Day 243. 122 days and $122 left to go.

We’re back to an even amount of days and dollars!! Remember this dress from Day 186??

Day 242 - Before

Day 242 - Before

That was crafted into this??

Day 186 - After

Day 186 - After

Well, I’m working with the skirt leftover today which first and foremost, doesn’t cost a dime (woo hoo!) and is going to get a little makeover perfect for cooking club tonight!

My first step was folding the skirt so the ruffle area that was at the bottom is now in the middle.

Folding action!!

Folding action!!

I then pinned this down and sewed it into place.

Pinning in place!

Pinning in place!

We’re going with a quick apron today (thanks DL for the request!!) and this new ruffle is going to hit me right at my knees.

I then cut the sides off and got the amount of fabric that would be covering my legs just right.  I’m using a little bit of flour today and I can’t wait to actually rub it off onto my new apron!!

Edge trimming!!

Edge trimming!!

I trimmed, then folded down the raw edging, and added some sashes (extra fabric!) that I would be pulling to the back and tying to keep it in place.

Pin time!

Pin time!

Now it was round two for sewing and I stitched down my edges and my new sashes – almost ready for cook time!

 Almost there!

Almost there!

I grabbed some vino and spanakopita and brought it to the Mediterranean covered table.

Day 242 - After

Day 242 - After

That was our theme, so we had delish orzo and feta, spinach and pine nuts with raisins and amazing homemade tzatziki to go with some baked falafel pockets.

Yum Spread!

Yum Spread!

We were reminiscing that we just hit our year mark of monthly cooking nights which called for a little wine glass clinking as we cheersed each other and got grubbing!

Suzie Homemaker!

Suzie Homemaker!

This was the take two shot – it looked a little more like the commercial version of my after shot… “Hey, Mamma Mia, I work at an Italian restaurant as I wear my gingham top from Day 115 to pour some vino into your glass. Ciao Bella!” (Clearly in my head I’m saying this in an Italian accent.) Couldn’t resist adding it in…plus it’s a little closer up on my apron.  I cannot wait to use it at the next cooking night which we decided will be Southern themed.  I’ll be asking for fave recipes as we get closer…


27 responses to “Day 243. 122 days and $122 left to go.

  1. I really like when you use an item twice! I was wondering how you were going to even that up!

    Okay, you’re going to hate me, but I cannot stay silent when it comes to grammar. You mean to use “It’s an even *number* of days and dollars”. Since you can count the days and dollars, it’s discrete, and therefore, a number. Additionally, if you had more days than dollars, you would have *fewer* dollars not “less dollars.” But you would have “less money” since money is not a discrete amount of stuff.

    So anyway, use “amount” and “less” for a continuum of *stuff*, or volume, and “number” and “fewer” for discrete *things*.

    Thank you for reading thus far. Please excuse my need to give a grammar lesson. I’m a bit of a smart ass, but I figure it’s better than being a dumb ass.

    • Fay. You’re a dumb ass, not a smart ass. IT’S A BLOG. Leave a comment worth reading next time.

      • It’s a freakin’ blog! HER blog so she can say whatever she wants and however she wants. (You indirectly called her a dumbass you freak!)

    • LOL! That is really picky! Damn. Have you read ‘eats shoots and leaves?’ A book on grama

      Doncha know the internet aint a place 4 grama. stick it to da man i say

    • Besides, you put your full stop on the outside of one of your lots of apostrophes, that is a no-no.

      *of days and dollars”. *

      Judge and you will be judged.
      Leave the poor girl alone. It’s her blog (and a great one) she can do what she likes 🙂

  2. The way I teach my students to use less/fewer is to determine if the noun is countable or uncountable. You have LESS milk (uncountable) and FEWER milk cartons (cartons can be counted).

    LESS luggage, FEWER suitcases.
    LESS material, FEWER dresses.
    And so on…

  3. i love loved love the skirt! Now try putting on the shirt and the skirt you made with that fabric. tee hee hee!!!

  4. Oops! This is the Libby from before I just realized that it’s not a skirt it’s an apron. I only glanced at it before. Sorry for misunderstandings!

  5. Hi, I’ve only been following you for about a month (sounds a little stalker) but enjoy your writing so much (regardless of the gramatical corrrectness, not that I would know) that I went back and read your posts right from the start. I feel like I know you and maybe I do a little because I totally read that in an accent before I even read about it being in an accent.
    Awesome stuff… keep up the good work 🙂

  6. great job~ love the resourceful-ness 🙂

    p.s. dont worry about your grammar. who cares? its your blog and you’re doing a great job focusing on your cause ($365 dollars for 365 outfits 🙂

  7. Wow, when i first saw what you did here i didn’t read the text, i just scrolled to the photos….and i thought….what is that girl thinking?? A floral skirt with a red checkered blouse?? lol

    But now i see….nice work! lol i love this apron.

  8. Day 242…and the first questioning of word usage…I would say that you have an A+ in my book for your intelligently and comically written blog, Marisa!!!

    I’m always amazed at how absolutely well-written they are considering some must be composed in the wee hours on little sleep. Your English teachers/professors would be proud!!!

    Sorry, Fay and Liz, but you were kind of a buzz-kill when we all know even-steven …

  9. Love the apron – so cute. I could hear you in the Italian accent! I really want you to be on Project Runway!
    Hope we have less grammar police here 🙂

  10. Great apron, Marisa! I, too, enjoy seeing more than one item made from an original piece. Ignore the “me talk pretty one day” brigade…your turns of phrase are unique to you and I sometimes find myself using your abbreviations (“whatev” being my favorite, much to my mom’s dismay–ha!). Your blog never fails to inspire me and brighten my day!

  11. Meghan, Trish, Jessiejack,

    I was explaining a quick and easy way to decide when to use fewer/less. Don’t we all strive for improvement? Marisa may or may not want to use that information in the same way I may want to use the information she gives me about how to cinch a halter strap. Take it and use it or leave it. Why is there so much malice in your observation of the comments? I enjoy the blog and Marisa’s creations as much as you do. I don’t enjoy being put down by a stranger.

    Marisa, if my remark upset you, I apologize.

  12. Hi Marisa,
    Loving your blog and how it is written like you must talk. Makes me laugh!! Have to restrain myself these days and read your descriptions before just scrolling down to the finished pic, then going back and reading. Like my little piece of chocolate – making it last. Wish I had your talent and imagination. Go to op shops and look for inspiration but just dont have your talent. Looking forward to the remaining time. Sad when it ends 😦

  13. I love the skirt you made our of this dress, not so much the top; although I think you are an inspiration for all of us.
    Now when I look at a dress I can see not only the dress, but the posibilities of the dress, and that´s just fabulous.
    Un abrazo

  14. Brilliant! Found an article about you in a uk sewing mag and if I can figure this site out will definitely be subscribing! You are an inspiration!

  15. Kim – touche! Yep, love Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. She’s got another one on rudeness. 😉

    Liz – I agree with you.

    Marisa – likewise if my grammar strictness annoyed you, please forgive me. I do enjoy your cute entries and your brillant creations.

  16. Marisa, I reread my original comment and I realize that it sounds like I’m calling you names! 😦 I never meant to imply that. My apologies.

  17. once i went to an italian restaurant. it was very worldly. they even served cinnamon breadsticks.

  18. oooohhh its an apron… sweet! =) luv ur blog

  19. Ahhh. I am in love with all of it … day 251, day 250, day 249, day 248, day 246 … how could I begin to choose a favorite? I am about your size, or so it looks! If you ever auction anything off, email me! You’re so genious … I love it! I was laid off last year too, but all I did was nap … silly me. You’re my new idol! Love it all. Kd

  20. That apron is awesome, but I must say I LOVE your dinner plates!

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