Day 187. 178 days and $175 left to go.

Ooh, the heat is on!!  Oh-woah-oho, oh-woah-oho!  (Thanks Glenn Frey…your song is totally stuck in my head – click for some background tunage!)  This warmth is calling out to me…”go strapless or go home” so strapless it was going to be.  This is where it all began.

Day 187 - Before

Day 187 - Before

This lovely magenta crepe dress was just plain and so-so.  A bit large under my arms as well as my chestal area and it was just blech.  I was going to make this a fab summer frock in a few steps.

First, the breakdown of the straps.  I got out my seam rippers and began taking out stitches.

Unstitching the straps...

Beginning to unstitch the seams of the straps...

With a little elbow grease, the straps were almost completely unstrappy 🙂

Straps are almost undone!

Straps are almost undone!

I cut the remnants from the straps…

Strap remnants!

Strap remnants!

and pinned down the raw edges at the top of the dress.

Strapless here I come!

Strapless here I come!

After stitching a new hem, I took the sides of the dress in from the waist all the way to the top.



The top part of the dress was less baggy now and I had no concerns that any sort of flashing was going to take place.  I didn’t take in the skirt at all because there were already pockets (KEY INGREDIENT!!) and I liked the looseness.  With the addition of excess material from Day 141 used as a belt, my strapless summer dress was ready to wear!

Day 187 - After

Day 187 - After

Aah, nothing is better than going strapless on hot days!!  The constant breeze flow is key, for me at least, in lessening the sweat factor while driving around the city in my car or furiously walking outside to make it to an appointment on time.  This summer will be chock full of these strapless wonders!

Sleepytime :)

The heat is on...on the street couch

I’m done writing and that song is still stuck in my head.  I may just have to scope out On Demand to see if I can find Beverly Hills Cop anywhere.  If not, guess what’s going to the top of my Netflix?  Oh-woah-oho, oh-woah-oho!

19 responses to “Day 187. 178 days and $175 left to go.

  1. But how oh how do the dresses stay up? I am very impressed by that alone. 😉

    • When I was fitting this dress, I made sure to pin it closer in by where my boobs were before I began sewing. It fit well after, but then I also wore my padded strapless bra which made it fit like a wonder!

  2. Gorgeous color. Love the belt

  3. gorgeous transformation! I love that color, too :]

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Oh Marisa. I am so very sory I hav not comminted of late, as I know you deerly await my thoughts. I cannot tell you why, for I fear you may not want too hear from me anymore if you should know the truth. But please know, I remain truly faithfully you fan. For ever. And ever.

  5. I think the color looks really good on you. Oh yeah! Strapless is great when it’s the hot summer days! 🙂

  6. You should know that whenever I look at your blog I call in at least three people to see what you’ve done. So, so creative. I wish I had your talent!

    Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a $25 Tulle gift certificate!

  7. Yeah, I want to know how the dress stays up.

  8. I love this one – so pretty!!!!

  9. This one is GREAT!! I love doing the strapless re-dos myself 🙂 I need to get some of mine up on my blog…thanks for the inspirational nudge!

  10. …caught up in the action, I’ve been looking out for you…[r refashions]! Now I’ve got that stuck in MY head!

    Today’s dress is very cute!

  11. wow~ fantastic site!
    Love your way with the creative process wording and photos are hilarious.
    I’m just starting out sewing..i’m an art therapist who “makes something everyday”.. can I request a tutorial or you to add some photos of making strapless tops/ dresses for size 12’s … with built in bra?

  12. I adore the strapless looks. I won’t get tired of them .

  13. Chestal. That is so going to be my new word. Love it almost as much as I love the strapless dress.

  14. Wow. After being directed here from the Craftzine blog, I read all of your archives. It inspired me to march down to the thrift store today. I got a couple of really cute dresses that will make even cuter tops. Thanks so much for the amazing ideas!

  15. this is soooo cute. me gosh!

  16. wondered if the bolero from the day before would go with this dress. Your house must be full of fabrics and scraps and thrift store piles. A girl after my own heart. Things just pop out of piles and match it’s fun to see.

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