Day 114. 251 days and $247 left to go.

This Monday today was a little trickier than the usual as I’m on a basketball hiatus for a few days (no NCAA until Thurs – UGH!!), have activities each night after work which means early am sewing, and well no snoozing after the alarm goes off until Saturday which is slightly troublesome.  Those of you who use the alarm on the Blackberry like myself may have a complete aversion to the “Alarm_Antelope” ringer as it is probably one of the worst sounds on earth.  Nails on chalkboard, bring it.  Screaming babies on a plane, bring it.  The terrifying sound of this alarm going off at 7 o’clock in the morning…I want to bang my head on a concrete wall.  It does the trick to make me mute it as fast as possible, hence the multiple snoozing that is not allowed until the weekend.  OK, enough with the sad alarm talk which I will be hearing in just a few short hours…

Seafoam!  Color of the day…

Day 114 - Before

Day 114 - Before

Hello crepe dress with a lovely deep lace neckline, never ending sleeves, and a rather large waist.  So pleased to make your acquaintance, however the next time I put you on, you’ll look 15 years younger and totally slimmer.  I think you’ll be totally happy though.

My game plan for this dress was to take off lots of fabric and that included the sleeves.  I took a seam ripper and removed both sides.  Maybe I’ll have a little more chutzpah and go with the one sleeved look at some point, but we’re definitely not there yet.

Later sleeve!

Later sleeve!

Post sleeve removal, I cut fabric from the bottom of the dress to make it hit me at my knees.  I pinned down the sleeves and the bottom of the dress to prep for hem time as I put some seafoamy thread in my sewing machine to get ready to start.  (PS, hold onto those mini sewing kits, as I found the perfect matching thread color in mine!  Aside from the basics, I’ve got a fabulous purple and a few shades of green which will be useful in a few upcoming pieces.)

With a slightly larger waist, I took it in a smidge to make it fit better.  It was still baggy and loose, but loved the way it looked as the material fell just right.  Plus it’s officially spring, so sleeveless is totes OK when it’s in the 70s.

Day 114 - After

Day 114 - After

With a few slight changes this dress made a lovely 180 – I did safety-pin the neck a bit, as it was rather low on its own.  Not looking for cleave today…

New Sleeves & A Safety-Pinned Neckline!

New Sleeves & A Safety-Pinned Neckline!

…we’ll leave that to Pam Anderson and her foray tonight on Dancing with the Stars .  Yes, I’ll be watching…my grandma and I catch up over the phone to discuss the hits and misses the day after.  But, you’re all invited.  There may have to be one massive Skype day in the near future if it blows up.  We’ll see…

8 responses to “Day 114. 251 days and $247 left to go.

  1. Soo pretty!!! I think you should start a business selling the clothes you find and rework after this.

    • I know! I think I’m going to do a big auction to donate proceeds, but will have to start putting up things that aren’t part of the blog on etsy. Have to get a batch of goodies together!

  2. Such a beautiful color and it looks fab on you. Keep up the great work!!

  3. I admire your commitment and dedication as well as your creative talent! You’re the Rapunzel of fashion!

  4. M!! Tim Gunn is coming to the Houston Galleria and I won’t be here to worship at his feet.

    WOE IS ME!

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