Day 56. 309 days and $305 left to go.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I was LAX-CLT bound this morning, so the leggings were going to be making another appearance – airports need to be added to my list of allowable places to wear them on top of my chiro, yoga, & the rain, ps.  So, I needed something that was plane-doable, something that could be layered (because they don’t hand out those cute little fleece blankets anymore) and something comfy (because I like to nap before the plane even takes off).  And as much as I like to get slightly glam for flights just in case I happen to “accidentally” bang my LeSportsac Weekender bag into Bradley Cooper making him spill his coffee and immediately fall in love with me, sequins are ruled out as they leave gnarly indentations (I think I still have some from Vegas on Day 50)

This is what I went with today…

Day 56 - Before

Day 56 - Before

Yeah, a completely not-OK jackety/top.  A, the midriff is SO not happening. B, the shoulder pads are SO not happening, and C, the boxy cut is SO not happening.

They went out of their way to make these shoulder pads in the same material!!

This company actually went out of their way to make these shoulder pads in the same material!!

This needed to be fixed – I saw potential because I loved the black/white checkery pattern and the black/white buttons were pretty fantastic as well.  So first off, I grabbed my scissors and snipped out both of the shoulder pads!! Little sidenote…by the end of this year I’m going to be holding stock in shoulder pads, as I’m planning to open my own little boutique called, Put Your Head on My Shoulder…Pad (Clearly I had time on the plane to think about this).  I may have to make them cool again by December 🙂

I then took the arms in as well as a little bit in the torso to make it fit a little tighter.  I wasn’t going to be able to change the length of this puppy, but it was going to do wonders with being a layer, which was exactly what I was going for today.  I put on my favorite paper-thin white T, threw on a grey wife beater, then layered it with the newly transformed, sans shoulder padded top.

Day 56 - After

Day 56 - After

I then threw on another layer, my black wrap, on top of the previous pieces…

Day 56 - After, After

Day 56 - After, After

…before adding my camel military meets Little Women coat (which was a gift card redemption, on sale at Anthropologie, find), fave floral scarf by Moksha, and my H&M Russian Ushanka-esque military hat.

I got the window seat!

Day 56 - After, After, After (Window seats rule!)

Shout out to today’s fab photog, my lovely mother, for assisting in this airport photo shoot.  I don’t think the folks at the TGI Friday’s in Terminal B at the ATL airport had seen this kind of photo taking since their Ultimate Electric Lemonade launch!  (I just stuck to a Stella today…)


9 responses to “Day 56. 309 days and $305 left to go.

  1. I like the detail shot, would love to see more of them in the future!

  2. I can’t wait until I have some time for shopping/sewing. The stuff you do is downright magical!

    • Thank you Leah!! Enjoy a fun weekend crafting – grab a coffee, stop at the flea market to browse, and put together your new ensemble! It’s my favorite way to spend a Sunday!!

  3. Haha yes I hope to meet Bradley Cooper as well! Great, great re-do of that shirt. This is such a cute cropped jackie.

  4. I need/want/am dying to see a full photo of the black cashmere wrap AND the coat!!!

  5. As soon as you showed us the final look I thought it was adorable! And then you added the black wrap and i was like… That’s just hot! (both litterally and figuratively… You must have been dying)

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