Day 3. 362 days and $362 left to go.

Today two of my most favorite people tied the knot.  A sunny California afternoon wedding followed by an early evening reception at the Pasadena Museum of California Art turned out to be a most magical day.  Since daylight savings brings in the night sky before 5, I figured wearing black would be just fine.  I grabbed a dress that I got last year at H&M and ended up creating a headband to wear along with. I found a sweater a while back for a buck that had the most amazing floral appliques.  The sweater was slightly heinous, but the beaded flowers on it were simply stunning, so I plucked them off.  I had held onto them thinking that I’d attach them to a skirt or something and never got around to it…until today.

Day 3 - Before

Day 3 - Before

To make it wedding apropos, I ended up taking the two of the flowers and tossing them in a little black RIT dye. I wasn’t sure how they’d take as they’re completely sequined and beaded, but they got a little darker.  I pinned them to some black elastic and voila, instant head gear.

Day 3 - Finished Product

Day 3 - Finished Product

I got oodles of compliments as the beaded flowers in my hair gave the dress that extra flapper-esque kick, no pun intended.

Day 3 - After

Day 3 - After

Just using two of them, I still have a bunch left to play with.  Stay tuned as this won’t be the last time these floral puppies make an appearance.

4 responses to “Day 3. 362 days and $362 left to go.

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  2. Love your blog! I’m in my sixties and remember my “sewing days.” My grown children claim they were traumatized by the endless homemade T-shirts and denim jumsuits I made and they wore!! LOL. Found you by accident on internet. I’m still learning the ins and outs of cyberspace! I was so depressed today dealing with my daughter’s breast cancer and son’s brain injury. This has been a tough year on our family. But we are dealing. Anyway, your blog made me laugh and took me down “memory lane” a bit. Your creativity and joy brightened my day and I thank you. Now, I’ve got to get busy myself and read EPL! Bless your beautiful mind and heart!
    Granny EM

  3. Hat off! If I can count right, you used one third of “before” flowers, so it’s a new thing for 30 cents! Wow! Cant wait to see where other flowers will go! :)))

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