Day 37. 328 days and $324 left to go.

Happy Sunday!!  There was a birthday lunch on the agenda for today which meant I couldn’t spend the last day of the holiday break in sweats.  As tempting as it was, I had to come up with something a bit more apropos for frittatas, champagne and a cake with a chocolate chip custard filling that was sent down from heaven (or, the valley, to be specific).  This is what I chose.

Day 37 - Before

Day 37 - Before

Now you may say, “Marisa, why would you be wearing a dress with such a springy print and with sleeves as short as those.  You do know it’s January, don’t you?” This is a completely understandable comment and you’re completely right. However as I reside in Los Angeles and the weather tends to be a little warmer than anywhere else in the country, I felt the need to dress like it was May – I mean, it was 78 degrees when I left my house, so yes, I wore my floral dress and, wait for it, my nude open toed heels. Gasp.

Day 37 - After

Day 37 - After

It was a tad too long and hit my legs straight on in the calf area – this is not a flattering length on me and I wasn’t looking to give myself a set of cankles so I took out my scissors and went to town.  The sleeves needed to be taken in as well as the bodice, so I stitched both areas to tighten them up.

The completed outfit was exactly the right ensemble to celebrate my dear EH’s birthday as well as give me a slight bit of spring fever.


8 responses to “Day 37. 328 days and $324 left to go.

  1. Courtney Kanner


    I just saw your blog and am so impressed…love the concept and how creative you’re…the outfits you have designed so far are GREAT…xox, Courtney

  2. What an adorable dress! How do you do this? You have incredible vision. 🙂

  3. I just love what you did to this dress! My coworker sent me your blog because I do the same thing all the time. Recently took a 2x frumpy sweater in a delicious green boiled wool down to a size 2 sweater coat and I love it! Up here in SF it’s not quite 78 degrees in January. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    • Thanks Lia! Would love to see a pic of your sweater coat – sounds like an amazing transformation. Email me! I heart SF and must make a trip up soon. A sweater coat sounds dreamy right now! xx M

  4. Oh my, it came out super cute! I think of myself as a pretty good thrift shopper, but I would never have picked the dress out in its original form! Well done!!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral prints that you can actually make look attractive. I think those look best on me – they seem to be slimming, somehow 🙂 I just need to figure out how to “take in” a waist, like you say. I’m sure it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it…but anyways 🙂 I’ll F.I.O –code for “figure it out”. when kids write “IDK” on any assignment of test in my math class, my math teacher writes “FIO” –haha.

    • That is hilarious 🙂 FIO is brilliant – when I take something in, I just try it on and pin the area that needs to be changed. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

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