Day 156. 209 days and $206 left to go.

Bring the spring!!  That’s right, the sun and the warm temps are in full effect this week.  That’s what I like to see May!  You’re bringing all the boys to the yard and I love you for that.  The pollen I could do a little less of, but I’ll let you off the hook if you keep it in the 70s all week-long.

In celebration, I opted to go for the most springy thing I could find.  A flowy dress that was über sheer.

Day 156 - Before

Day 156 - Before

Before this got to the “after” picture, there were a few things I wanted to take care of.  First, I got rid of the sleeves.  I took my seam ripper out and removed them at the shoulders.  Next came the top layer of sheer fabric that went over my chest.  There were two layers and it was like a little extra shield of fabric that was stitched on top of a perfectly fine V necked piece.  I removed the excess material from the front and the back, leaving the lovely slightly V neck ready for its close up.  Now with that extra material from the sleeves, I stitched together a little sash to wrap around the dress to cinch it up a bit.

Being that it was totally Sheer McGee, I had to wear something underneath so I wouldn’t have to worry about the flashing issue.  I went to my trusty grey silk slip (which was a sample sale find years ago for $5!!) and put it on underneath my finished project…

Slip Me!

Slip Me!

I’m not flashing anyone, however my knees are showing a little bit of skin and are trying their hardest to peek through the sheer fabric.

Day 156 - After

Day 156 - After

Such a flowy and comfy dress for the day – I wish I had a garden party to attend instead of work 🙂

Tie it up!

Tie it up!

My little sash/tie gave the dress even more shape and I think I’ll be rewearing that again soon…PS, up close, isn’t this floral fabric pretty killer?  I’m highly obsessed 🙂

10 responses to “Day 156. 209 days and $206 left to go.

  1. Love the Look! Your creativity and that magic needle!

  2. your blog is brilliant and innovative. i have followed it for about 2 months! simply beautiful.

  3. So pretty!

  4. I applaud your vision. Usually when I see your before picture I think, “That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!!” I am always amazed at how good it looks in the end. It may have something to do with the fact that I think a potato sack might look cute tied around your tiny self!!

  5. lady, you are making me want to head to goodwill

  6. you totally nailed this one! it is so chic!

  7. You said in ur post that you would like to attind a garden party in this florel dress you maid. Well today is ur lucky day, Marisa. Please email me and I will give you instructions for my next gathering of the earth mothers. It is very close to ur house…;*:)

  8. Oh I love this one too, the color is so lovely and yes, you would fit right in at a garden party! Absolutely love the fabric too, great work!

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