Day 81. 284 days and $280 left to go.

I LOVED this color palette when I first came across it.  A blend of soft greens, yellows, pinks…reminiscent of a spring day, laying on the grass, reading a great book, snacking on treats (ie. apple slices or homemade hummus) from the Farmer’s Market.  I told you a few days ago…I gots the Spring Fever – that’s what happens when it’s 80 degrees outside, so I’m dressing like it’s May!

Day 81 - Before

Day 81 - Before

Serious issues exist here friends!  I probably don’t need to point them out, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway.  Length – I’m stepping on it and width – I’m swimming in it.  I had to figure those issues out, as this fabric was simply the color palette of my dreams.  There were two ties on each side of the waist that were there to pull to the back and tie into a bow which acts as an attached belt.  Unfortunately the dress was too big for those to work, yet I did still want to use them, so I took them out of their sewed spots…

Original tie - pre adjustment

Hello original tie in your pre-adjustment stage

(with some seam ripping action, I took the ties out on both sides…)

The hole where the tie used to sit...

The hole where the tie used to sit...

…hemmed both sides of the dress to a perfectly fitting state and reattached those ties after taking in a few inches.  (FYI – In the pic below, the seam to the way right is the original and the one to its’ left is the new one I created)

Newly taken in sides of the dress

Newly taken in sides of the dress

And all that was left was a little length fixing!  Shortened the puppy a smidge as I didn’t want it to sweep the floor, but didn’t want it a mini either.

Cutting the bottom!

Cutting the bottom!

The finale my friends…

Day 81 - After

Day 81 - After

BAM!!  Dress that totally satiated that Spring Fever, outside in the sun, would even do yard work craving.  However, when the sun went down, there was another craving I received. That one was for sugar…



So I baked some delish cupcakes (and by baked I mean bought some baawesome varieties at Crumbs Bakery) to curb my sugar fix and to celebrate my fab father’s birthday!  If I had time I would have baked the Chocolate Snowball (me and my dad’s fave), Peanut Butter Cup, and Half Baked cupcakes myself, but I just left it to my friends at Crumbs today to save me a little bit of time 🙂

Anything Oreo - Key to my heart!

Anything Oreo - Key to my heart!

Birthdays are awesome just like my dad!!  Happy, happy!!


17 responses to “Day 81. 284 days and $280 left to go.

  1. Hi! I am Dane’s other sister, Lindsey. I love your website and check it everyday! You are so talented and I hope to meet you someday. The next time we are going down to CA is in December so hopefully we can meet!

    • Hi lady! I can’t wait to meet you both 🙂 Your brother rules! December will be a blast – we’ll have plenty of time to hang out. So happy you’re enjoying the blog too!! xx M

  2. hahaha, as if a gal like you wd have time to bake! nice pics though

  3. you amaze me EVERY day…you “rock”!!!

  4. too cute! I love the spring color of this dress.

  5. I check your site daily and I was so excited to see cupcakes and dressmaking together! Looking forward to more creative adventures!

  6. babette dedariansmith

    obsessed with the dress!!! i want a duplicate when i return to the usa…and you still have my birthday pink slip dress as a hostage

  7. How do you stay so skinny eating so many tasty treats? Seriously, give it up, I need to know.

  8. I love the dress pattern! 😀 Geez, all of your dresses seem so comfy. :3

  9. That dress is gorgeous! Can’t believe you saw that out of the raw material!!!

  10. (Gasp) Oh my Gosh! That is so gorgeous.

  11. When I first saw this and you said you were taking the ties and moving them I so saw in my head an empire waist type shirt! And then you create this masterpiece! Your vision never ceases to amaze.
    And while I think you ought to try the empire waist shirt idea, this piece was meant to be a dress. It’s just gorgeous.

  12. I like the form-fittedness of this piece. Looks wonderful. I’d like to see more like this!

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