Day 162. 203 days and $200 left to go.

Happy Sunday, but more importantly, Happy Mother’s Day!  On the agenda for me today was a trip to the flea market at the Rose Bowl per my mama’s request.  The day began with iced coffees and a mini (25 minute) road trip to Pasadena for some thrifting/sifting/people watching action!

My choice for the day…

Day 162 - Before

Day 162 - Before

A muumuu of extreme ruffled proportions!  It’s like a country western muumuu going on right now, you think?  I like the ruffles, just not the way they’re looking now, so it’s time for some tweaking!

First, I began by cutting the dress in half as I was going to work this into a top.

Chopping time!

Chopping time!

Now because I am a ruffles fan (of the ones on the dress and the delish chips, preferably of the Baked, Cheddar & Sour Cream variety) I wanted to make a few layers of them on the top.  Before I got to the ruffle layering, I had to take the top in a bit from both sides.

Pinning the areas where I'm going to take it in!

Pinning the areas where some taking in action will be had!

I pinned the area (a couple of inches) and took it in.  Now that it was fitted, it was time to attach some flair.  With the excess fabric, I added a row of ruffles to the front of the top and two rows of ruffles to the back.

I took the fabric, folded it like an accordion (pleated at every inch mark), and pinned it down to the top.

Pinning my pleats!

Pinning my pleats!

Here, you can see the pleats a little closer (from a view of the top edging).

View from the top

View from the top

After these were placed down into the rows, the piece took a trip to the sewing machine where the layers were stitched down.



You can see the navy thread of where the stitching went over the newly added ruffles.  I now had one additional row on the front to accompany the pre-existent ruffle collar and two new rows on the back to accompany the back ruffles.

Day 162 - After

Day 162 - After

Bladow ! (Urban dictionary def included mostly for my mom, but in case anyone else may need to check it too 🙂  There was some severe ruffleage going on and I was loving it.

Showing that ruffle action

I mean, I was jumping around all day to make them ruffles move!

And the layered action from the back…

From the back...

From the back...

And we concluded the afternoon with a hit of the deliciousness below.  I mean…

Happy Mother's Day!!!


To all the gorgeous mamas out there, including my own gorge one, hope today was beautiful!!


14 responses to “Day 162. 203 days and $200 left to go.

  1. That Muumuu was hugemungous! Looks fab a super ruffly top though 😀

  2. It looks awesome! I wish I could do stuff like that 🙂

  3. Loved it’s greatness! What a transformation! Hope you found some treasures while enjoying the day w/ your Mom!

  4. Bladow indeed!!!
    I must admit, I’m a not a ruffle-monster but you pull those of wonderfully!

    Ruffle on, ruffle on.

  5. I love this! What a great idea you have going here.

  6. that is great I love the ruffles, and I seriously crave a fruit tart right now. Lucky mama!

  7. It turned out really cute and fun! 🙂 I too love the ruffles effect! Awesome!

  8. Hello Marisa, I am sorry I haven’t commented on youre last few posts. I spilled nail polesh remover on the library’s computer and they won’t let me use it any more. But don’t fret my pet, I found an ipod toch someone left in a Taco Bell and am using it now.
    PS. Have you ever eaten at a Taco Bell in Costa Rica? It is very much not the same as the wons in America.

  9. I just love your blog. I too am a huge fan of altering clothing that I find at thrift stores and also showcase it on my blog, with much less frequency! I am so excited to read through your archives. I have a friend to thank for sending me your way, she was sent by another friend too. You are being watched! 🙂 Looking forward to the future and the past of what you have done! Here’s to sewing!

  10. Wow, that was a beautiful transformation!

    Looks like you had a nice Mother’s Day with your mom 🙂

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  12. You have a wonderful talent. I love the blog. EVERYTHING is sooo cute. I wish you well.

  13. do you add zippers and make button holes in your pieces or do you keep it simpler than that?

  14. I’m very much in love with this flowered fabric! And very much wanting some delicious fruit right about now. Amazing top though, I love it!

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