Day 164. 201 days and $198 left to go.

Today’s number was all about the 80s!!  Purple silk with a slight iridescent hint along with the pads of shoulder…

Day 164 - Before

Day 164 - Before

Today’s look was totally Purple Rain. All I needed was Prince’s tresses and that ruffle shirt and we would have been good to go without any changes.

Prince Show!!

Prince Show!!

However, I can’t play the guitar, so changes here we come.

First, out with these puppies.

Some serious paddage

Some serious paddage

They’re huge!  And just so you can really see the largeness, here you go…

Not even joking they're the size of my hands!!

Not even joking they're the size of my hands!

I mean seriously, right?  Out came the pads and next came the length.  I was definitely not into this as a dress, so I grabbed my scissors to shorten it up.

Trim, trim, trim

Trim, trim, trim

It was going to make a fabulous shirt of sorts now with the extra silk gone.  Also, those horrid sleeves?  No bueno at all.  Instead of cutting and sewing, I opted to roll them up.

Roll with me baby!

Roll with me baby!

After a not so long prep period, my new shirt was ready!  I threw on a white tank underneath and it was just the thing to enjoy a dark chocolate ice blended from The Coffee Bean.  The Bean is my West Coast substitute for Dunkin Donuts and today they were giving ice blendeds away!  Gratis, baby…and this girl digs their courteousness towards everyone’s budgets!

Day 164 - After

Day 164 - After

Unfortch silk is super-duper wrinkletastic and I can’t carry my steamer around all day.

Wrinkled but still fab :)

Wrinkled but still fab 🙂

And to be completely honest, I really don’t have a problem with that 🙂


14 responses to “Day 164. 201 days and $198 left to go.

  1. Ooh, nice! In the before photo you look seconds away from breaking into the Robot. Love it!

  2. The colour is gorgeous!

    And seriously, how do you stay so thin and gorgeous? All your posts are about food!

  3. i’ve been reading this blog almost everyday from day 20 or so, and your resolve and commitment to it amazes me! i’d have given up and left the blog hanging at day 5.

    oh and to denise, yes i was just wondering the exact same thing!

  4. SpecTACular!! And while I tend to steer clear of bright purple…I’d so rock this out! 🙂

  5. Perfect timing!! I opened this post, just as Prince was singing on the radio…too funny 😉 I love purple…,and silk.

  6. Anything reminiscent of Purple Rain gets an A+ in my book.

    As a shirt, this frock ROCKS!

    PuuuUUUURRpppllllee RAAAaaiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!

  7. Yes….Great look! and how do you stay so thin? You are indulging in the most wonderful food and drink and nary an LB adds to your frame…We wonder does she have the time to workout too???

  8. the color purple and the silk are really nice…but,well,hmmmm ….i think i would have made a camisole outta that…those sleeves . yeah, either a camisole or a pair of silk boxer shorts…

  9. haha this is an amazing project! i just came across it today. i esp love the hilarious before and after pictures, looks like so much fun!!

  10. Your idea is great!
    But you have less money than days left, how is it going to work out?

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  13. You could totally make a cute hat out of one of those shoulder pads…

  14. Just saw this older post. I’m so impressed with this fun transformation. And I would have fussed about how big the sleeves are at the armholes, but yea, you showed me how it works out PERFECTLY!! Yay!

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