Day 167. 198 days and $195 left to go.

OK, this before pic is rather genius…

Day 167 - Before

Day 167 - Before

It’s like I’m in a big clown dress, just sans a rainbow wig and red nose.  There is this weird ruffle collar with some crazy long sash to tie at the neck which was just not happening.  Plus with the polka-dotted fabric, it was all very, very wrong.

First thing’s first – I had to get rid of the ruffles as well as that sash around the neck.  I used my seam rippers to take it all out.

The leftovers!!

The leftovers!!

Once that was done, I cut the sleeves in half and shortened up the length.

Later skirt!

Later skirt!

Then a little bit of seam ripping down the front of the dress…

V Neckin'

V Neckin'

…brought a little V-neck action to fruition!  After those three tweaks, I put the dress on and used the sash that was around the neck as a belt.

Day 167 - After

Day 167 - After

This one turned out fabulous!!  Loved the length and the new dropped neckline.  I paired a vintage gold tassel necklace from eBay that fit perfectly right in the center of the V as well as my brown sandals.  Just the thing to meet up with girlfriends for happy hour.

I went with the Delirium…


Beer Me!!

Nothing beats a delish Belgium brew and it was the drink that we started and ended the night with.  Today Happy Hour carried us all the way to last call…

Robot time!

Robot time!

…where I feel the need to dance the robot.  As some old school 80s tunes jammed in the background like, The Mary Jane Girls’ “In My House”, I just had to bring the moves.  If you were there, you would have been dancing alongside me.

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)


15 responses to “Day 167. 198 days and $195 left to go.

  1. From bib to v-neck… very nice. very cute dress and the changes turned it into something completely different.

  2. haha the before pic is great but LOVE the after!

  3. Now that’s a BIG 180! Looks great!

  4. That was a hot mess! You did a great job. My stylish tween and I LOVE your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. oooh this is one of my favorites! so pretty! and just what are you going to do with so many new clothes at the end of your year???


  6. Oh my goodness adorable! So jealous. ah to be able to make cute creations like this would be so fun. lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from

  7. I like the necklace choice! Good find! And my favorite line that made me literally “lol” was: “…it was all very, very wrong.” > <haha –good work here! I have yet to buy turquoise dye to re-vamp a scarf I got at a garage sale for like a buck fifty! EXCITING!

    ps: new website for me! 😀 check it out and leave a comment?

  8. Wow, the after dress is soooo cute!!!!!

  9. the “robot.” !!!! ahhahahaa. haha. !!!!!

  10. horray for belgian beers!

  11. Another amazing transformation. I love your face in the before pictures!

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