Day 153. 212 days and $209 left to go.

It’s Friday, I’m in love…with my jacket 🙂  It was slightly military-ish and I was obsessed.  Now it didn’t fit me at all…

Day 153 - Before

Day 153 - Before

…as you can see above, but I still put it in my bag because A, it was a buck and B, because of the RIDICULOUS hardware on the sleeves.


Cuff of Hotness!!

Yeah, those owl-link-buttons had me at “Hoo, Hoo.”  I was trying to figure out how to keep the sleeve and ultimately these buttons intact, but then realized that wasn’t going to work.  I had to cut the sleeves, but…

Sleeve cutting time!

Sleeve cutting time!

…held onto those buttons!

Leftover Owl Buttons!!

Leftover Owl Buttons!!

How gorgeous, right?  So my next few steps included taking the jacket in from the back – I grabbed a few inches, pinned the amount I was going to take off, and sewed a brand new hem down the new center.

Taking it in from the back!

Taking it in from the back!

I hemmed the newly shortened sleeves and pulled the collar back a little more.  I hand stitched a few notches to hold it down, but I wanted a little more exposure in front so I could get those owl links back in the picture.  I gave them new life as clasps to keep my jacket together.

Day 153 - After

Day 153 - After

I must say, the jacket would have blown off me completely if it weren’t for the help of my pewter and nocturnal friends holding me in.  The winds were a-blowin’ today, that’s for sure.

Close Up!!

Close Up!!

There was a moment where I literally thought I was going to get scooped up by the winds, no joke.  By the end of the day, after work and a stop at Trader Joe’s (was craving, ie. NEEDING, some Mochi) my hair was all over the place, however I didn’t mind the extra body 🙂  My fine hair can always use a little extra somethin’, somethin’.

Thar she blows!!!!

Thar she blows!!!!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)

20 responses to “Day 153. 212 days and $209 left to go.

  1. Fantastic jacket! Love the owl buttons xx

  2. Oh what a great idea! This is wonderful!

  3. I learned something new today. I started thinking about how you were going to take it in at the sides and not mess up the sleeves. Hadn’t thought about taking in the back. Good idea.

  4. Hey, I recently found your blog and it is seriously amazing. I am loving following your project and I am SO impressed at the pieces you’ve put together. I don’t know if you take questions but I’m trying to figure out what the back of the collar looked like after you took in so many inches in the back seam. Did you end up with raw fabric edges on the collar under your hair? Regardless, love the jacket and the buttons are amazing!!!

  5. I LOOOOOVE MOCHI! Our Costco here actually just started carrying it. Hubby and I are ecstatic. Great rework on that jacket!

  6. OMG!!!
    Those owl buttons are killing me.
    Also enjoying the popped collar.

  7. Hey Girl – I LOVE the owl buttons. I really loved the tailoring you did on this piece.

    Oh, and now you have made me crave Mochi. 🙂

  8. Amazing buttons and great idea… will be stopping by here regularly for more ideas to add to my list of things to do to my own clothes!

  9. Loving the jacket, great find and great conversion.

  10. you are SO completely brilliant! I don’t even know how to sew, but you make me want to learn! Added you to my fave bloglist to keep tabs on your blinding creativity and brilliance. WTG!

  11. Discovered your blog very recently. Loving your creations.
    The white jacket is from a Mariachi uniform!!

  12. love what you did with this. the end result looks great. so what did you do with the other 5 owl sets? i LOVE them.

  13. Unfortunately I’ve been looking at your website and I have to say this is the only outfit I have truely loved and would actually wear myself.

  14. you could have made earing out of the left over buttons on this one.

  15. Awesome jacket!

  16. Alright so I absolutely love this one, so classy, and those owl buttons are amazing I must say! I love trader Joes, need to make a trip there soon… Love this!

  17. I love this jacket!!! Actually the whole outfit!! P.S. Where did you get shoes?? They’re so adorable!

  18. Hi Marisa – I just started checking out your blog and absolutely love it! Kudos to you for doing something so creative! I nominate you for Project Runway 😉

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