Day 176. 189 days and $186 left to go.



It’s Day Six – the final day of LOST Week is here. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I heard “previously on LOST” for the last time this evening.  Whew, still hasn’t hit me yet.  Don’t worry…no spoilers ahead – I’m still trying to take in the two and a half hours 🙂

It’s Sawyer’s last day on the job, so he’s already in vacation mode.

Sawyer in a dark denim shirt plus accessories

Sawyer in a dark denim shirt plus accessories

My final LOST Week look begins here…

Day 176 - Before

Day 176 - Before

Day 176 - Before (from the back)

Day 176 - Before (from the back)

Yeah, this piece is rather ridiculous.  So how exactly does this tie in to LOST??

Smoke Monster!

Smoke Monster!

BAM!  The Smoke Monster.  Yep, this vest with the reptiles and animals on the back of it had one in particular that looked like the infamous Smoke Monster.  I’m going to take this vest apart and add the patch to a tank for my Series Finale ensemble.

First, it’s time for breakdown!

The vest innards!

The vest innards!

After ripping apart the vest, I was left with the patches from the back.  The one I’m using is the top right…

Seam ripped the patches off the back!

Seam ripped the patches off the back!

Now sewing this patch onto a white tank just wasn’t going to be enough for me.  I needed to do a little somethin’ somethin’.  I took a cue from Day 43 and got out the iron-on letters!!

Placing my seven letters down!

Placing my seven letters down!

I grabbed the letters to form two words and placed them on the back of the shirt.  Got out the iron and began to press the letters down.

Iron On 2 (sans Robert Downey Jr.)

Iron On 2 (sans Robert Downey Jr.)

Post my ironing, I took the patch and pinned it to the front of the tank (which, PS, I took from my stash of more than I need Hanes tanks in my top drawer) and got to sewing.

Sewing on my patch!

Sewing on my patch!

My Smoke Monster tank is all ready for some epic television watching.

The Series Finale (and yes, that is the Donald in the top corner, as yes, I Tivoed Celebrity Apprentice as well :)

OMG!! "THE END" (and yes, that is the Donald in the top corner - totally tivoed Celebrity Apprentice as well 🙂

Day 176 - After

Day 176 - After

Because the pic of Sawyer above wasn’t going to be enough for the last day…

Call me freckles anytime Sawyer!

Call me freckles anytime Sawyer!

One more time, right?

I still don’t really have words about the episode…beautiful, sad, romantic, settling, unsettling, elegant… There will be more as the discussions/chit-chat/rewatching/reading come up beginning tomorrow.  Some may have liked and some may have not, but at the end of the day, we all GOT LOST 🙂

Time to GET LOST!

Time to GET LOST!

“I’ll see you in another life brotha.”

Six days down.  And then there were none…single tear.

Since I can’t toss the three leftover patches into my shoulder pad container I’m givin’ em away!  I stitched each one onto a tote bag and they’re up for grabs!



Leave a comment below (include your email!) and I’ll be picking three winners (via this Friday, 5/28.  Lizards, scorpions and caterpillars oh my!


175 responses to “Day 176. 189 days and $186 left to go.

  1. Loving your blog – but i am guessing Australia is too far to be a winner. Oh well. Love your ideas and vintage recycling.

  2. I totally love what you do with your sewing machine but it’s your musings I almost look forward to more – you really make me laugh!! Thank you! xx (

  3. Oh, how lovely!

    p.s. I’m pretty much in love with everything you’ve re-made so far 🙂

  4. Oh yeah! Would love to rock one of those bags!

  5. I love every thing you do! I look forwars to seeing your new creation everymorning. You turn weird items into beautiful articles of clothing! Keep it up!

  6. And you had me wondering what you were going to do with that vest, haha!
    You solved it wonderfully.. And a caterpillar tote, hell yeah! Count me in!

    Secretely I am waiting here for your year to end, and see what you’ll do then!

  7. Hi there! I started reading your blog a few days ago, I LOVE what you’re doing. I used to alter thrift shop clothes for myself, but haven’t done much lately… you’ve inspired me to get back to it.

    As my name suggests, I’m into bugs and all sorts of creepy crawlies, and I would *love* one of those totes ( 🙂

  8. Even tho I almost qualify for senior (citizen) discounts and haven’t worn a dress in almost 3 years (July 3, 2007) I look forward to reading your daily post before going to work each day. Your sharp wit, fun expressions and social life remind me of what it was like to be half my current age (and when I owned the “before” wardrobe). Thanks for the daily smile!

  9. Good job with re-purposing that vest! You’ve almost inspired me to forget my past sewing fiascoes and try my hand at it again 🙂

  10. GIRL – You are one crafty DIVA! I love your website and all the sewing stuff you create. I haven’t left a comment before But I’m diggin the totes 🙂

  11. Loving these totes!!! How far are these lovely bags willing to travel? 😀 They’re such a great idea!! (I love the little panda on the front of the vest in the before picture hehe you should have kept him!) is my email – let me know!
    I love getting an email each day notifying me of your daily sewing adventures… keep it up!

  12. Hello,
    Your blog is like my morning newspaper…..”What did Marissa do today?”
    I am not a LOST fan….yet. Your pics of Sawyer are going to make me one, though.
    Love your totes.

  13. Love you tank and the bags are great! xx

  14. creepy reptiles make cute totes? seems like…. would love to win! 🙂

    is this open to your international readers too?

  15. Wow, didn’t see that one coming at all. I was thinking some sort of vest/jacket refashion, but that tanktop, totally cool and very creative!!

  16. Ooh, I’d love to win a tote bag! One of my favorite things about your blog is that you take items that make me think, “Urgh, what’s she going to do with THAT?” and make them into something that’s cute and wearable. (bookworm396 at gmail dot com)

  17. Wow that vest was amazing. I am glad it was put to better use.

  18. Great use of something crazy awesome!

  19. You are a sewing/refashioning inspiration to me! I look forward to reading your posts daily. When I saw this vest I thought “What can she possibly do with THAT?!” Another amazing transformation, you never cease to amaze.

  20. I look forward to your posts each day and I would love to win.

  21. Those totes are beautiful! Definitely would spice up college life…

  22. That tank is awesome!!! I would love to win a tote bag, great giveaway! In fact, those patches remind me of a tote bag my grandparents bought me from Brazil when I was a kid….Have a great day!!

  23. I would love to win one of your awesome totes!! You did great work with that vest. Thanks for the chance!

    PS. Loved the article on you in BUST magazine! I ran to my boyfriend when I saw it and told him he had to read it.

  24. I enjoy reading your blog every day. You are inventive and funny. Thank you for sharing your creative mind. I would be honored to win something you constructed.

  25. LOVE the bags and the tank is HI-larious!

  26. Love your blog! I have just discovered it and am now addicted! great work!

  27. So cute!

  28. Haha this is awesome! I love it!

  29. I am a recent convert to Lost (I just finished Season Two – so I may have to keep my peepers shut for the next couple of days so as to not ruin the rest of my Lost viewing experience), so I am especially fond of this theme week! I would love to win one of those totes!

  30. Can I just hug you for putting those patches on bags rathern than throwing them away? It’s genius! Even if I don’t win, I am so excited about the thriftiness and craftiness of this. You rock!

  31. Love your re-styling!
    Also love the patches on the totes- way to re-use and recycle! (And would love to have one of my very own!)

  32. I can’t wait to discuss lost – I think I finally figured it out lol.

  33. I am constantly amazed by your creativity and ability to create something new from essentially what others have thrown away! The most amazing part is that you are able to think of a new creation every single day, that is truly inspiring! I really hope I win one of your bags, I’ll even pay the postage all the way to Australia ;o)

  34. My 8 year old daughter and I love what you do, and she is excited for her first sewing machine and getting her creativity on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. You are inspiring and creative! Love the tee and bags!
    uglyoldbat at hotmail dot com

  36. pick me! me! me! sheilla78(at)hotmail(dot)com

  37. That shirt is amazing! Love the totes, too. I totally blew up your spot on my blog the other day…( if you’d like to check it out! 🙂

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  38. Get me Lost anytime! Love the tank (especially your awesome message) and the bags are too cute! Count me in!

  39. very cool! With all the buzz about LOST I think I might have to watch the series… yes I am a little behind on times.

  40. And here’s the e-mail, do include that!

  41. <3! I think you rock. So inspiring!

  42. so cool!

  43. you are so incredibly creative. love the bags!

  44. I love all of your creative repurposing of clothing. I would love to learn how to do that! The bags are cute and a great idea! I would love to have one. I enjoy your blog.

  45. Hello! Great job on the totes! I would love one!
    I am a huge LOST fan. What are we going to do now?

  46. Great tank! Great bags! I love your projects every day, quite inspiring actually. And I loved the episode. People keep trying to tell me how stupid and unsatisfying it was, but I thought it was PERFECTION!

  47. May 28th is my birthday and I would love one of these!

  48. I’ve been wanting a sewing machine for so long so that I can learn to sew! You’ve pushed me over the edge! I’m getting one thanks to all of your wonderful inspiration. ….and I totally want one of these adorable totes for carrying books to and from my college classes! Thanks

  49. Haha. You’re so funny!

    Plus the bags are so cute.

  50. Love those bags!And your top made me chuckle 🙂 what are you going to do with the cute panda from the front of the vest?
    Very impressed with your reconstructions/imagination.. 😀

  51. I’m so impressed with how you dealt with this crazy vest. So creative! I’d adore one of those totes–it just might help ease the pain of LOST ending.

  52. Your blog is a little ray of sunshine everyday! I’m so sad to see Lost ending, but the way you incorporated the Smoke Monster for the last day. 🙂 I love the totes! (

  53. I am lovin you from MN! Will a bag travel that far?

  54. OOO! I love these totes! I want one of your creative creations!
    Love your website! Wish I were as good with thrift store finds as you are!

    Hope I win!

  55. I never watched Lost, but I enjoyed your theme week.

  56. LOVE your site and the totes! Thanks for the daily work break.

  57. Like the Beastie Boys say, Your crafty, like ice is cold!

    Those totes are sweet! I’m impressed at the job well done! 🙂

  58. So creative! I also look forward to your funny stories – count me in.

  59. Heck yes! I love your blog. You’ve inspired me to look at thrift store finds differently.

  60. At the beginning, I was wondering what the heck you were going to do with that crazy vest. I really liked what you did, and I would like to win one of those tote bags, thanks for the contest!
    daniellemsmith1987 AT gmail DOT com

  61. Julie Stewart

    Would love to have one of your beautiful totes. You are so darn clever! Love all your stuff and look forward to seeing what clever things you come up with daily. thought about you last night during the last few minutes of the show and wondered how you were liking it! Hope it didn’t disappoint you cause I know you were the biggest fan! Take care and keep up the good work…you always make me smile!

  62. I wanna tote!!
    I’m seriously wondering what on earth you are going to do with all those leftover shoulder pads? You could quilt them together and have one puffy (and ugly!!) quilt. It would probably be the softest blanket ever!!

    I’m seriously addicted to your blog!
    Please..don’t stop!

  63. I wanna tote!!
    I’m seriously wondering what on earth you are going to do with all those leftover shoulder pads? You could quilt them together and have one puffy (and ugly!!) quilt. It would probably be the softest blanket ever!!

    I’m seriously addicted to your blog!
    Please..don’t stop!


  64. Stumbled across your blog one evening and seriously looked at every archived post to the very beginning in one sitting. Love it! Its been inspiring and I have already purchased a few of my own hidden treasure dresses from yard sales in my area. Thanks for taking the time to inspire others to think outside the box 🙂

    Also, I’d love a tote as well.


  65. I love you blog, Marisa! Your theme weeks are the best. I always feel inspired when I see what you’ve been up to. I’d love a tote!

  66. great tank! I can’t comment on the last episode because my husband and I are late bloomers and are only on Season 4 via Netflix. but we are totally hooked and watch 3 episodes a night sometimes (not much else to do with kids around)
    thanks for all the clothing reconstruction inspiration, i’m slowly recreating my own wardrobe!
    love the blog hope I win a bag!

    campbell4158 AT me DOT com

  67. scrappy buttons

    You are so creative….I love your style….
    so …….pick me please…….

  68. cool totes! hope i win. i love your blog.

  69. I totally agree with you 100% on your synopsis of the ending. I think I need to process for another 24 hours.

    PS – LOVE the tank. So cute and such a fun send-off for LOST.

  70. love the blog!

  71. I like all three! I was going to say how much I loved this one or that one but I can’t decide. *sigh* I think I also like strange little bags. By the way. I’m stopping in to comment on how your site has just inspired me to be be more creative … and assertive in my creativity. Thank you for putting everything out there for us all.

  72. Love your blog! I wish you were giving away a date with Sawyer! but I’ll take a tote bag too!

  73. Your blog is the one I look forward to most in my RSS feed! Love the totes and I’m so sad LOST is done.

  74. Oooh ooh! I’d love to have one so I’ll enter. Btw, you’ve inspired me, and though my sewing skills are just exteme beginner I’ve been trying to seek out stuff to try to alter. Unfortunately there aren’t any places around her where you can get stuff for a dollar. Maybe $5 at the cheapest. But I’m trying! I’ve done one so far that was a very small alteration. =D Your talent for seeing something in what seems worthless is amazing!

  75. you are too much! Those totes are amazing…You made me actually want to watch LOST….love ya!

  76. Love reading your blog everyday. I went thrifting this weekend to find things that I can alter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Love your blog, love your creativity. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and the giveaway !

  78. OMG I want one! I did something like that for a friend once with a bunch of her old concert patches! I love your blog btw, it is so insipiring! 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  79. You amaze me every day! Love Lost and love your blog!!! Keep up the great dress a day! You are so inspiring!

  80. ooh! would love to win of those babies!

  81. I was so pleased to click on you today. I am also “still processing” last night’s *sniff* last “Lost.” Lest you think I am less than sincere, I’d like you to know that the minute I saw your vest and paired it with “Lost,” I thought of the stained galss window panes of the funeral site and how those insect-panes were like that. That look is so much better in glass. Your re-interpretation was spot on!

  82. Still digesting all that almost 24 hrs later! Not sure if I was happy or not with the ending, I guess that’s not my call though! I would love to win one of these, I’m in Australia though so not sure if you’re willing to post there or not. No biggie!

    selinasvintage (@)

  83. These are beautiful and I could totally use it to drag my children’s books back and forth from home to work!

  84. Amazing!! I’d love one!!

  85. So creative. I can’t believe that vest actually turned out to be good for something(s)!
    cheatingpiggies at hotmail dot com

  86. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and everything you do!!! You are so talented!!!! Greetings from a German girl with an English name, living in Spain :-D!!!

  87. I am always surprised by your creations. Your top is so cute! Science teachers always need totes.

  88. Wow! look at the response~ I want one!

  89. You may not want to use these but putting them on a tote was a great idea. And my gosh wherever did you find that vest??? Wouldn’t mind having one of those totes though. Found your blog about 4 days ago and spent way too much time backtracking to catch up on your “one a day” sewing. You are very creative.

  90. love love love your blog! that’s all I have to say.

  91. I would proudly use the tote everywhere! Thanks for the inspiration!

  92. My daughter would love you forever if you picked us to win one of your critter totes! 🙂

    Thanks for your daily refashions – I love them!

  93. Just had a friend mention your blog, and I am addicted! Love seeing what you come up with! I am from a frugal family of dumpster divers, so I thoroughly enjoy your creativeness!!!!!

    I check in everyday! Keep it up!

  94. bouquetofparentheses

    Love this blog! I’d take a tote!

  95. Found your blog recently and it makes me want to find crazy clothes and make them cool…unfortunately I don’t have the insight for it! 🙂 Great work. Can’t wait to scroll all the way through the other posts!

  96. holler from dayton, ohio….i’d love one of those totes for school! your blog is very entertaining and creative!

  97. Love your blog. Can’t wait to see what you do next year!

  98. Wow… when I win one of these amazing, super-cute totes, will you fill it with some of your creative genius? Thanks!

  99. Thanks for your blog and the chance to win one of your totes!


  100. Would love a tote! You’re awesome! And look how many commenters you have!

    Katy (dot)

  101. Love your site and all your great ideas. I would love to win a tote. Thanks

  102. Thanks for sharing yourself and adventures with the world. I look forward to reading/seeing what you’ve created for the day. It has inspired me to be more creative in my life (I just finished a tutu to take camping). Namaste

  103. i love it! great idea for the totes.
    so i’ve come to the conclusion that i like the way it ended, i’ve totally been analyzing over and over and taking apart everything christtian said and…i like the way it ended. and i’m glad it’s over. now i just have to slowly collect each season and watch it forever.

  104. well, I’ll have a go! Hope whoever gets the bags is super dooper happy! You’re awesome, Marisa. 🙂 Keep up the good and inventive work!

  105. I love the tee – my teenagers would be fighting for it! I look forward to seeing what you do each day.

  106. How generous of you to give away your three totes bags. Good luck everyone! Gotta thank my cousin for turning me on to your blog. I am hooked.

  107. Oooh, you can never have enough totes! Did you know you inspired me to make one out of an empty rice bag? Ha! After I started reading your blog, it just put me in such repurposing state of mind, I couldn’t throw that pretty rooster on the bag out in the garbage.

  108. These are gorgeous, count me in! I’ve been reading for a while, came here via Home Ec 101. You do lovely work!

  109. I love how you reinvented such an over-the-top vest…and I would LOVE to show off one of those totes at the farmer’s market this summer!

  110. I LOVE your blog! It’s totally inspiring and your reinventions are so cool!! This latest one is outstanding! Really loving the Get Lost on the back.

    I’d love to win one of these cool totes!!

  111. Oh my, i heart your blog, and I LOVE LOST! its amazing what you do with old clothes that otherwise belong in the dump.

  112. Valerie Bishop

    When I saw that vest I wasn’t sure how you were going to make something out of that – but you pulled it off yet again!! What a great idea and I love the totes!!

  113. I have a number of addictions in my life. Some of them are the following: your blog, the LOST series (sniff, sob, gulp, it’s really over?), and reusable tote bags. Since this contest would encompass all three of those, I’d love to win! Thanks for the week of Lostie fun!

  114. I”ve been loving watching you refashion everything. I’d be proud to show off one of the totes in my travels this summer.

  115. I am absolutely addicted to your website!

  116. Ahh! I love that tanktop idea, and I LOVE those tote bags. Put me in the pool for the random drawing, please 🙂

  117. Audrey Elizabeth Pace Engle

    LOVE IT! Cutie-Patootie:)

  118. I love your blog! It is so fun to see the transformation from unwearable to adorable! I admire your creativity and sewing talents! Brava! I would love to be in the pool for the tote bag drawing.

  119. Found your blog from a friend and love it! It has inspired me to sew more:)

  120. I was wondering what you could possibly do with that piece. I love your t-shirt, and would love a tote!

  121. great idea to make the totes.
    I like the yellow creatured panel.

  122. Keep up your creativity! you inspire me 🙂

    and love the patch bag 🙂

  123. Sensational! Love the totes.

  124. You and your blog are both adorable! Love it!

    (Mrs dot kaiser at gmail dot com)

  125. Wow! you’re creativity astounds me. Thanks for inspiring me to be more creative with my own wardrobe.

  126. Love love love the blog! If only I could sew! *sigh* For now I will watch and learn. : )

  127. Why not? I’d love a memento of your year!

  128. Hi Marissa!
    I love what you are doing…you are so creative! I would love to win one of your totes!

    Yeah for Bay Shore!!

  129. great blog–love all the new dresses–you make it look soooo easy! always excited to come see what new creation you’ve made-how cute to make bags out of the scraps from the vest thingie LOL

  130. Hahah, I like the pictures next to the TV! Nice tank top.

  131. this is so amazingly cute and clever! What a way to take something seemingly hopeless and turn it into something awesome! And I love those totes!!

  132. Love your creativity! You’re an inspiration!

  133. I love following along with your site. You really have an amazing ability to turn some crazy stuff into amazing pieces that I would LOVE to wear!

  134. I’m not sure if my putting my email in the slot above is what you wanted so here it is if it wasn’t! ;0)

  135. Love the website and your creativity. I’m ready to go sign up for sewing classes.

  136. I first saw the vest and thought, “Hunh. How the heck is she going to make anything fabulous from that?” After all this time, I don’t know why I ever doubted you! Fantastic!

  137. Cute! Love your lostness and your site is truly inspirational.

  138. I vant vun! I vant vun! 🙂

  139. Awesome post as always!

  140. I ❤ LOST and dress-a-days! I want to win! woooo! I'm a bit crunk of Sangria right now.

  141. Cool! I love totes to take to the grocery store, etc. I would be proud to carry one you made!

  142. Pick me! I love your site. It makes my day, every day 🙂

  143. The more I think about it the more I love it. If you want to pick it apart you could but it was a chance to say good bye. You can have Sawyer, me I am going to keep loving Desmond from afar. Love what you did with the vest too.

  144. Wow what a great response! Good to see you have so many fans!

    I’d love the scropian one if I won 🙂

  145. great job on this, as well as the previous 175 days. keep at it!

  146. I love your site. It is totally inspirational. I am just a beginner at sewing but am learning there are so many possibilities. I would love to win one of your totes. I would sport it everywhere. 😉

  147. awesome!!!
    can’t wait to go to the thrift shop and make me some new/old garb!

  148. I Love the lost tank and would love to win a bag!

  149. love your blog, you totally inspired me to refashion a couple of dresses from the goodwill, they are now my fave items in my closet!

  150. Amazing talent you have! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us! Would love a tote, who wouldn’t 🙂

  151. So creative, I love it.

  152. oooo! how fun! I use the heck out of bags like this. Plus it would be really cool to have a tiny slice of the magic. This blog is so fantastic that only word that can describe it is magical 🙂

    ❤ Clare

  153. I’ve been reading your blog and have been amazed at the transformations you’ve wrought to those dresses. I’m planning on obtaining a sewing machine and creating more of my own clothes rather than buying them.

    Of course, like the 155 commenters before me, I think your totes are pretty cool too. 🙂

  154. Oops! My email is cstrash1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  155. That finale had my head spinning, and your theme week leading up to it was awesome. Love it, and love you!

  156. I admire you for undertaking this year long challenge! (and that lizard patch is ridiculously awesome!)

  157. Lauren Royalty

    Cute bags! I have been following your site and look at your new creations daily! Very inspiring! 🙂

  158. Lauren Royalty

    oops forgot email,

  159. Cute bags!

  160. Nice tank! Those totes look like just the thing for my creature loving daughter.

  161. Get bags – way to recycle and be creative at the same time. I want to learn to sew some time here.

  162. Holy cow! So many comments! You have inspired me so much, I would love to win, of course ;).

  163. Holly- Claire

    Love, love, love the patchwork bags! I have always LOVED patches and those are super cute 🙂

  164. Awesome tank!!! Great idea using the extra pieces to make the totes!

  165. I love your blog, funny and crafty with a drink or two thrown in! Perfect!

  166. Oh oh pick me! I love your blog and your million and a half ideas for making icky things into pretties.

  167. I’m so ashamed that it took a giveaway for me to finally give you awesome props for your fabulous site. You’ve inspired me to look more closely at the thrift store offerings (and dawdle even longer in my favorite secondhand shops!). As a lazy person, I’m really in awe of your commitment to your readers!! 🙂 And, you’re one of the few bloggers I know will have a new post every day. Thanks so much!

  168. Just found you from and I’m totally in love with your idea. I always come across stuff with “potential”, but you’ve inspired me to take it to the next step.


  169. great top i lurvvee it to bits. in the extreme.

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