Day 75. 290 days and $286 left to go.

Woo hoo!!  It’s Day 75 friends!!  If we were working in years, it would be our golden/diamond anniversary 🙂  Let’s just wait for day 275 to do something real bling, bling, how does that sound?  Today we’ll have to just go with this collared, muumuu-y, stretchy-ish puppy.

Day 75 - Before

Day 75 - Before

Yikes, is probably what you’re thinking.  This orangey base dress with yellow/blue/pink/green flowers had not only a super big collar (what’s crackin’ 70s?) but a super big cigarette hole!!

Cigars, cigarettes...

Cigars, cigarettes...

Now I didn’t see this as I was sorting through big piles of goodies last Sunday – I think I got a little caught up in wanting to make it to the Super Bowl festivities on time that this ciggy mark slipped past my tired and sunglassed eyes.  But, alas, it was something that I would need to stitch up along with the length, the sleeves and the body of the dress.

Stitched up ciggy hole, that kinda looks like a think?

Stitched up ciggy hole, that kinda looks like the mouth of a think?

I also wanted to deepen the V, so I grabbed my seam rippers and took a cue from Lil’ Jon and got low.

Day 75 - After

Day 75 - After

Well hello new long sleeved mini dress!  You look so lovely combined with my vintage yellow button-down vest and navy belt!  The color palette was rather bold, but for such a sunny LA day, it worked perfectly.  Allowed me a little time to take a break or two from the office and go outside for some  vitamin D.  Thanks to my Leonard Cohen lovin’ colleague JT for snapping the photos.

Bling for Day 75!!

Hurrah for sun & Day 75!!

It’s almost Friday, and nothing is better than a Friday on a holiday weekend…  Let the party almost begin!!  xx Marisa


8 responses to “Day 75. 290 days and $286 left to go.

  1. I love it. That vest with the dress is so bright and cheery!

  2. I just have to say, I am loving this blog. I look forward to seeing how you change something hideous into something wearable everyday. And this dress I LOVE! 🙂

  3. You’re welcome!

  4. You are an absolute miracle worker! I checked the “before” out and thought…what can you do with THAT?! And then you did it again – made an ultra-cute outfit out of something I would probably have used to clean my car… I have the utmost admiration for your talent and creativity. Love looking at your site every day and I have no idea how you manage it timewise!

  5. I love your blog! It inspired my friend and I to hit our local thrift shops to find pieces we could work wonders with. I started out small–took a blazer with too short of sleeves and made it 3/4 sleeve–but I hope to work up to more drastic changes! 🙂

  6. Wow, u really have talent.

  7. Thisvis just awesome. Because I know that, had I seen that dress in a pile of vintage stuff I would have said ew! But you saw the potential and you have such amazing visions of these pieces! They are gorgeous!

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