transform those dreadful(house and land) garments in to beautiful dress and timeless pieces, good luck

  61. You are so talented, I am very impressed. I could sew, but I could not change the dress so well like you.
    It is nice to change the dress/clothes and re-use. This is the age of “reuse/recycle”.

  62. Awesome! Great Ideas and a Great Seamstress! What a wonderful idea after the low of getting laid off. I know that feeling of yuck. Two thumbs up to you and I really enjoyed your entire website. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face and giving me some great ideas! You are wonderful and I love your sense of humor. Your cousin looked great also!

  63. Aloha – You are so creative and an inspiration! So many of the styles you have picked I see here in Hawaii… make them look so cute and stylish! You go girl…I like the idea of a charity auction…

  64. You are so talented. I too love to sew, but could never create like you do. I think you should be selling your things in boutiques! Good Luck!

  65. Thank You soooo much. I worked for 13 years and then all off the sudden I lost a child and totally broke(mentally). I didnt want to get up in the morning(or ever) and I sure as hell didnt want to get up and go to WORK! I am on SSI and receiving counseling and on the road to recovery. Being on SSI is HARD! I AM BROKE! My oldest daughter is 10 and just really starting to get into fashion. Ihave been going to Value Village on monday $1 day and I recreate stuff I see on Gossip Girl, The Hills and in various fashion websites. She was actually embarassed to tell people where she got the stuff until she seen your blog and now she feels like a trendsetter instead of a follower. She feels proud of the clothes she wears and brags of being enviromentally responsible. Thanks so much, it’s always cooler when it’s not mom’s idea! She has a new respect for me and the time I use to cute’n her up. Thanks again

  66. Great stuff. But isn’t it just taking big clothes and making them smaller so they fit you….sort of? Love the finished looks though. Glad you’re having fun with it. Wish all of life’s “uglies” were this easy to fix 🙂

  67. Keep up the good work =)

  68. Your blog is adorable. Inspired, creative, light-hearted. Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  69. Wow….! Making something great out of something . . . something . . . some thing! Gotta start sewing again, and you gave me reason to do so. You’re great!

  70. You are so amazing and inspiring! I work in women’s retail at a high end store and I get (nearly) all of my clothes at the thrift stores. I love to style and sew it up. No one knows the difference and there are compliments galore. When I tell the ladies my little secret (of the thrift) they are stunned. Its so good to see you get some press. Thifters and seamstresses unite! LOOOVE IT!

  71. I have been doing this sort of thing (not 365 days a year) but on occasion.
    It really is a lot of fun to use your imagination and imagine how the fabric can be used in a different style. My birthday is October 10th….your’s is mid October….by any chance the same day? They say Libra’s are creative. Much success to you.

  72. WOW! I’ve never sewn <—I'm not even sure if i spelled that right
    but I can appreciate some amazing work that's for sure! That kimono is absolutely gorgeous. I've been wanting one forever but they're so expensive! Any tips on how to get myself started?

  73. Are you selling these when you’re done? I would ttly buy several ❤

  74. Hi! you’ve inspired me! I love sewing and designing clothes myself …
    Greetings from Poland 🙂

  75. As someone who was recently laid off, WOW you and Julie Powell are an inspiration! I can only hope to find passion in something like you have. Congratulations!!

  76. Very fun! It looks like you’re having a blast making and wearing your new collection. Inspiring. Hello from sunny Singapore 🙂

  77. not just a hobby you should turn this into a business sell the dress or redo the closets of persons who have lost weight you are talented and inspiring good luck

  78. I’m from the Philippines and from here I’m so amazed with your creations. You sure have a great talent! 🙂

  79. I love what you done with the dresses where you take them from nothing a I would wear to where I want to wear them now in a hot beat. You know what I think you should start your own business on doing dressess and sales them that will bring you some money. Good Luck onfinding a job on the mean make those dresses fun. Gob Bless You.

  80. You rock girl! As a very-much older seamstress, I predict with your creativity, spirit, attitude, and spunk, you can do anything at all you set your mind to. I predict a great future for you and I’m pulling for you. Knock-em dead sister.

  81. I absolutely love what you did with that Hawaiian Muumuu. Before I even finished reading that post and saw you kept a piece for a belt, I had a similar idea for what it could look like. You nailed it. How awesome are your ideas?! (that was rhetroical). Great Job!

  82. I have eaten Gator, well his tail in Florida. It was pretty good. You should open a store, much like a thrift store but charge a lil more for your time and creations but do you know how many people including myself would love to shop at a store where everything was a recreation of something well, hidious? And now beautiful. You could call it the ugly duckling. Well, I cannot wait until your next creation!! Your pretty incredible!!

  83. I have really enjoyed looking at your fashions. You are quite the good re-designer of things!
    I have a sewing machine, and on my good days, I am going to try to re-design my clothes. (I say good days, cause I have some disabilities, and some days, can’t even type, let alone sew, but I try)
    I have three gorgeous great nieces, that I used to sew for, and make things. You have re-inspired me to use my talents again!
    Thank you, and keep on sewing, your designs are great!
    A sewing friend.

  84. Your story is inspiring. I too have been out of work for over year, delving into various entrepreneur or independent contractor jobs to make money…Some weeks and months are good…but seems like a lot more AREN’T. When I read your story this morning on yahoo, I had to click over to your blog to see what you have worked on and have been impressed with the transformations. I am not a sewer, but your inspiring to take on a project or to learn to do something that I would enjoy.

    Thank you AGAIN!!!

  85. Hi! That’s very bold of you, to do all this! We all have projects we dream of doing some day but excuses, excuses… Thanks for inspiring.

  86. haha, “light eminating from the glorious sausage”…hilarious!!

  87. I live in Florida and you can have gator any which way, plus it’s delicious! Just thought I would let you know that, in case you ever left beautiful Cali and traveled this way. 😉
    Also, your work is brilliant and If I were ever as talented as you with a sewing machine we could be a team! 🙂 I especially love the idea that you bring life back into tragic clothes. I hope to see you on the today show sometime(or a show like that)..It would be interesting to hear your story behind this! Keep up the clever ideas, i’ll be checking back!

  88. This dress would be cute as a tank!

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