Day 157. 208 days and $205 left to go.

See, since I already know how today’s piece turned out I’m slightly biased as I begin this intro – it’s awesome and I can’t really talk smack because it looks so pretty as I look at it and write this.  It makes me feel guilty talking about the largeness and how it wasn’t perfect, as I wear the dainty number and feel just like one of those princesses that Taylor Swift writes about.

Princess Swifty

Princess Swifty

OK, maybe not that princessy because I’m not fifteen and it’s not all fairy tales and Romeo or Prince Charming on white horses, but definitely more girly than usual.  Just a little background – I found this dress a week ago for $1 and was first drawn to the navy blue and then fell in love with the floral pattern at the bottom.  Ooh, and then I realized that there were pockets, which you all know by now totally float my boat, however was a bit large on me.

Day 157 - Before

Day 157 - Before

OK, time to break it down. Cut out those shoulder pads…

No more shoulder pads, no more sleeves!!

No more shoulder pads, no more sleeves!!

…and shorten those sleeves!  Now, the top of the dress was really big on me as well as those sleeves, so I took them both in.  Below you can see the white stitches where my sewing machine tightened everything up and gave the edges of my new sleeves a hem.

Tightening up!

Tightening up!

Now, paired with a maroon sash and some flats my dress was complete!  And may I say that I got complimented twice on my dress…I know, and by two complete strangers at two completely different locations too.  I loved the one who asked if I got it from Anthropologie, to which I said, “no, I made it and only spent a dollar.”  Insert REALLY AWESOME FEELING here.

Day 157 - After

Day 157 - After

It was a lovely evening to hang with my gals LG (just like the tv, and yes her new flat screen is awesome) and RN (not a nurse, but gives totally awesome prescriptions, ie. advice) while we listened to funny people chat about those who bring babies to Coachella, the “jobs offered” section of Craigslist and specifically a “will you shave my back for $20” posting, as well as slightly crazy bosses who are allegedly being followed by the Repo Man and who also happen to secretly live in their workplace.  Comics always have the best stories!!

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

The night began with a tall glass of water and some brie and then ended with sangria 🙂



So delish, and yes I left the best part for last…the yummy wine soaked fruit!  Hello boozy oranges and apples, here I come!

24 responses to “Day 157. 208 days and $205 left to go.

  1. You really have a way with a sewing machine. Your dress fits you so perfectly, of course you got complimented on it twice!

  2. I really wish I had your talent! I would love to learn how to tailor my clothes (or any clothes) to fit me like that!

  3. Golly, it DOES look like it’s from Anthropologie! Good work!

  4. One of my favorites! Looks Great on you!

  5. Yep, I really love this one! And the story of how you spent your evening was fun, too. Anthropologie WISHES this was their dress! 🙂

  6. Wow, this dress is great! Does not look like the same dress at all. Nicely done!

  7. Nights that end in sangria end on a high note. I love this one.

  8. Definitely my fave! It’s a keeper.

  9. This is definitely one of my favorites! The dress fits you like a glove!

  10. Wow! This one is super beautiful. Great job!

  11. Anthropologie? Well, if that isn’t the nicest compliment! The dress is adorbs!

  12. i came across your site on facebook, and i love it! you’re so creative and i in no way can sew anything, and so many of these things youve transformed look like they came off the rack and i would totally buy – my fav is the white & blueish zebra shirt you did awhile back, and i had to catch up and look at everything!

  13. This one and yesterday’s are gorge. Some of my all-time faves so far!

  14. My fav up to now. Love the way you combined it. Yet another compliment from a complete stranger over at the other side of the pond ;-)))) You look gorgeous.

  15. Wow! This one is my favourite so far! It’s just gorgeous!

  16. So, so beautiful! Thanks for posting some pics of the sewing process too — very helpful for us noobs who are trying to be better sewers!

  17. I have been following your blog for a while now and i have to say this is my favourite creation so far!

    I am a serial thrift shopper myself. I love the thrill of finding gems hidden amongst mounds of clothing. I also love that no one else will be wearing the same thing as me!

    I really appreciate your blog because it shows that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find great clothing. I love telling people that I’ve bought a piece of clothing at a thrift store when they ask me where it’s from. Most of the time the answer shocks people!

    You’ve also helped me look at the clothing in thrift stores in a new light — I had never thought to make a dress into a shirt! My new goal is to find a great pair of old pants that I can make into an even better pair of shorts for the summer — I’d love to see a version done by you if possible!

    Thank you for all the inspiration! Keep up the amazing work!

  18. adore. are you selling the clothes you’re repurposing? I’d looove to buy that dress!

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  20. CRAZY! and it’s awesome that you can totally pull it off!!!!

  21. my fav!!! i love, love, loce this piece!

  22. I found your site through your yahoo spot (congrats!) and have loved, loved, loved looking through it!! All of your dye jobs are stunning and this dress makes me *super* happy :] Plus, your upbeat, spunky, Rainbow-Brite personality totally shines through in your posts, which is ultra fabulous! Keep up the great work!! ~Andrea

  23. Oh my my my, definitely a fav! I love the color too and it’s just so classy!! So so cute, I really love this one!!! Definitely one of my favs!

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