Day 147. 218 days and $215 left to go.

When I saw this lovely dress, I had to have it immediately.  It was a little retro and had a 50s vibe which I was totally digging.  The blue/green palette was soft and super femme, so in my thrift bag it went.

Day 147 - Before

Day 147 - Before

I loved the fabric and the floral pattern, but the one ish that you can’t see above (and that I didn’t see until I got home)…HOLES!



That’s right, there were two rather large holes along the seam of the waistline.  They were equidistant too – it was like I was working with twins!  I think I was blinded at the garage sale for a moment by the soft fabric and was brought to Venice (not CA, but Italy) on a bicycle, drinking wine overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and by the time my dream had ended I was already back home and washing my newly purchased, and hole-filled, piece.  What to do??  I pinned the holes together on the inside of the dress and sewed down brand new hems.

No Holes!!

Take that holes!!

After the waist was tackled, I got to the length, as I didn’t really like where it was hitting me at my calves.  I wanted to shorten it up just a smidge, so I measured out six inches and pinned down where I wanted my new hem to lie.

Taking it up!

Taking it up!

A little sewing and trimming followed and I was left with some excess…

Extra, extra!!

Extra, extra!!

…which I decided to turn into a matching sash.

Prepping the new sash

Prepping the new sash

I pinned and prepped the fabric, got to sewing, and had a brand new belt to accompany my fab new dress.  Now that dream that I had earlier…it’s like I picked it back up and continued from where I left off.  (Don’t you wish that happened for real??  I can’t even tell you how hard I try to “finish” dreams after being awoken by early am texts from people who get up before 8 or my from my upstairs neighbor doing what sounds like marathon training before the sun rises.  I will end up having my dance off with Justin Timberlake and finish my make out scene on Mad Men with Jon Hamm at some point, fyi)

Day 147 - After

Day 147 - After

With all this Italy talk, it came to me that this ensemble was totally reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character Marge Sherwood from The Talented Mr. Ripley. Completely obsessed with her wardrobe throughout the movie, this one in particular I adored and felt was slightly similar.


Gwynnie love

With all this movie talk, guess where I ended up going?  That’s right, the movies.

I kind of wasn't pretending to be scared, a little...just sayin'

I kind of wasn't pretending to be scared, a little...just sayin'

Now, I’ve never had this EVER happen before, but I feel the need to share, as maybe one of you out there can feel me.  Doing a late night screening of Kick-Ass at 11:15, of course we ran into those chatty/obnoxious/clearly wasted kids sitting in front of us repeating lines and shouting gems like, “I could do that too” after people jump across buildings in the movie.

Highly doubtful that you're super hero worthy, kids in front of me...v

Highly doubtful that you're superhero worthy, kids in front of me...

I’m so sure, but in any event they simmered down (ie. passed out) before I had the chance to tell them to shut their faces 🙂  Now we’ve all experienced this right, but how many of you have had those kids proceed to puke on themselves in the theater?  Before it turning into a Stand by Me moment we jetted to seats in the complete opposite end of the theater along with the folks in the surrounding four rows.  I immediately grabbed my roll-on perfume from my purse and shared the jasmine scent so we could remove any odor remnants.  Just another Saturday night…

15 responses to “Day 147. 218 days and $215 left to go.

  1. Totally cute – you just need some white espadrilles to finish it off!

  2. Adorable, indeed!

  3. Gorgeous dress. Sorry about your cinema experience – that would never have happened to Gwyneth.

  4. This is my favourite dress so far. It looks lovely on you, and those boots are fabulous with it.

  5. Nothing like a puke-in-the-theater story to accompany a FABULOUS dress re-do!! Fun story, but even greater fashion 🙂

  6. Love this dress!!! Definitely my favorite so far, although I haven’t gone all the way back to the beginning yet. Just found you last week and am LOVING this so much. I can’t wait to find a giant cheap dress and turn it into to something awesome!

  7. Love it!! it looks great on you xx

  8. haha yeah I’ve had people puking in theaters near me too, it’s like really? there’s a lot of bathrooms in this place.

    The dress is super lovely!

  9. never had to deal with the puking. lol. i like your Italy pic. and i totally know what you mean about wanting and trying to finish your dreams. i do that too often. lol. and it always leads to disappointment. 😛

  10. Loving this dress! Looks great with the boots. Not so great with vomit though 😦

  11. This is gonna sound crazy, but… where did you learn how to sew? I took a class but we were all beginners (30 newbys to 1 instructor) so I didn’t learn a whole lot! I lOVE what you’re doing here though 🙂 (And I’ve got a stash of material that’s waiting for my sewing skills 🙂

  12. Wow! This is my favorite (and yes… I did just read your entire blog the moment I found out about it! :D) You are incredible! I also loved Julie and Julia and it inspired my blog too! :O I can’t believe we have so much in common! This is thrilling! Did you know someone advertised you in a comment on threadbanger?

  13. Okay, def adding this to my favs list, yes, I have one too (; wow, this is a lot of abbreviations for me, or should I say abrevs… anyway, I totally love this one! Hope your next movie experience is better (although seeing as its August, you’ve probably had several movie experiences since this)

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