Day 171. 194 days and $191 left to go.



Another theme week begins!!  I know you’ve all been brimming with anticipation and it has arrived!!

A final ode to LOST begins today (as the second to last episode aired) and will be going straight through to the finale on Sunday.  Let me just say, I was wavering for a while back in season two/three but stuck with it thanks to my TiVo and there’s just too much time that has been invested not to finish watching.  (At least this will take just six days instead of six seasons).  No worries if you’re not a Lostie, you’ll still appreciate the theme week if for no other reason than…

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in a white T

Sawyer in a white T

…HIM!!  Josh Holloway who plays Sawyer is Dreamy McDreamerson and he’ll make a daily appearance wearing a different outfit – maybe it’ll even get you revved up to begin going through the 121 total episodes.  Wow, putting that in writing made me choke on my Twizzler.

OK, this week is an ode to the show and an ode to the hours upon hours devoted to this magical island of deception including but not limited to yelling at the TV (most definitely when the episode got cut off early because of Time Warner and most probably when Ben shoots his daughter Alex), tears from “The Constant” episode, and all the flashing (as in forward/backward/sideways).

We begin here…

Day 171 - Before

Day 171 - Before

This had elements of John Locke aka “I heart cargos”…

Locke loves his cargos!

Locke (Terry O'Quinn) loves his cargos!

and badass Sayid…

Sayid (Naveen Andrews) loves his cargo shirts!

Sayid (Naveen Andrews) loves his cargo shirts!

…so I had to go with this cargo-ish jacket I found for a dollar that’s actually meant for fishermen!  There were lots of random attachments that I had to take off because I honestly had no idea what they were supposed to be used for.  That just didn’t cut it for me.

This is also used to hold pencils.

This is also used to hold pencils, clearly.

The above is questionable as well as the below.

This furry patch either holds hooks or is a place to clip my earrings.

This furry patch either holds hooks or is a place to clip my earrings.

After the excess pieces were removed, I took in the jacket from the back…

Tightening up that jacket!

Tightening up that jacket!

…and took in the arms to make it a bit more fitted.  I rolled up the sleeves and now have a totally LOST-worthy piece 🙂

Day 171 - After

Day 171 - After

I even tried climbing through the non-sonar fence.

Not the sonar fence...

Just a chain link one here.

That’s dedication my friends.  And then there were five…


21 responses to “Day 171. 194 days and $191 left to go.

  1. My boyfriend freaking loves his cargo pants. argh, so many pockets! I wonder if I can ever get him to switch from a billion pockets to an elegant man-bag.

    Anyways, great job on the jacket! I love your mods. And thanks for the Sawyer & Sayed pix; that made my morning.

  2. Is that a scarf I see from your refashion posted yesterday? The fabric looked so light and airy, perfect for a summer scarf. (Which my Mister insists is an oxymoron.)

    You tailored this quite nicely.:)

  3. You could make a guest appearance on “Lost” wearing that outfit. Love adapting the fisherman garb.

  4. Great refashion! I so want your cargo jacket! yOur thrift stores need to come my way, I want some cool thrifts for a $1!!

  5. I can just see you now chasing through the temple avoiding the smoke monster!

    I LOVE this theme week! I can’t wait to see your series finale outfit 🙂

  6. Love the cargo jacket and love the Lost week theme even more!

  7. i’m so excited…i wavered too (i think we all did) but i’m glad i stuck with it.
    i can’t believe it’s almost over and i’m also super glad it’s about to be over! i’m really excited about lost week!!

  8. I just wanted you to know that I’ve been following your blog for a few months now (I’ve definitely looked at every single post) and am in awe of your creativity and taste….in both fashion and TV! Oh Lost, how you will be missed….

    Can’t wait to see what you do for the rest of this week (Sayid shout outs are welcomed by this fan!)….but please don’t spoil anything….I’ve not watched last night’s episode and I’ll have to wait on the finale too…

    Thanks for being so fun to follow! =)

  9. I just found you! Love what you are doing! Am looking forward to seeing your Lost looks this week.

  10. love the jacket! you are amazing. ps im not a lostie but i know im still gonna enjoy lost week! 😉

  11. Such an improvement! The jacket looks perfect, it’s so much cuter now!

  12. Oh Sawyer – my heart’s aflutter. The jacket is really nice, too, but Sawyer…

    Oh and you know what freaks me out the most about LOST? Watching the DVD extras and listening to Naveen Andrews’ British accent. {Cue Twilight Zone music here}

  13. I want that jacket! Amazing job!!!!

  14. ok so I saw your blog a week ago and was totally inspired! TOTALLY! I bought a sewing machine and decided to go thrift store shopping as soon as I have a free min. I have NO idea how to use a sewing machine but I have always been creative and youtube is great for learning new things- anyway thank you SO much for the inspiration and I have told everyone I know to look at this blog I LOVE IT! Great Job! xoxoxo Lydia

  15. the only thing better than sawyer in a white tshirt would be sawyer in NO tshirt.

    when we got our 52″ TV it was great to see him in all that glory 🙂

    love the vision you have and the things you see in the pieces you find!

  16. Wow, that is such an awesome jacket!

  17. I just found you a few minutes ago via One Pearl Button. I love your idea for this project. I’m just popping in to say that that is a fisherman’s vest and the furry patch is a place to stick a light lure, like a fly (which is made with feathers), while you’re preparing the line and rod so it will be handy and won’t get blown away.

  18. Ok so super cute. I am almost done catching up on your blog. It took two days an a couple of hours and was totally worth it but I am sad you have stopped responding to comments. It makes complete sense considering all the work you are doing and how busy you seem.
    P.S. You get major points for being a Lostie : )

    • Woo hoo! I’m totally trying to catch up on comment responding…I’ve been so crazed lately that it’s taken a back seat. Will definitely get back on it!! Happy weekend fellow Lostie! xx

  19. I would just LOVE to say how much I LOVE that you had a LOST WEEK!!! you are amazing and I so wish i knew my way around a crappy dress and a sewing machine like u do! 😀

  20. this is my favorite item ive seen on your blog so far LOVE IT!

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