Day 132. 233 days and $230 left to go.

Today is making this gal happy!  Wanna know why?  Not only is the weekend here and I got to do a smidge of local barhopping with lovely friends, but I’m using the rest of a piece that I used once already and it’s not costing me an extra dime (or dollar) in this lil’ project of mine.  No deduction from the total amount today!!  Let me remind you…

Dsy 132 - Before

Day 132 - Before

Now this was the piece that I cut in half and wore as a bolero back on Day 98 – click here for a quick refresher, but it looked a little something like this…

Bolero, Ole!

Bolero, Ole!

I just used the top portion, and I was leftover with the rest of the longish jacket that looked like the following…

The rest!

The rest!

My original thought was to use this leftover bit as a skirt.  However, once I got to playing around with that idea, I realized that it wouldn’t be as easy or as cute of an option.  I first gave the top of the piece a new hem.  I pinned down the raw edges and sewed, however it still was a bit too large to work immediately as a skirt.  The more I thought about it the more I began thinking about the potential as creating a top instead of a bottom.  I pulled it over my chestal area and had the moment of clarity where I said to myself, “Self, this is going to make a most radical strapless top.”  Yes, I said radical and you’ll see why in 3, 2, 1…

Day 132 - After

Day 132 - After

Hello new, amazing, looks like a million dollas top.  I have to say, I completely hearted the outcome.  What I did was pull it over the boobs, unbutton the top button, and take the two ends and safety pin one on one side and the other on the other side to clasp the edges.

Safety Dance

Safety Dance

Couldn’t have been happier as not only did I get two pieces from one original $1 find,  but the new silk top got compliments around the table…or bar.  I started off the evening with glasses of water and ended it with a delicious vodka cocktail with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Thanks to TJ for making the introduction, as I’m sure we’re going to become good friends.

I know, who do I think I am in that cardigan...Randy Jackson?

I know, who do I think I am in that cardigan...Randy Jackson?

I hope everybody’s Friday is off to a bang!  Enjoy the next 48 hrs.  I mean that in the literal sense as well as the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte one.

20 responses to “Day 132. 233 days and $230 left to go.

  1. I just found you via a random tweet on Twitter. I’m in blog-love. Excellent site & excellent concept. Keep it up!

  2. Just have to say that I LOVE what you’re doing here. Love the top, too. I’m sorry that you’re a Yankees fan. Maybe rehab would help. 😉

    • Ooh, snap! I’m from NY, so I’ve been a Yankees fan since I was real small 🙂 When I played little league though on my trading cards I picked the Yanks as my favorite team but Mets Gary Carter as my favorite player…hilarious. So glad you like what I’m doing!

  3. Way to take a leap. Keep it up.

  4. Oh I love what you are doing! Now, can I hire you to outfit me? 🙂

  5. Favorite line of the day: “Hello new, amazing, looks like a million dollas top.” 🙂 I can’t ever pull off the strapless tops. But I can with dresses 🙂 So maybe I’ll make something into one. 🙂

  6. I love that top! Great job

  7. Oh wow! These dress revamps are amazing. I am inspired.

  8. how do you do it?!?!?!?
    amazing!!! triple, quadruple love!

  9. I love that if you add an “r” and another “s” to the Staples sign, you would get “strapless,” for your brilliant strapless top. My “chestal” area (as you say) would not be contained in that wee top or, at least, I would be concert for its exposure all evening.

    I have been reading during every available moment for almost a week. Last weekend your blog/site was a bit of a blurry obsession for me. Literally…my eyes kept getting blurry. Who stays up until 2:30 reading revamped fashion posts when having to teach a 9:30 Spin class the next morning? Oh, and drinking wine while reading. Oh, I know who. Me. A pool of Malbec was under my Spinner bike the next morn. You are a peach.

  10. You know I meant to write “concerned,” not concert. Clearly I need a musical evening out.

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